Sightseeing in Tokyo – where to go?

If you are wondering what to see in Tokyo, then you are going to the capital of Japan for the first time. The one who was in Tokyo at least once knows that this city is full of not only historical buildings but also modern buildings that are of no less interest. Many people get so excited about this city that they decide even to move there. Therefore, domestic moving is a common thing. But, in order to make such a decision, you should first do some sightseeing in Tokyo.

Sightseeing in Tokyo
Sightseeing in Tokyo you can see some very interesting places

You have probably heard of some attractions in Tokyo, but trust us, there is a lot more. Since Tokyo has 2,964 major companies, it is a great place for finding a good job and staying there forever. So, if you make that decision, just pack your stuff, hire moving services Japan, and go. But, before that, let’s have a look at what you can see in Tokyo.

What to expect when sightseeing in Tokyo?

Tokyo is one of the youngest cities in Japan and one of the largest megalopolises in the world. Along with New York and London, Tokyo represents a conglomeration of stock exchanges. This city never sleeps. Its small streets and small houses are intertwined with skyscrapers, forming a delicate tangle of history and modernity. Temples are frequent neighbors of shopping centers, and old buildings stand next to houses whose roofs are hidden behind clouds.

Tokyo consists of 23 districts, each of which represents a separate city itself. The capital of Japan is not only an economic center but also the political, industrial and cultural heart of this Asian country.

Tokyo is the capital of shopping and entertainment. Just remember the famous Tokyo Disneyland! It was built more than 20 years ago and around it, several other large parks and entertainment complexes have grown. If you are looking for clubs and shops, then you should definitely visit the Shibuya area. There are some of the tallest skyscrapers in Tokyo, as well as most of the headquarters of Japanese corporations. It is one of the best cities to live in Japan. Tokyo is the city that you must visit. Let’s see what sightseeing in Tokyo will bring you.

What can you visit in Tokyo?

1. Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine, or as they also call it, Meiji Jingu, is the burial vault of Emperor Meiji and his wife. It is such an interest for tourists since it is the largest sanctuary that appeared on a public initiative. That shrine is in the Shibuya area, in one of its parks.

The Meiji building is a unique temple format. They used cypress to build it, and the building itself stands in the middle of the garden, which you can find only in Japan. The garden is full of trees and shrubs thanks to the inhabitants of Tokyo, who decided to donate plants for the temple.

In the outer garden, the Meiji often host sports events. There is also a memorial, where are 80 frescoes showing moments from the life of the emperor and his family. You mustn’t skip this temple when sightseeing in Tokyo.

2. Shinjuku

In this area, you can find many shops

Shinjuku is one of the busiest areas of Tokyo. Some time ago, Shinjuku was a tiny city, located near the postal station. Shinjuku today is a crowd of white-collar workers and millions of night lights. In this area are the highest skyscrapers of the Land of the Rising Sun, and the local station has the largest capacity in the world. So, through it passes about 3.5 million people a day, with which no other station in the world can match. The railway station is the heart of the Shinjuku district.

Small shops and malls on half the street. Outdoor advertising, which has already blocked whole neighborhoods. Restaurants where you can taste the most inconceivable dishes. All this is Shinjuku. Worth noting is the Imperial Park, where you can walk in silence and tranquility. This park is perhaps the only quiet place in the whole area.

3. Miraikan Museum

Miraikan is a museum of the future, the main showcase of what Japan achieved in the age of advanced technologies. Astronautics, computer science, physics, biology and, of course, robotics. Here you can not only read the tablets to the exhibits but also see them in action: rotate, look and even turn on.

The museum has six floors, passing through which you look at the latest developments in the field of robotics. You can also find out what is in the head of the monkey and how the Internet works. You should spend at least half a day on a visit to the museum. The main exhibit is the humanoid robot ASIMO. Leave it for dessert to be under the impression of the museum for at least a couple more days.

4. Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is a copy of the Eiffel Tower. It was built in 1958 for video and television broadcasting throughout the territory of Tokyo and Kanto. The height of the tower is just over 300 meters. Tokyo Tower is considered to be the tallest building made of steel in the world.

At night the television tower is illuminated by more than a hundred searchlights. The tower is painted white and orange. On the ground floor is a huge aquarium, which is one of the best in Tokyo. This aquarium contains more than 40 thousand fish.

At the third level is the Wax Museum, which, according to the wealth of its collection, can compete with the famous Madame Tussauds. On the third floor, there is also an exhibition of holography.

Other attractions you can visit when sightseeing in Tokyo

Those four attractions in Tokyo are the most important and most popular. But there are also many places to visit in Tokyo. We will mention only some of them:

  1. Tsukiji fish market – one of the biggest markets in Tokyo. This place is probably one of the most colorful sights in Tokyo.
  2. National Noh Theatre – an integral attribute of Japan, along with sushi and anime. The main idea of the theater is a narration about the world of spirits, gods, and demons, and also about the life of monks.
  3. Kabuki-za – the only theater for the traditional kabuki drama form.
  4. Disneyland and Disney Sea – attraction you must visit if you are sightseeing in Tokyo with your children.
  5. Tokyo Imperial Palace – the place where the emperor and his wife lived. It is in the heart of Tokyo.

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