Kokusai Express Japan offers various kinds of transportation. Always looking to fit your needs in terms of speed, safety, and cost. In accordance with this you can opt for:

Surely, you can choose to combine two or all of them. Especially if having a need for an international transport. We will look to provide you with the cost-effective and efficient transportation solution. Matching all sorts of requirements you might have.

Frequently asked Questions

The transportation services are responsible for shifting the items from point A to point B. They are not responsible for delivering products to the customers. For example, you can get transportation services to shift your cargo from customs to your warehouse.
It depends on what needs you have. If you’re in a hurry, the best option would be to use air transportation, given that it’s the fastest. If you want to save money, then you should opt between road transportation (for shorter distances and smaller cargo) and sea transportation (for longer distances and larger cargo).
Of course you can. Get in touch with our professionals and you’ll get all the details.
There’s no such thing if you intend to hire Kokusai Express Japan. We are open to transporting all sorts and sizes of cargo.
It’s quite recommended, because that way you get the picture of overall costs for cargo transportation.

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Comd-warentact us and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss all the details. Whatever your requests are, we shall find a solution to satisfy your needs.


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