Kokusai Express Japan provides the optimal air transport routes. Achieving cost-effectiveness for cargo transportation from Japan to the world and vice versa. Using perennial connections worldwide.

Air transport done by Kokusai Express Japan provides you with cost-effective cargo shipment
Kokusai Express Japan air transport services provide you with cost – effective air cargo shipment

The Services of Transport by Air

The current international freight forwarding logistics market demands shortened transport time, lower logistics costs, quality services and safety.

Kokusai Express provides the fastest and most accurate one-stop services from cargo pickups to shipping, transport, customs clearances and door-to-door delivery on behalf of customers (cargo owners) in relation to various air cargos requested to be delivered by customers at home and abroad. Such cargos include electronic/electric products, IT goods, foods, animals and dangerous goods, etc. are handled appropriately based on the expertise, know-how and years of experience we gained as an air forwarder.

Kokusai Express also provides the best international air freight forwarding logistics services via the global network through close partnerships with the world’s leading logistics companies. We have dozens of logistics centers in Japan.

Whatever service you m ight require, we can offer it to you
We offer all kinds of services you might require

What do you get hiring us for air transport?

  1. Enhanced competitiveness through cost savings

Kokusai Express Japan uses optimal transport routes and ensures low-cost high efficiency via en bloc transport by door-to-door delivery and the global network.

  1. Rich experience and know-how in air transport

Kokusai Express Japan uses its rich experience and know-how it has accumulated over the years as an air forwarder in when selecting transport routes. All available resources are utilized and the lead time and cost are considered at the same time to provide the customized packing and transport services for each cargo type and ensure optimal forwarding services for its customers.

  1. Establishment of close partnerships

Kokusai Express Japan provides the best international logistics air services with the global network based on its logistics know-how and close partnerships with the world’s leading logistics companies.

  1. Air Transport Services for high value added products

We provide you with precise and thorough services for value-added logistics such as cargo transport, transportation between third countries, and the combination of complex transport modes requiring specialized know-how in handling chemicals, hazardous materials etc., with the help of its experienced staff and the major overseas partners.

In particular, Kokusai Express Japan helps reinforce the sale activities of multi-national companies to provide competitive and high value-added transport services to a wider customer base using its know-how in the special transport of semiconductor equipment and temperature controlled transport etc.

Major Air Transportation Services

  • Global Air Cargo Service (general cargo, exhibition cargo, overseas moving cargo etc.)
  • Consolidated Cargo Service
  • Pick-Up, Packing, Customs Clearance, Pallet and Delivery
  • Transport Services for Special Cargo, Chilled and Frozen Cargo and Dangerous Goods

Air Cargo Export Procedure

  1. Collecting Container Cargo- Upon request by the customers, we execute carrying out of the cargo.
  2. Loading Cargo- Checking the objects unloaded from ULD, their packing condition.
  3. Checking the Cargo- Entering the information on the cargo carried into the bonded area of the air-NACCS system. 
  4. Export Declaration- Declaration about the export of items carried into the bonded area.
  5. Obtaining Customs Clearance for Export- After passing the inspection, authorization for export can be obtained via air-NACCS. (in the presence of a customs officer, this usually takes 5-6 hours)
  6. Loading the Cargo onto the ULD- After obtaining the authorization for export, the cargo is loaded onto the ULD (unit load device) and prepared for loading into the plane. 
  7. Carrying into the Cargo Airliner- After getting prepared, the cargo is loaded into the plane.
  8. Airplane Departure- Departure for the destination according to the schedule. 

The process of air cargo import

  1. Collect Container Cargo- We can execute carrying out of the cargo if the customer requests. 
  2. Loading the Cargo- Checking the freight unloaded from ULD. (their condition, packing and the checklist of items)
  3. Checking the Quantity and attaching the Mark- Entering the information about the cargo carried into the bonded area into the air-NACCS system. 
  4. Import Declaration- Declaring the import of items carried into the bonded area.
  5. Obtaining Customs Clearance for Import- The authorization for the import can be obtained by air-NACCS, after passing the inspection.
  6. Loading onto the ULD- After getting the authorization for import, the cargo can be loaded onto the ULD. And prepared for loading into the plane.
  7. Carrying into the Cargo Airliner- Loading the cargo into the plane.
  8. Airplane Departure- According to the schedule. 

Air Transported Cargo Unit Load Device/Pallet Information

All sorts of your air cargo information
The information about your air cargo

View more ULD information

Details on ANA Cargo: www.anacargo.jp/ja/

Details on JAL Cargo: www.jal.co.jp/en/jalcargo/inter/guide/aircraft/

About Dangerous Goods Regulations

In air cargo transport, safety is the top priority on top of speed and accuracy. The applicable Laws in Japan prohibit air transport of dangerous goods (luggage) that are likely to explode or cause the fire.

Air transport of dangerous goods must strictly comply with, domestic and foreign aviation laws, enforcement regulations, notification by the Department of Transport, and the regulations prescribed by IATA/ICAO that are applicable.

Precautions when conducting air transport of dangerous goods

Check to see if the contents are considered dangerous goods.
Check that the packing and container sealing methods, weight, and volume conform to the applicable standards.

Check that the label defined by the classification table clearly attached, correct marking is on the package, and the prescribed dangerous goods declarations form has been properly filled out and signed by the exporter.

Types of dangerous goods for air transportation

  • Chemicals
  • Combustible solids
  • Poison
  • Flammable gas
  • Pyrophoric materials
  • Materials that transfer diseases and/or poison/toxins
  • Non-flammable or non-toxic gas
  • Other combustible materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Toxic gas
  • Oxidizing substances
  • Corrosive substances
  • Flammable liquids
  • Organic peroxides
  • Other hazardous goods

Contact Information for air cargo transport

Head office: Tel. 03-5776-1180 / Fax. 03-5776-1185

Tokyo Sales Office 1: Tel. 03-5755-1011 / Fax. 03-5755-1005

Tokyo Sales Office 2: Tel. 03-6303-6010 / Fax. 03-5755-8334

Narita Customs Center: Tel. 0479-85-6040 / Fax. 0479-85-6045

Haneda Sales Office: Tel. 03-6412-9088 / Fax. 03-3747-0526

Yokohama Sales Office: Tel. 045-227-6261 / Fax. 045-227-6034

Osaka Sales Office: Tel. 06-4703-1234 / Fax. 06-4703-1239

Kobe Sales Office: Tel. 078-881-2620 / Fax. 078-881-2625

Korea (Seoul): Tel. 82-2-3143-5555 / Fax. 82-2-3143-5588

E-mail: japan@ks-exp.com; korea@kukjae.com; china@ks-exp.com

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