Steps you can take when you get the wrong package delivered

We know you surely do not want to get the wrong package delivered. Not only is it disappointing, but it could cause a huge problem later. For those reasons, companies will do their best to avoid those problems, and you should help them when you order or expect delivery. However, when the problem happens, you need to find ways to resolve it. Sometimes, you can change the order or inform the company about the mistake. In other cases, you will need to see when the error happened and try to resolve the real problem. The best way is to cooperate with the right shipping company, like Kokusai Express Japan, so you will be fine.

Avoid problems with delivering

Although problems with delivery happen, either way, there are many steps you can take to avoid those problems. In most cases, you should prepare for the shipping properly, draft documentation, and ensure that the package is designed correctly. Only in that way can you be sure that nothing unexpected will happen.

Wrong way sign
When you get the wrong package delivered firstly stay calm

Prepare documentation

When shipping is about, one of the most common mistakes is missed address or distance. It happened when the sender or person who ordered a package needed to write the correct address. In that case, you need to organize shipping faster and have all documents with you. Some companies will ask you to get allowances, or licenses, required for this job. Professional moving services Japan may need to write on paper an inventory list. Whatever is required, it should help you to avoid problems and mistakes.

Pack items properly if want to avoid to get the wrong package delivered

While some packages you can wrap in paper, the other ones you must pack in special boxes. Otherwise, you may get the wrong package delivered or a damaged package. The most important thing is to pack and protect items inside correctly, following the guidelines. Shipping companies have strict rules about packing rules, and you must use only standardized packing material.

Stolen delivers

It is not a problem that only poor companies have. More likely, it happens much more often than you think. You should protect items inside the boxes, but covering the box itself is the company’s job. If that happens, you need to find out when the package was missed and who is responsible for it. In most cases, it is about the lost package, not the stolen one. If you want to avoid unpleasant situations, avoid sending too expensive items to shipping companies.

What if you get the wrong package delivered?

Nobody likes when this problem happens, but you should be prepared for it, anyway. Good companies will do their best to avoid problems, and if you cooperate with them, you will not have problems at all. If that problem happens, you should have time and ways to resolve it.

Research who is responsible

When you get a wrong package delivered, you can ask many questions. The first one should be who is responsible when you get the wrong package delivered. In some cases, it could be a shipping company, while defining who has made a mistake in the long chain of responsibility takes work. In those cases, you should research who is responsible and how they have made a mistake. When cooperating with professional sea freight forwarders, you can investigate the matter and define who caused the problem.

What is the problem?

When you get the wrong package delivered, the real problem can have many causes. It could be a mistake in the address, so you got the package from another customer. Or you can get a completely wrong order. It is for sure that professional overseas shipping companies will resolve the problem, no matter what the honest mistake is. However, before you deal with them, make sure you have found out what the problem is and how it happened. In some cases, the real problem is you or the wrong address you gave.

Good protection is crucial if want to save items from damages

How to act if something happens?

Although you have done all you could to avoid the problem, bad things happen. In most cases, you can face serious issues, but companies usually do all they can to resolve the problem. The most important thing is to stay calm and fix the problem as fast as possible.

It would help if you relied on the neighbors and friends

When shipping items, it is crucial to define where the package should be. Luckily, it is possible to resolve the problem thanks to the neighbors who will take the box instead of you. In some cases, you didn’t get the wrong package delivered, but your neighbors took it. You can ask your neighbors for help so they can get a package instead of you. It is essential to rely on people closest to you who can help you avoid problems.

Mark all delivers properly

When the delivery comes to you, you have the right to mark it as you think it is proper. In this case, you can check the box – “received but not inspected,” meaning that you have not limited the package. It will help you to complain about the damaged items inside the box. Also, you should take photos of the damaged items or parcels to prove they were destroyed when they came to you. It is crucial to explain all damages and problems.

Gather evidence after you get the wrong package delivered

When something unexpected happens, it takes work to explain and prove to the company. You will need to collect evidence of what happened. You will indeed have a lot of reasons to prepare all details, in case that company does not accept complaints. So, you first need to collect items that you have lost or found damaged after delivery.

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You should learn to avoid stressful situations

Contact the company immediately

For most people, shipping is a job like any other. However, it is a complex combination of shipping, delivering, packing, and other services. It is not easy to find out who is obligated to resolve a problem when it happens and communicate with customers properly. If you want to avoid the issues and act appropriately when it happens, you should contact the company as soon as possible. They must send you someone to resolve the problem and find out what happened. Take your time with that job; you need to get the wrong package delivered.

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