Kokusai Express Japan provides a customer-oriented solution service that meets customers’ needs ranging from carrying in, classification and storage services to carrying out.

We provide you with top quality warehousing services, guaranteeing you the quality management of your items
The warehousing services we provide guarantee the quality management of your items

Our Storage Services

Besides the simple storage of export/import cargo, Kokusai Express owns and operates its bonded warehouses at the major harbors in Japan including Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka-based on its sufficient experience and technology; and possesses the optimal logistics network organically connecting between the Japanese ports and airports,offering the export/import cargo competitiveness to customers.

The company’s logistics international and domestic warehouses are close to container yards, resulting in lower costs for transport within the port with easy access to the downtown area for a low-cost logistics system.

Kokusai Express Japan provides customized logistics services for each cargo depending on its unique characteristics; the cargo may be stored in chilled/frozen or dangerous goods warehouses.In particular, the company offers a combination of distribution and processing services incorporating storage, receipt/delivery, product inspection, classification, re-packing, labeling, and bar-coding in order to reduce customers’ inventory costs and ensure that the delivery is made on time.

The company’s latest unloading equipment and skilled engineers and thorough safety management system are evolving with gaining trust from customers.

Our stolage solutions are among the best you can find
Storage solutions we provide you with are among the best available

Major Warehouse Services

  • Logistics service customized for cargo based on sufficient experience and technology
  • Unloading and storage service of customs cleared export/import cargo
  • Customized classification of cargo at arrival port CY and port straight air pipe
  • Trans cargo handling service between third countries
  • Export cargo packing service
  • Kotra Korea-Japan co-logistics service

Our Logistics Center

You can find different additional services provided by our logistics center
Our logistics center provide various additional services

Kokusai Express operates logistics centers at major strongholds and provides various additional services.

In order for customers to reduce inventory costs, Kokusai Express is endeavoring to provide customer-oriented solutions by not only connecting storage to receipt/delivery for punctuality but also providing distribution and processing services such as product inspection, quarantine, classification, re-packing, labeling, and bar-coding.

Frequently asked Questions

Indoor storage units are placed inside of the buildings, and outside units commonly have drive-in units and are placed outdoors.
This is a storage with an option to control the climate condition inside the units. Such as the temperature, the humidity etc.
It is recommended that you contact the storage company as soon as you realize you’ll need storage units.
Yes, we offer different kinds of transportation, hence we can transport your items to our storage facilities.
The costs of renting a storage depend on how long you intend to use it, the size of items you intend to store, special conditions they might need to be stored in etc.

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