From LCL and FCL services to the handling of bulk cargo ship, Kokusai Express Japan provides a wide range of sea transport services

The quality and efficiency are the main qualities of Kokusai Express Japan sea transport
Kokusai Express Japan conducts your sea transport efficiently and quality

Service Overview

Based on the global networks and advanced logistics system, Kokusai Express Japan provides international maritime transport & logistics services, which include– sea transport, air transport, inland transport, warehousing services, customs clearance, door-to-door services and so others. – for a variety of cargoes including containers and bulk cargoes.

Kokusai Express Japan provides maritime transport services that are as precise as air cargo transport. The company handles a variety of items ranging from raw materials to miscellaneous goods for large discount stores as well as, electric appliances and various types of machines.

In recent years there has been an increase in demand for en bloc transportation services including carry-in and installation of plants facilities due to the global expansion of production bases.

Kokusai Express provides diversified and optimized maritime transport services for containers and bulk/project cargo using its worldwide network, as a means to provide excellent third party logistics services at low costs for its customers. We also provide cargo tracking services, so you can always know where your cargo is.

Kokusai Express tries to provide optimal services by systematically integrating and ensuring the accuracy of all logistics processes including shipping schedule, space reservation, B/L issue and delivery, and arrival/delivery via overseas agents.

Types of Sea Transport Services

Full Container Load (FCL)

Kokusai Express provides optimized shipping schedule and customized services based on close cooperation and a reliable network connecting the world’s leading shipping and transport companies.

Kokusai Express provides en bloc transport services such as customs clearance, transport, and storage for faster and more accurate transport and maximized, convenience for customers.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Loading and transporting of multiple small cargos from many customers in one container is called an LCL(less than container load) consolidation cargo.

With a global network connecting agents and select partners from major harbors and logistics strongholds worldwide, Kokusai Express provides optimal consolidation cargo (CONSOL) services. Also, optimal transport routes are developed and offer segmented forwarding services are offered for faster transport in the inland regions.

Bulk Cargo Sea Transport

With an advanced, step-by-step logistics system, Kokusai Express provides comprehensive services ranging from road survey to installation and assembly for bulk cargo, project cargo, and long length cargo, which cannot be transported in units, with the assistance from its experienced professionals.

Import/Export Sea Transport Procedures


Sea Cargo Export Procedure (container cargo)

  1. Collect Container Cargo- We pick up the cargo from the location designated by the customer. After that, we load the cargo in the containers and send them to the container yard (CY) in the ship departure area. What is necessary at this point of time (and we also offer to do it) is to complete and submit the customs declaration form in advance. Before sending the container to the departure area designated by the customer. (1 DAY)
  2. Confirming Carried in Cargo in CY- We carry the cargo into the container yard (CY), and after that declare and confirm such carry in. (1-2 DAY)
  3. Export Declaration- For cargos, containers etc. with completed carry in confirmation, the export declaration is made by entering relevant information into the sea-NACCS system. (2-3 DAY)
  4. Export Customs Clearances Permit- If there is no problem with the export declarations, the cargo is granted an export permit. If it is necessary, the customs inspection is conducted. Such examination can last for one day in addition. (2-3 DAY)
  5. Ship Departure- The export procedure for maritime cargo (consolidated cargo) (3-4 DAY)

Container Cargo

Export Services for Maritime Cargo (consolidated cargo)

  1. Carry in Cargo into CFS (bonded warehouse)- This is requested directly by the customer or by an agent. Cargo may be carried in by the customer or via an agent designated by the customer. When carrying cargo into CFS, it is important to check the volume and the condition of the cargo. And then inspect both- the cargo and the ship. (1 DAY)
  2. Carry in Confirmation- Confirm the carry in of cargo into CFS based on the CaseMark on the document provided by the customer. (1-2 DAY) 
  3. Report on Export- In other words making the export declarations for the cargo for which carry in into the CFS is confirmed via the sea-NACCS system. (2-3 DAY)
  4. Customs Clearance for Export- If there are no problems with the export declaration, the authorization for export is granted. If customs inspection is necessary, then it must be performed. It takes another day. (2-3 DAY)
  5. CFS Vanning- After the authorization, loading cargo into containers is conducted. (3-4 DAY)
  6. Container Movement- The containers are moved from CFS to CY. (3-4 DAY)
  7. Ship Departures- Loading the containers onto the appropriate ship, and after that, the ship leaves for transportation. (3-4 DAY)

Consolidated Cargo

Container Standards

Type Category Exterior dimensions (cm) Interior dimensions (cm) Loading capacity Weight (Kgs)
Length Width Height Length Width Height CBM Kgs Tare Total
Dry container 20ft 6,058 2,438 2,591 5,898 2,348 2,376 22.60 21,740 3,320 24,000
40ft 12,192 2,438 2,591 12,031 2,348 2,376 67.11 26,740 3,740 30,480
40ft HC 12,192 2,438 2,896 12,031 2,348 2,695 76.11 26,540 3,940 30,480
45ft 13,555 2,438 2,591 13,555 2,348 2,695 85.77 25,600 4,880 30,480
Reefer container 20ft 6,058 2,438 2,591 5,455 2,290 2,262 28.30 21,040 2,960 24,000
40ft 12,192 2,438 2,591 11,554 2,286 2,216 58.50 26,280 4,240 30,520
40ft HC 12,192 2,438 2,896 11,583 2,290 2,538 67.30 25,680 4,800 30,480
Open-top container 20ft 6,058 2,438 2,591 5,900 2,354 2,367 32.80 28,080 2,400 30,480
40ft 12,192 2,438 2,591 11,554 2,344 2,356 66.40 26,640 3,840 30,480
Flat-rack container 20ft 6,058 2,438 2,591 5,624 2,236 2,243 27.90 28,080 2,400 30,480
40ft 12,192 2,438 2,591 11,786 2,236 1,968 51.90 26,640 3,840 30,480
Platform container 20ft 6,058 2,438 558 0 0 0 27.90 28,080 2,400 30,480
40ft 12,192 2,438 558 0 0 0 51.90 26,640 3,840 30,480

Contact information

Head office: Tel. 03-5776-1180 / Fax. 03-5776-1185

Tokyo Sales Office 1: Tel. 03-5755-1011 / Fax. 03-5755-1005

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Narita Customs Center: Tel. 0479-85-6040 / Fax. 0479-85-6045

Haneda Sales Office: Tel. 03-6412-9088 / Fax. 03-3747-0526

Yokohama Sales Office: Tel. 045-227-6261 / Fax. 045-227-6034

Osaka Sales Office: Tel. 06-4703-1234 / Fax. 06-4703-1239

Kobe Sales Office: Tel. 078-881-2620 / Fax. 078-881-2625

Korea (Seoul): Tel. 82-2-3143-5555 / Fax. 82-2-3143-5588


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