Steps you should take to prevent damaging goods while shipping items overseas

It is crucial to prevent damaging goods when shipping overseas. There are many ways to prevent damages, but the best way is to cooperate with a professional company like Kokusai Express Moving.

Prevent damaging goods

Packing items properly is the best way to prevent damage when shipping overseas. Ask people in the moving company to help you.

There are a lot of ways to prevent damaging goods

Fill empty spaces

Whether you pack boxes or load the vehicle, you must fill all gasps to avoid damage. There it is something that professional sea freight forwarders will recommend, too. You can use a whole list of equipment to resolve this problem. Starting from the easiest, like towels, and blankets, to the most professional, you should think about this problem at first.

Use sturdy materials

You should surely use only sturdy boxes for packing when organizing shipping, and you will find the best materials at professional overseas shipping companies. However, there are a lot of other materials that you should use for packing at this moment. You can use barriers, small boxes for gasps between large boxes, and other similar situations. All above should be made of quality materials.

Separate fragile materials

It is hard to protect items inside the boxes if they do not protect fragile items. There are a lot of ways to do that, though, but the best way is to rely on a professional moving service. You can use your materials, like towels and blankets, but you can also use professional wrapping, plastic bubbles, or paper. Make sure that you have separated fragile items from each other to avoid starches and damage.

Packing is crucial

Although you will pack items properly and on time, you should have the right help for this job. Moving companies have long experience and could help you.

Label boxes to prevent damaging goods

Many people forget about the labels when packing boxes and packages. It is one of the most important things you should do, especially for long-distance moving. In that way, you send a note to workers that pack boxes to know where to put them and how to act with them. It is not the same if you have a box with fragile items or blankets. Also, write which side is up to protect items from damage. When it comes to labels, you can easily download labels from the internet.

Old boxes
Packing material should be made of sturdy materials

Take insurance

No matter how well you pack your boxes, it is good to take insurance. It will help in situations when you should transport boxes long-distance and when you have fragile items. Insurance has many advantages.

  • You will be able to estimate the value of the cargo you ship;
  • Even if you do all you can to prevent damaging goods, you should be prepared for damages;
  • Professionals in the insurance company will surely help to organize packing properly.

Ask workers in the company to help you

Employers in moving company will surely help you to pack items properly for moving. Do not hesitate to ask them whenever you want about moving. They surely have more experience and could help you organize moving and packing easily, so you can prevent damaging goods.


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