Should you Rent a Self-Storage?

According to the Self Storage Association, when it comes to the real-estate industry in the United States, self-storage has been one of the fastest growing branches in the last three decades. And really, it’s no wonder – everyone has things in their house that they should, but just can’t get rid of. Just take a look at the Association’s factsheet – there are about 58,500 self-storage units around the world. Just in the United States, the total area you can rent is more than 2.3 billion square feet. That’s three times the size of Manhattan, for those interested in geography. So should you rent a self-storage? When do you need it, and when don’t you need one? Read the article to find out!

There are both pros and cons to renting a storage unit.
There are both pros and cons to renting a storage unit.

Should you Rent a Self-Storage – PROS

Should you Rent a Self-Storage when Moving?

Moving would be one of the reasons to start renting a self-storage unit. You can use it to store staff when going between your homes. If you are staying with your friends or family, it’s almost impossible to bring all your possessions there for a week or two. It’s much better to leave them in a storage and then have your domestic Japan movers pick them up when you are ready to move.

You can also use self-storage when you or your real-estate agent is presenting your house to the potential buyers. Simply store all of the unnecessary or unwanted furniture into the storage unit until you sell house and move.

Should you Rent a Self-Storage to Save Space?

If you are thinking about renting a self-storage unit to save space, you should think about it carefully. This is mostly a question of whether it is cheaper to rent storage, or just to upgrade your house. Sometimes, getting a new garage for your things might be cheaper for you in the long run. Contact different Japan warehouses and check various costs they charge. Then, plan accordingly. Sometimes, the smaller units come really cheap and are really useful, so you might want to get those.

Another added perk of the self-storage units is that you can visit them whenever you want – just like your garage. Usually, they are also pretty safe. They might employ security, or have surveillance. Be sure to ask about the safety measures they employ before deciding on renting a storage unit. You want the one with the best possible security – you wouldn’t want your things disappearing. Ask about the insurance the company offers. Maybe you’ll have to pay extra, but at least you will be secure.

Make sure to check the self-storing unit you are renting is safe from weather, as well. You don’t want your things affected by rain, mold, and mildew. Even extreme cold or heat can be dangerous. Ask about the insulations the storage units have.

Should you rent a self-storage unit for your bike collection?
Should you rent a self-storage unit for your bike collection?

Once you are sure about the security of a storage unit, you can also keep valuables in it. If you possess collections of paintings, sculptures or anything similar, this might be a great place for those. Some storage units even offer to store cars! If you don’t have room in your home for these, maybe storing them in a self-storage unit is the best solution.

Should you Rent a Self-Storage as a Small Business?

If you are a small business, renting a storage unit might be very good for you. Instead of buying more office space (which can be quite expensive), getting a storage unit can help. You can store office equipment here, or other things you don’t use. Some companies need to store years of paperwork, so a storage unite might help here as well. Again, think about the costs of renting a storage unit, and whether you will make money that way. In some cases, just buying another office for your supplies might be better in the long term.

When you Should NOT Rent a Self-Storage

As with everything in life, there are some downsides to renting a self-storage unit.

You should try not to rent a storage unit long term. You can do the math yourself but, it’s cheaper just selling your things or getting an expansion in your home than paying for a unit for years. This is why self-storage companies often offer month-to-month contracts. You might pay less if you sign a long-term contract, but even then think and carefully plan your timeline.

Also, do not store the stuff you do not need. That way you are just paying money for the things you are not, and you will never be using. Do you have an old family desk that you plan to use when (or if) you move into a new house? Maybe it will just be cheaper to buy a new one once you move. One great advice is to see what you haven’t dusted in a year – you probably don’t need to save that.

There are, of course, exceptions. If you have some family heirlooms like China, you can sell most of them and keep a plate as a fond memory. Things wedding dresses you want to keep close to your home, so there’s no need for storing them away.

Think about both time and money.
Think about both time and money.

Renting Self-Storage and Money

One of the most important things to remember is that you should not rent a storage unit if you cannot afford it. Depending on the area where you live, and the local laws, storages can even sell your stuff if you are not paying your fees on time. This is why you need to think very, very carefully before you sign a contract with a storage company.

Finally, if something bad happens to the storage unit, you might not be nearby. This includes burglaries and weather disasters. This might put some people off, but getting well informed about how secure the storage unit is before renting it is always a good idea.


And that was our short list of pros and cons, answering “Should you rent a self-storage unit?” We hope we gave you enough information to make a good decision. You can always visit the Kokusai Express Moving website to get more information on this, as well as many other topics. 

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