Storing musical instruments during your move

One of the best ways to keep your musical instruments during a move is to store them safely in a storage unit. However, there are dangers even with this approach. That is if you do not do it properly. A storage unit is usually a good and safe place to keep your instruments. But only if you manage to find reputable storage that has a well-maintained facility and good conditions for safekeeping your belongings. Musical instruments are usually made from wood and metal, and both those materials are very sensitive to moist which is very common in storage facilities. If you can’ find a suitable warehouse, it would be best to inform your air freight forwarders and inform them to add the instruments of your moving list as well. So, learn about storing musical instruments during a move and avoid additional moving costs.

Find an appropriate facility for storing your musical instruments during your move

Your first and most important task is to locate a suitable storage facility for storing musical instruments during a move. Luckily, finding a good and well-maintained warehouse in Japan is not that hard. But you will have to know what to watch out for. When choosing a warehouse to store your instruments it is very important to make an on-foot inspection around the facility before you decide to rent a unit.

Nice storage units
Find appropriate and well-maintained storage

In this case, your biggest concern is moist.  Fortunately, moist is really easy to spot. Look for mold on the walls, especially in the corners and at the bottom of the wall. Also, look for chipped off wall paint. If there are no visible signs you can use your hands to feel the walls and the smell is usually very noticeable.

Storing a piano during your move

Your options for storing musical instruments during a move depends on the type of your instruments. It is not the same to store a small trumpet or a concert piano. For a piano, you may even need heavy lift cargo services. However, if you manage to disassemble it you could make it much easier to move and store.

Piano prepared for a move
Wrap your piano in moving blankets

Disassembling a piano is not an easy task, so if you find to have difficulties with it you can hire professionals to help you. After you disassemble it, wrap each piece in bubble plastic. And you can wrap the main piece with the moving blankets that will keep it from scratches and bumps while in transport.

Use original hard cases for storing musical instruments during your move

Storing smaller instruments is much easier. If you have an original hard case then it is the perfect place to place it. Of course, those hard cases are not intended to keep your instruments in all conditions. But it will give good protection against accidental damage. After you place your instrument in a hard case, secure it additionally with stretch wrap to prevent the moist from creeping inside. And to keep your hard case intact too.

You can add an additional layer of protection by storing all that in a plastic container with a sealable lid.  It will keep it safe from all conditions. As well as different kinds of pests that could be found inside a storage unit.

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