Strategies to Reduce Freight Costs

Moving overseas can be an expensive endeavor. When moving from Japan, you need to plan ahead and organize many activities such as finding Japan overseas moving companies, packing, dealing with paperwork, customs clearance, etc. The only way to ensure a safe and secure relocation is to know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the moving day. Despite being an expensive process, your move doesn’t have to cost you a lot. There are different strategies to reduce freight costs.  We will help you lower your expenses and avoid unnecessary costs.

One of the best strategies to reduce freight costs is to plan ahead

It goes without saying that organizing an international move is more challenging than moving locally. You need to hire a reliable and experienced moving company such as KSE moving, get your documentation in order, check visa requirements, buy moving insurance, rent a storage facility, etc. It is very likely that you will forget something unless you create a moving checklist. This list should contain all your moving activities, along with a timeline. Be aware of the deadlines and start planning and preparing well in time for the move. Also, planning ahead is one of the strategies to reduce freight costs. Not only will you have a better choice and a bigger selection of moving companies, but also the option to negotiate about moving dates and costs. Last-minute moves are a lot costlier because movers have to provide more manpower and clear their schedules. That is the reason they can even double their regular cost.

A person writing a moving plan
One of the best strategies to reduce freight costs is to start planning the move months in advance

In addition, if you do not plan ahead and book your movers in advance, you might end up with a company that cannot meet your needs. The research process usually takes a couple of months. You will need to visit specialized moving websites and moving companies’ websites. Here you can find general information, license information, previously submitted comments, and complaints. Bear in mind that movers’ online reputation speaks volumes about the quality of service they offer. So, check companies’ reviews and ratings and make a short list of those that meet your demands.

Compare different quotes

Once you create a list of potential moving companies, that is, moving companies that offer the type of service you need, request a video moving estimate. In this way, you will be able to compare moving costs and choose the company that fits your budget.

A woman calculating freight costs
Request several moving estimates and compare the costs before making the final decision

Of course, never sacrifice the quality of moving service Japan when choosing a freight forwarder. Moving scams are common and there are numerous fraudulent moving companies. They can damage your cargo, hold your belongings hostage, and often have hidden costs.

Moving off-season is a good way to cut down on moving expenses

As you probably already know, the date of your relocation can greatly affect the moving costs. So, if you are flexible with dates, try to move off-season. The busiest months for the majority of moving companies in Japan are February and March. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the school year starts in April. Parents usually try to finish the move before that so they have enough time to organize the school transfer. On the other hand, kids don’t have to miss classes. If possible, avoid relocating during the spring and choose an off-season moving date. Movers will be less busy, and more flexible, and they might offer better deals. Also, you will avoid heavy traffic and jams. Most people move during weekends so relocating on a work day can also save you time and money.

Choosing the cheapest method of transport is one of the best strategies to reduce freight costs

There are several types of cargo transportation.

  • Transport by road is a cost-effective way of transporting items domestically. Full-service companies offer moving and storage services, as well as customs clearance assistance services. The cost usually depends on the number of moving boxes, moving distance, type of services required, and the size of the moving truck.
  • The advantages of air transport are numerous. This is the fastest way to transport your cargo. If you want to know the exact delivery date and be sure that your items will be safe – choose this method. For companies, that want to deliver cargo without delay, this is the best option. Choose top professionals for cargo export that can guarantee smooth transport. However, this is also the most expensive form of transport. In addition, there are items that cannot be transported by air.
  • Sea freight is a slower transportation method than air freight. However, choosing this type of transport is one of the best strategies to reduce freight costs because it is a lot less expensive. On the other hand, the shipping company will not be able to give you a specific delivery date. Even though this is the cheapest transportation method, it is also the slowest.
A picture of a ship
Transporting cargo by sea has many advantages

Negotiate freight costs

Trying to negotiate a better deal is always a good idea. Ask your movers whether they provide a discount. There are moving companies that give military and senior discounts. Also, they give coupons during the off-season or when you book them well in advance. Remember, you can only do this if you plan ahead and create a moving checklist. This list can be your lifesaver during the moving process.

How to calculate freight costs?

If you don’t understand how to calculate shipping rates, it will be difficult to calculate the shipping budget, let alone reduce freight costs. There are several factors that will determine the cost of freight shipping – weight and dimensions of the cargo, the destination of the shipment, insurance, delivery speed, urgency of shipment, duties and taxes, unforeseen delays, etc. The final cost will depend on your specific situation. However, if you are aware of these factors, you will be able to think about strategies to reduce freight costs. You can choose a reliable, experienced freight forwarder to avoid delays, and lost, or stolen cargo. Carefully choose the freight shipping mode, bearing in mind that faster shipping means higher shipping costs. Finally, think about the volume and weight of the cargo.

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