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In-house storage ideas

October 16, 2020.
a box filled with different colour ties

Whether you have some extra time on your hand or need more space for your belongings these simple in-house storage ideas will surely find great use in your home. De-cluttering your home is an essential thing that will save you space and create a more stressless environment. If you are unable to pull off some…

A clean storage that show how moving pallets in a warehouse could be easy with good organization

Moving pallets in a warehouse could be hard and dangerous. You should make sure that they are properly protected and tight up. However, if you have a large storage, you will be able to pack a lot of them. It means that you should protect them properly from damaging. Professional warehouse Japan will surely make…

An old picture which is one because storing oil paintings is so hard

Storing oil paintings is not easy, but you should prepare for it properly. It could be expensive, especially if you want to use special equipment for that purpose. Luckily, you can rely on overseas shipping companies that have the proper equipment and useful tools. However, if you are not sure how to protect your pieces…

Port crowd that could be a reason why your shipments might be late

There are a lot of reasons why your shipments might be late. Also, there are situations when terrible reasons cause delaying. It means that somebody stole your shipment or shipping companies have lost it. Luckily, those things cannot happen to professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan. They will pack, protect, and ship your items on…

get storage insurance for your blue unit

Storage units are very convenient. If you are moving internationally, you can place your items in storage. In addition to this, if you are renovating, downsizing, office moving, and so much more, renting a storage unit is a smart choice. Units are supposed to be safe and protect your items. However, should you rely only…

renting short term storage rentals in Japan means living in a country of pagoda temples

Lack of storage space in your home is always a problem. If you are moving to Japan, then you must know that the island is quite small compared to its population. Space is generally a huge problem in Japan. Apartments are small compared to Western ones. If you happen to move from the United States…

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