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Shipping cargo by sea

Transporting display materials can be a daunting task. It is important to ensure that the materials arrive in good condition and on time. The best way to transport your display materials to an event depends on the type of materials, the distance to the event, and the budget. You need to create a detailed plan…

freight forwarders support your next exhibition

Many people need to learn that it is possible that freight forwarders support your next exhibition. If you know more about freight forwarding, you will be able to control it and use the best part of it. However, there are a lot of details that you need to learn. Thanks to professionals, you can get…

Mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic the global shipping crisis happened. The shipping prices got much bigger. Additionally, the delays have become much longer. This has caused many brands and companies to experience stock inventory crises as well. Moreover, many officials who are dealing with this crisis are looking into ways to solve it. However,…

shipping large items internationally

Shipping large items internationally is more than packing things into boxes. You should organize transportation to the right place, choose the right company, and pack items properly. Most importantly, you need to estimate the shipping price, the value of your cargo, the shipping time, and how it will affect the price. You are not alone…

signs of bad sea freight forwarders pointed at on a laptop

Most people are afraid to find the signs of bad sea freight forwarders. In case they find out that the company they cooperate with is not that good, they need to find another one. It is not easy, and most people do not like to change companies that easily. For those reasons, people are not…

Lot of boxes that could help you to prevent damaging goods

It is crucial to prevent damaging goods when shipping overseas. There are many ways to prevent damages, but the best way is to cooperate with a professional company like Kokusai Express Moving. (more…)

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