Kokusai Express optimizes your road transport by using cost-effective ways of shipping for each type of cargo you might have.

Let Kokusai Express Japan provide you with cost-effective road transport
Kokusai Express Japan takes care of your cost-effective road transport

What do we offer?

Kokusai Express Japan provides excellent domestic inland transport services using the optimized nationwide transport network and the latest transport equipment.

To meet the demands of its customers, Kokusai Express secures the most appropriate transport vehicles for each export/import cargo and domestic cargo based on its volume and content and selects routes that will minimize the logistics cost for the customers.

In particular, Kokusai Express provides the most optimized transport services for various types of heavy weight cargo including large, special machines and precision equipment that require professional handling.

Major Road Transport Services

Container Transport

With the latest transport equipment and complete network system, Kokusai Express has established an integrated domestic cargo forwarding network to connect each of the branches nationwide for fast and safe inland transport services. It also provides total services including storage, customs clearance and bonded cargo transport via bonded warehouse and customs clearance assistance services.

The majority of the services Kokusai Express offers to you
The major services Kokusai Express Japan offers

General Cargo Transport

Kokusai Express considers the size, shape, and weight of cargo to provide transport services in the optimized mode.

Kokusai Express is equipped with various vehicles ranging from general to special ones such as refrigerated trucks, wing bodies, non-vibrating wing bodies, low-floor trailers as well as non-vibrating low beds and wing-body low beds.

Transport your precision devices safely, avoiding putting them at risk
Don’t put your precision devices at risk, transport them safely!

Transportation of Precision Devices

Kokusai Express provides all types of transport services ranging from factory carry-out to packing, transport, and carry-in of precision devices such as semiconductors, LCDs, PDPs, and solar modules.

Cargo transport of ultra-precision devices such as semiconductors and LCDs using a non-vibrating vehicle that maintains constant temperature and humidity levels.

Heavy Weight Cargo Road Transportation

Heavy weight cargo requires special know-how and experience for road transport
Hire only road transport company with the know-how and the experience for heavyweight cargo transportation- Kokusai Express Japan

Kokusai Express provides heavy/bulk project cargo transport services.

Kokusai Express provides a wide range of services for a super heavyweight, the lengthy and bulk cargo that needs special equipment and handling, based on its rich know how.

Kokusai Express provides transport services respect to customs clearance, inland transport and installation with excellence in quality, punctuality, cost, and safety via the integrated transport mode during relocation, installation, and disassembly of large plants or overseas factory facilities and the domestic transport of heavyweight goods in Japan. Kokusai Express tries to provide all types of transport services requested by its customers.

Dangerous Goods Transportation by Road

Road transportation of dangerous goods takes a lot of precaution measures
Dangerous goods take a lot of precaution measures while conducting road transportation

Unlike general cargo, dangerous goods require special care during transport and handling. Thus, sufficient and accurate information on the dangerous goods in question is required in advance.

Kokusai Express safely transports dangerous goods by ensuring that the applicable safety management criteria, as well as laws and regulations for dangerous goods, are observed by the managers, who are familiar with how to handle dangerous goods.

-Compliance with the relevant laws and regulations during cargo loading
-Compliance with the loading principles without causing friction or shaking of the container
-Compliance with the designated operation route and speed; keeping minimum distance between vehicles; reinforced prevention of sleep-deprived driving

Installation and Performance of the Digital Operation Information Management System

All the trucks of Kokusai Express are installed with a digital tachograph, which prevents rapid acceleration and over-speeding to ensure safe driving and prevent car accidents during transport.The company also manages the overall vehicle-related expenses and complies with cost-effective speed to reduce operation cost as well as contribute to the protection of the environment by prohibiting unnecessary idling.

A digital tachograph is installed in every truck of Kokusai Express Japan
Kokusai Express Japan trucks are installed with a digital tachograph
If you choose us to conduct the transportation of your cargo, make sure it's properly managed
Use our transportation services and make sure your cargo is properly managed

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