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International shipping is always a challenge, but shipping medical equipment overseas requires special attention and preparation.  Medical equipment is extremely sensitive. There are usually special environment requests such as determined temperature range, and humidity. Most equipment is fragile and expensive and has a short expiry date. There are special package requests, export and import documents, …

People debate about preparing precious cargo for air freight forwarding

Nowadays, the whole world depends on freight forwarding. Most things that you are buying on an everyday basis have been transported one way or another. But like everything, this also needs preparation, and the best you can get is with Kokusai Express Japan. During air transportation of goods, many unexpected things can happen. You need…

Household that could increase International Moving Costs for 2022

International moving costs for 2022 are slightly higher than in previous years for most reasons. All that happened in the past two years affected the prices of shipping and moving. however, with a good moving company like Kokusai Express Japan they should be lower and more affordable. (more…)

ship loaded with containers

Relocation should be a chance for a fresh start, a new chapter in your life. It is supposed to be exciting, thrilling, and fun after all! Most people know that moving is considered to be one of the most stressful things for an individual. Unless you plan it, prepare and do it properly, it can…

A person thinking about ways to ship small packages overseas

Running your business internationally is a challenging mission. One of the main reasons why this could be a complex task is transportation issues. Whether you are shipping project cargo or need to ship small packages overseas, there is always so many things to think about. There is no doubt, you will need to balance multiple…

What is freight consolidation?

Running your business overseas often is not so simple. Whether your business is based on import or export goods, there is always a lot of jobs. Regardless of the size and the type of your business, logistics processes are often crucial. Having the right logistic support is important for the overall success of your business.…

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