When you think of transporting your goods many questions emerge. There are so many things to handle. Efficient organization of transportation is crucial, especially with overseas shipping. Don’t underestimate the whole process. Overseas shipping companies are the best solution to achieve satisfaction. Contact Kokusai Express to make sure the transport overseas goes smoothly without any problems. Our company and its personnel will offer you speed, safety, and economical transport. We will respond to your needs, organize the transport of your belongings, or other products. Also, our company allows you to track the location of your things at any time. Our advanced logistic services keep up with the modern time. The main goal of our staff is a satisfied customer. Get in touch with us today!

A seaport with the sun rising
Choose the right overseas shipping companies to ensure safe, swift, and affordable transportation.

As one of the most accomplished overseas shipping companies, we are ready to assist you with a variety of services

If you expect to get your things safely at their location we are the right choice for you. We have a solution for everything, from the transportation of personal belonging to bulky items. You can be certain that your items are safe and protected.  We can offer you secure sea, air and road transport. Thanks to the trained team of people we will protect and ship your things safely to their destination. Rest assured that from that moment on you have nothing to worry about.

Our company is your guide in finding the right services corresponding to your desires and needs

In case you need the transport of big and heavy items, a trained team for transmarine freight will offer you sea services. This is also an excellent choice in the case of long-distance shipments. However, air transport is a better solution when you need something else. To ensure swift and safe shipment we offer you our best air transport. Though you may consider it expensive don’t worry about the costs. Our services are affordable. We aim to satisfy our clients.

Additionally, Kokusai Express allows you to track your cargo at any time. Our cargo forwarding services include transport, customs clearance, storage, and shipment. We conduct import/export cargo services rapidly and precisely. In case of bulky and extremely heavy cargo don’t worry, we are specialized to handle it with ease.

A big cargo ship travelling and transporting goods as part of the services offered by overseas shipping companies
Kokusai Express offers sea transport as a secure solution in the case of long-distance shipping.

All in all, our services include:

Whatever service you long for, our team will serve your needs. Moreover, if the transport is your preference feel free to use the option of a combination of several types of transport. This is especially significant in the case of long-distance transportation.

Kokusai Express is a team of experts you can rely on

With thirty years on the market, we are one of the most known logistic companies in Japan. We earn the trust of our clients. Why are we one of the best companies? The answer lies in our productivity, efficiency, speed, and affordability. Generally, our goal is to speed up the process of transportation. Furthermore, we tend to deliver items on time, without losing the quality of our services.

Red trucks with containers prepared for loading
We guarantee the safe treatment of your cargo using our modern equipment and machinery.

Moreover, we are willing to offer reasonable prices, according to your needs and possibilities. However, one other thing that makes us your best choice is our professional approach. Our personnel will treat you kindly and politely. The staff who deal with transportation across the ocean is completely devoted to the client’s needs. Needless to say, our modern equipment and machinery facilitate the shipping.

How can you find information about Kokusai Express?

Whatever information you need our website precisely presents the advantages we offer. We made a catalog of services you can inspect online. In case you need some extra information feel free to contact us. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Whatever doubt you may have we can clarify it.

Our company’s licenses are available on our website. They are true testimonials about our effectiveness and contemporary approaches to transport. Certificates and licenses such as JIFFA, Cargo transportation business, Maritime transport, Warehousing, Iata testify to our commitment.

We can also say that we have one of the best storage options. With us, by your side, your items are in safe hands. Also, our team knows best the rules for customs clearance in each country. This is one of the reasons we save your time.

If you are in doubt why choosing our team of people the evidence can speak for themself

Our PR team contributes to the overall status of the company in Japan and abroad. We are the company ready for change. We keep up with the contemporary goals and demands of the market. Our clients are satisfied with economic methods of transport. Since shipping is expensive we always think of our client’s possibilities. The agreement is always possible.

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Our qualified team of people works 24/7 to arrange flawless transportation.

Furthermore, troublesome transportation requires precision and plan. Having that in mind, we are the right company for you. We treat each transport with a meticulous plan and carefully constructed details. Also, the constant development of logistics yearns for improvement. Our trained personnel works hard to make us competitive. Thankfully, we became a true brand in our business.

Reach success with one of the best overseas shipping companies that earn your trust

Let us be realistic. It isn’t just about doing the job but doing it swiftly, efficiently, and reliably. Overseas shipping companies perfectly perceive the complexity of shipping. So, get in touch with us today and get a free estimate. Kokusai Express will provide you with reasonable costs. Also, we will meticulously plan the transport you require. Our team will initiate the shipping process the moment you call us.


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