Shipping Fees No One Will Warn You About

No matter how well you prepare, there are shipping fees no one will warn you about. It is for sure that you cannot avoid problems during transportation. However, professional companies include overseas relocation services that could help you in these situations. Even with good preparation and all possible alternatives, some problems can happen. The biggest problem is the fees above the planned costs. It is the reason why you should prepare for them.

When it comes to shipping, most people do not know how that looks like. Most people imagine a form that you fill up when chose a company and standardized fees. However, you should prepare yourself for any unplanned circumstances. Nobody can tell you if your shipping will be the same as others. On the other hand, you should know that even the best company cannot prepare you for the additional cost. It is a question that you must research alone.

Laptop with charts
Research the prices and look for additional costs before organize shipping

Prepare for shipping fees no one will warn you about

Even if you have a cost list and additional cost that company offers to you, it is for sure that you will not be able to plan everything. There is a long list of possible costs that you should prepare for. The best way is to start with the company and ask them for advice. They will make a plan and surely prepare for all you need to know.

  • Packing is a crucial problem when organize shipping and belongs to the list of shipping fees no one will warm you about – because nobody can predict how expensive your packing will be;
  • Moving internationally is expensive itself mostly because of a lot of special services that you must take;
  • It is not possible to even start with packing before having the right insurance that will protect you even in worse scenarios during shipping;
  • For most of the companies, transport is the most expensive so you must be sure that you have paid the highest price for it – and not save on it;
  • Each country has taxes that could be different from other countries – you must research it and prepare for the price that they could charge.

Packing and crating

It is impossible to avoid the problems with packing and crating and high prices of it. However, you should have good preparation and price list of all possible types of packing and crating. Sometimes, international air freight forwarders will charge you more for valuable items, while packing the furniture is cheaper. Keep in mind that packing sensitive and fragile items always cost more.

Quality of packing material

The company will surely recommend the best packing material for your particular case. You should know that materials are different and companies will charge more if it is needed. On the other hand, you will be able to prepare for it and choose what is needed. Make sure that you have understood how global forwarding and protecting of the items functioning.


Although the price list does not have any connections with the weather conditions, problems with the weather could cause delays. In that case, you will pay more than usual. On the other hand, you should not forget about the damages and losses that may happen. Right insurance could compensate for it.

The legislation is one of the shipping fees no one will warn you about

Every country has special costs and taxes that people usually do not know about. It is crucial to understand it and prepare on time for all problems. In most cases, you will not be able to control costs if not know all fees that countries charge. So, firstly research the country that you will ship into and then calculate fees. It is for sure that you will face unexpected costs, but before shipping starts.


Every country has a taxing system that uses in each circumstance. It is for sure that you will not be able to organize it well before inform how high they are. Before starting with packing you should check the tariff and duty rates system on the official site. Even though in most situations they are not extremely high, you should not skip it on your paying list.

Do not forget to prepare for taxes that every country charge for shipping goods


You must not start with the packing if not have proper insurance. Like in any other situation in life, you must have protection if something bad happens. Companies usually demand paying off the insurance no matter how valuable your package is.

The high value of the package

It is hard to transport items that cost too much without proper insurance. Companies usually ensure compensation by charging a higher rate for shipping than usual. You should inform about it before making a contract. However, the company must inform you about that on time.

Commercial shipping is cheaper

You will pay less when organizing shipping along with other clients and customers. It is the reason why is commercial shipping always cheaper. Inform about that and choose the best combination you can. If you have not many valuable goods it could be a great option.

There are human reasons for shipping fees no one will warn you about

It is hard to prepare for shipping when not know which problems may happen. Sometimes, the causation of the problems is human error. Even the best companies that hire only professionals cannot avoid mistakes caused by man. Those mistakes could make the final bill higher, because of higher costs. However, you can prepare for them on time.


It is not possible to prepare for possible damages that may happen during transportation. If you have sensitive items companies will charge you more for shipping. However, other items could damage, too. You should prepare for those circumstances.


Nobody can predict delays in shipping, but they do not happen often. When happens, different circumstances could cause them. You cannot control it or prevent it, but it will cost a little more. So, companies prepare money for 10% more than the basic price.

Money in hands
A reliable shipping company will prepare you for all costs upfront

Find a reliable logistic company

There is no better advice to get if want to prepare for shipping fees no one will warn you about. Only good company and logistic agents will prepare you for additional charges. So, do not hesitate to ask for the best in this circumstance.


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