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article about international shipping in 2021

E-commerce has to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the past couple of years. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, there will be more than 2 billion e-commerce shoppers. Considering last year, when COVID-19 hit the world with its full power, everyone was staying home and online shopping grew exponentially. If…

How to relocate your IT equipment

September 30, 2021.

Moving an office can be a real hassle. You realize that you have to pack years-worth collections of papers, trinkets, desk decorations, etc. But the most nail-biting thing is packing and transferring your technology and making sure everything comes in one piece. You're in luck because at Kokusai Express Moving, we make sure that you…

Logistics professionals are in charge for shipping worldwide.

Ever since shipping was first used, it was considered a very useful process that can help out in many situations. From year to year, shipping started being more popular. These days people use it for all purposes and it became even more efficient. With new technology, improvements can be done really fast and easily. Logistics…

Warehouse for your business storage

If you are preparing for an upcoming relocation, business development, or office de-cluttering project, come visit us here at Kokusai Express Japan to find the perfect unit for your enterprise. We have dedicated our own business to upholding high levels of cleanliness, security, and maintenance. Plus, you can find business storage at pretty low prices,…

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