Kokusai Express Japan has been providing precision machinery and equipment transport services for years. We have experience in shipping precision equipment of various types. Our experts are capable to transport different kinds of manufacturing devices. This often requires both temperature control and shock prevention. Having a solution for all steps in the cargo forwarding process, our professional staff and our vehicles for transportation are capable of handling the most complicated machinery and equipment you might have. No matter if it was precision machinery, oversized cargo or even equipment requiring special care during the process of relocation from point A to point B.

Full-service Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport from Kokusai Express Japan.
Kokusai Express Japan is here to offer a solution for your Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport needs.

We offer top-rated Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport

When you need to handle sensitive machinery and equipment, you want a reputable Japan relocation company. And that is exactly what Kokusai Express Japan is. Years of experience and a multitude of clients that count on us to ensure safe and secure Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport services.

Not only do we have well-trained movers with years of experience, but we also have the right tools for the task. We use the most advanced technology and equipment to optimize the transportation process:

  1. Disassembling and removal of machinery and equipment
  2. Efficient and secure transportation
  3. Unloading and installation of a variety of precision machinery and equipment

No matter the complexity and dimensions of the equipment, Kokusai Express Japan is up to the task. We handle Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport both in and out of Japan. No matter how complicated it might appear to you, we are here to handle full-service heavy transport projects, from packing and loading to storage requirements.

High-quality removal, safe transportation and installation of equipment

Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport that can accomodate all types of equipment.
We are equipped to handle all types and sizes of machinery and equipment.

All our relocation crews go through extensive training and courses to enable them to handle Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport. Size, weight, function…it makes no difference to us because we can handle everything.

Kokusai Express Japan combines technical capabilities and expertise with years of experience to create detailed plans and preparations for all transportation projects. It is our goal to always provide clients with well-developed project management and top-quality services. This ensures maximum customer satisfaction when it comes to Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport, on a global scale.

Appliance of technological skills and customer support

Kokusai Express Japan makes sure that everyone goes through adequate and detailed training to improve their capabilities to handle any and all types of Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport. We constantly update and adjust to the needs of the clients in order to ensure finding solutions to any situation, no matter how difficult.

We use the blueprints for the equipment being transported to select the most suitable tools for the transportation task. And we make sure to consider and plan out disassembly and any other relevant factor to ensure a fast and simple installation afterwards.

In addition to all this, we are able to accommodate any modifications to the arranged delivery date to your facilities. We do this with the help of our wide-spread network of short-term storage units and warehouses. So you need not worry yourself about this type of situation affecting the Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport process.

We offer assistance for clutter and waste removal

Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport while taking care of the environment.
When we handle Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport, we do so in accordance to environmental laws.

It often occurs that waste and clutter is generated during equipment installation. And when this does happen, there are expenses you need to ensure are included:

  • Waste disposal costs
  • Environmental requirements

Kokusai Express Japan provides support when ti comes to the compliance and disposal of such matters. We can offer mediation with waste management and disposal companies on a global level. And we can make sure that appropriate action is taken in line with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law.

We promote and teach “Safety” and “Work Efficiency”

Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport requires delicate handling and precision. This is why Kokusai Express Japan focuses all our efforts on safety and work efficiency. We start by providing our workers with basic on-site operating procedures. We then have experienced internal veteran movers provide training courses at our facilities. Kokusai Express makes sure that each member of our global team understands the importance of safety and top-quality services. Our company offers the best possible training methods with the implementation of:

  • Operational manuals for various types of equipment
  • Accident prevention training
  • Emergency procedures and damage control simulations

What does our Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport include?

Lab Equipment and Precision Measurement Instruments

Kokusai Express Japan has a rich background when it comes to handling Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport in various laboratories. So no matter if we are talking about industrial or medical research laboratories, or even university labs – we handle it all. From large-scale testing equipment to measurement instruments and devices, nothing is too difficult or impossible. And once the transportation and installation is complete, we can coordinate with relevant engineering companies to offer support with fine-tuning the equipment.

Medical Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport

Medical Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport can be safe and efficient with Kokusai Express services.
No matter how advanced the equipment, Kokusai Express movers are trained to handle transportation.

We have a detailed understanding of all types of your typical medical equipment. Kokusai Express Japan has handled transportation from large-scale machines such as MRI and CT scanners, to small-scale devices such as ultrasound machines. So we implement our expertise and top-of-the-line equipment to complete any task laid before us. And whether it’s carrying heavy items to upper level floors or reaching confined areas, our team of expert movers will provide you with customized solutions for any type of situation.

Industrial Machinery

Our primary focus is to provide safe and efficient installation of industrial operational equipment:

  • Conveyors
  • Moving racks
  • Productions robotics

Basically, anything that you might use in factory production lines and logistics centers, we can handle. And since we are a global-range company, we handle an abundance of Industrial Machinery and Equipment Transport both within and outside Japan borders. Feel free to contact us to learn how Kokusai Express Japan can help you.

Renewable Energy Equipment

We offer both Solar and Wind Power operated Machinery and Equipment Transportation services.
Kokusai Express Japan is a firm believer in alternative energy sources and is capable of handling the transportation of them.

As advanced and technologically pioneering as it is, Japan has a lot of solar and wind power energy generation facilities. And as experienced movers with a long-operating history, Kokusai Express is more than capable to handle such equipment. Even if you require international services, we are able to accommodate your needs. With the use of our cargo forwarding capabilities, we are able to ensure full-service transportation:

  • Export packing
  • Customs clearance
  • Temporary storage
  • Transportation
  • Installation

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