Shipping heavy items guide

Shipping heavy items, such as a safe, solid fuel boiler or payment terminal, requires a big experience. It also requires an individual approach, and sometimes special equipment. Due to its constant activity, Kokusai Express regularly faces such tasks. Therefore, over the years they have developed a certain strategy for transportation of heavy items. Thanks to this strategy, they transport heavy items carefully, preserving the integrity of repaired rooms, stair flights, doorways, and floors.

Shipping containers
You should hand shipping heavy items to professionals

Shipping heavy items – transportation of safes, ATMs, payment terminals

Safes can be different. They can have different classes of protection, the higher the protection class, the heavier the safe is. Conventional safes, the ones from the apartments, weigh from 200 lb to 600 lb. The professionals that do international freight forwarding easily carry them on belts or on a special cart. Bank safes weighing 600 lb – 2,000 lb, they transport on a shroud. And in special cases, there are safes weighing 2-2.5 tons, then they use special rigging equipment. All works on safe transportation are carried out by qualified loaders-riggers, who know their business. And they are responsible for themselves, as well as the cargo entrusted to them.

ATMs also belong to a series of heavy items, since it has a built-in safe, which creates the basic weight. The weight of ATMs varies. But, as a rule, the standard is from 1,200 lb to 1,600 lb, sometimes 2,000 lb. Usually, ATMs are installed on the ground floors, so they can easily be moved on a shroud. A small number of steps of the porch or thresholds can be overcome using special ladders. In some cases it is necessary to install an ATM in a room, but not on the first floor. In order to raise it on the steps, you have to rely on the physical strength of your professional movers. On the belts, they bring in cash ATMs on any floors. By turning to global movers in Japan, you will receive a reliable service for the transportation of ATMs in any city in Japan.

Shipping heavy items – transportation of boilers and fireplaces

Transportation of solid fuel boilers has become a particularly popular service in recent years. The companies that provide moving services regularly transport boilers of various modifications and sizes. Solid-fuel boilers can be different: high, low, medium. But one of their characteristics in general – they are very heavy. Domestic boilers weigh from 550 lb to 1,100 lb. To transfer such a boiler and install it in a boiler room, for an unprepared person, is not an absolutely simple task.

We can transport your fireplace too

A team of professionals is ready to help solve this problem on their own, without your participation. They can transport a boiler of any type and bring it into the room. Up the stairs, the tile, along narrow corridors, and your room will remain unharmed.

Shipping heavy items – transportation of billiard tables

Transportation of billiard tables is a common thing for Kokusai Express. We carry furniture every day, and the billiard table looks like a big good wooden cabinet. We just need to dismantle it in sections, pack, and load it into a clean car.

Many people say that it is not easy to transport a billiard table since it is heavy, big and unbearable. We believe that it is not that difficult to transport a billiard table. It is just necessary to have a skill in disassembling and assembling furniture, as well as the necessary tool. You can be calm if you ordered the transportation of a billiard room in our company.

Shipping heavy items – transportation of aquariums

Transportation of aquariums is a specific matter. That is because you have to work with a fragile glass and a large weight of the aquarium itself. We are talking about aquariums with a volume of 80 gallons and heavier than 300 lb. Therefore, the transportation of aquariums requires a clear plan of action, with a well-thought-out trajectory of the aquarium.

Small aquarium
We can transport all the aquariums, from the smallest to the large ones

Very often we have to work with unpacked aquariums, so mistakes are not an option. We cannot put it on an unprepared place, rest it in any corner or hook onto the railing of the stairs. One such oversight can cost us the price of the entire aquarium or at least its costly repairs. That is why, for the transportation of the aquarium, we always prepare in advance and with maximum responsibility.

You are still not sure if you should hire professionals?

We can just say “Try to do it yourself”. After weeks of planning, you will realize that you still haven’t figured everything out. There are so many types of container units, and you have no idea which one to use! And not to mention dismantling and packing. You can make a mistake with packing and cause you heavy items to be damaged. And you do not want to do that. It is probably better to leave experimenting to some other occasion.

So, what should you do then? It is simple: hire professionals! But not just any professionals. You are going to need a moving company that provides services of heavy lift cargo. If you hire such a company, then you will not have to worry about shipping heavy items. They will do everything for you. Make an estimate of costs, pack your belongings, put them in the right container, seal it and ship it. All you need to do is to give them a call and let them know you need their help. They will be glad to come to the rescue and solve your problem of shipping. And you can just sit and relax.

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