Shipping your piano to Japan: a brief guide

So you are thinking about shipping your piano to Japan? That’s great news! However, pianos are probably one of the bulkiest and luxurious items you have at your home. Not only that they are extremely heavy, making the packing and moving process that much difficult. They also possess an inordinate amount of value to you or your family. In other words, you probably use it on a daily basis if you are a musician, or… The piano is a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation. And selling it, pawning it or getting rid of it in any shape or form is simply not possible. That’s why the only thing that is left is to do is to pack and move the piano. However, doing this by yourself can be a daunting task. That’s why we recommend that you hire moving service Japan for an effortless move.

Shipping your piano to Japan
You might find that moving a piano is not as simple as packing it into a moving box.

Shipping your piano to Japan

So we have mentioned that shipping a piano can be a very hard task. However, what we didn’t mention is that it can be done in one of several ways. With that being said we are going to present to you all of the pros and cons of the methods for shipping a piano to Japan so you can decide the way that most fits you the most.  Since it is our thought that by doing this you will be able to make a well informed, educated guess, on what will be the best plan of action for your relocation.

DIY Move

So the first thing that probably comes to mind when thinking about ways to move a piano is probably to do it by yourself. However, there are a couple of things you might want to consider before actually trying to do this. So, first thing first, as a general guideline we do not recommend using this method for anything other than small(er) scale moving. Also, you should move by yourself only when the sheer size of the piano is manageable by you and your friends or family members who are willing to help. If this sounds like the situation you are in, then it can be argued that this is a very affordable way of moving. However, it’s not free. You will need to make sure you have enough cash on you so you can rent a truck of proper size that you will be able to fit your piano.

A person moving boxes
Only try a DIY move if you are sure you will be able to handle it!

Hiring professional movers

However, sometimes even a DIY move is not enough. Sometimes, you want to hire movers for that special guarantee that your piano will be transported safely, or maybe… You need to hire some overseas moving companies because moving to Japan takes up a lot of logistics. That’s why it is always smart to hire movers. Not only you won’t need to worry about the logistics of the move, but you can also rest assured that your items will be safe with them. Another thing to take into consideration is that moving companies often know and have special equipment used to move heavy items such as pianos. These are things normal, laypeople lets say, do not have. So they will be able to move your piano in 2x faster than it would take you.

Get a free moving quote.

However, the downside of moving a piano by movers is the price. There are a lot of moving companies out there that are willing to either overprice their services or hide the costs of the moves in the moving quote, so you would pick them. A great workaround for this is to actually, call the moving company and ask in detail what does the moving quote cover. This is also an awesome way to glean insight into the quality of their customer support. So why not try it? You can kill two birds with one stone as they say.

Or… You can simply hire Kokusai Express and get your free moving quote today! 

Shipping your piano to Japan using third-party services

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Sometimes, if all else fails, you can try your hopes by going to online peer-to-peer shipping.

Now our honorable mention goes to peer-to-peer shipping. This is a relatively new customer service idea which can be super affordable in long distances. The concept goes like this. You have a website in which you post what do you want to be shipped ie. a piano, and how much money you are willing to give to the person who will ship it, as well as the location where it needs to be shipped. Then, people all over the world have insight into that bid and the person who feels that that shipment will be worth his time, does the actual shipment. These are people who are already on the road and heading in the direction where you want your items to be shipped. Or even, for example, moving companies who have a free room in their freight shipping.

What is the best way for shipping your piano to Japan?

Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences one can suffer through. And that’s only when you are moving locally. What about a situation where there are more logistics involved? Stuff like moving a piano to Japan? That’s where it gets complicated. However, you shouldn’t worry! There are plenty of ways to do it stress-free.

The method to the madness.

First, there is the DIY type of move. However, we only recommend this if you are moving short distances and have people to help you move a small piano. The second way of moving is hiring professional movers. As we have mentioned in the article above, this is the way we recommend you do things. Simply because the movers have the experience, knowledge, and tools required for moving a piano, short and long distances. Lastly, if none of these options work for you, we recommend that you use peer-to-peer shipping services. In which you bid online that you want to ship a piano, and hope that someone will ship it for the price that you offered. Whatever you choose, don’t worry. After reading this article we are sure that you will pick the right option!



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