Kokusai Express Japan conducts your overseas moving with the maximum of safety for you, your family, and your belongings. Providing you with the fast international relocation. Not exceeding your moving budget.

We make your overseas moving an adventure- Kokusai Express Japan
Hire Kokusai Express Japan and we will make your overseas moving an adventure!

The Overview of Our Services

  • Kokusai Express Japan promises to provide convenient and accurate packing and moving services via the best logistics processes.
  • Our company provides our convenient door-to-door total service all around the world not only for the customers to be dispatched abroad but also for the customers’ homecoming.
  • Based on 20 years of experience and expertise on overseas moving, Kokusai Express provides a wide range of comprehensive services ranging from domestic migration, over international moving to overseas facility relocation and exhibition supplies relocation that need precise transport know-how, including packing, customs clearance, warehousing services, and delivery.
  • A perfect “room to room” service supports the relocation of a customer who gets assignment overseas or an international customer who returns to his or her home country from Japan.
  • We arrange everything for your overseas moving- from aviation and shipping to the service of taking a customer’s equipment and materials that remain in Japan at the trunk of the air-conditioning and heating equipment, transport of vehicles and pet animals, and service and procedures for supporting local housing. Please ask us.

The Types of Services for Your Overseas Moving

  1. Overseas moving services
    -Kokusai Express Japan provides kind counseling and reliable overseas moving services.
    -We have a confidence gained through perennial experience that it will be a satisfactory and memorable choice.
  2. Used car transport for homecoming moving service
    -Our experts provide you with customs clearance and delivery service for a cargo of those coming to Korea from another country.
  3. Office Relocation Service
    -The experienced moving professionals from our company provide various overseas relocation services including office furnishings, computer equipment, and documents.
  4. Overseas performance/exhibition supplies transport service
    -The transport of performance/exhibition supplies which need careful handling, with abundant experience and thorough management according to the schedule on a fast and safe basis.

Inspection of Moving Cargo

Moving cargo is subject to the whole inspection, partial inspection or inspection omit, depending on the carry-in articles and declaration contents.

If the declared contents are different from the partial inspection results or the product name, model, quantity, obtained price and number of using months, etc are not exactly specified, or the weight declared is different from the actual weight more than 30%, the whole forwarded cargo shall be subject to inspection.

Therefore, accurately fill out the relocation and transport-related declaration forms, packing list and any other documents to shorten the inspection time and quick customs clearance.

Procedure of Overseas Moving Service

01 Consult/free visit & estimation

request estimation 3-4 weeks before the scheduled moving date

confirm packing volume, grasp working condition and explain details of overseas moving service when visiting the site

submit the estimate on site and reserve working schedule

divide articles (for storage, transportation services, assignment, disposal, etc.

※ We visit for a free estimate

Guidance on the schedule of the transport to destinations, required time, local customs clearance, and delivery.

Guidance on preparations for a move and packaging methods.

Checking packaging quantities, figuring out work environment, and explaining details of a move abroad.

Submitting an estimate and reservation for work schedule.

02 Packing

fill out the packing list for export/import customs clearance, customs clearance documents for destination place, and cargo insurance application

prepare and give copies of passport and visa

give copies of air tickets or reservation certification issued by the airline:
※A packing list is created by an employee of the company for customs clearance
and transport insurance subscription.
※Pease check the packing list on taking out the packaged cargo.
※Filling the forms for customs clearance at the destination.
※Filling the form for cargo insurance.
※Photocopies of passport and visa are prepared and delivered.
※Copies of flying ticket or airliner-issued reservation certificate are delivered.

03 Domestic transport/container work/export customs clearance

Packed cargo is carried into the company’s logistics center and loaded in the container bound for the destination.
※ A photocopy of passport
(a copy of the page with the photo; the photo must be clearly identifiable).
※ Boarding (reservation) certificate in the customer’s name issued by an airliner.
※ A packing list is created at packing.
※ Insurance Value List: only for those who want cargo insurance.
※ Shipper’s Information: information on the destination.
(Out of Japan flight info, destination address, contact info, billing address etc.)
※ Invoice
※ Power of attorney for customs clearance.

04 Shipment / maritime transport

Customs cleared cargo is transported by ship according to the shipping timetable of the destination country which has been reserved in advance.

05 Destination arrival/customs clearance

When the ship arrives, submit the customs clearance documents to the customs office and provide customs clearance agent service.

The article purchased less than 6 months ago shall be subject to taxation (tax rate vary depending on countries).

※Customs declaration form, customs-requested documents (variable with countries), when declaring at each country’s customs.

※Required documents vary with countries. For further details, please ask us.
※With regard to the preparation of documents required for customs clearance in different countries, please contact the employee in Japan with your prepared documents before your departure for Japan.

06 Home delivery / arrangement / customer satisfaction evaluation

Customs cleared cargo is transported to customer’s home after consulting with the customer for the schedule.

Insurance and Compensation

Overseas moving insurance

  • We put our sincere heart in delivering our customer’s cargo safely to the destination.As a move abroad is a long-distance transport and uses several stages of transportation, a customer is advised to subscribe to transport insurance, at his or her own discretion.Such an insurance can provide against destruction, damage, and loss incurred during transport for a move abroad.The company treats insurance for customers against possible destruction or loss of important items.For valuables, currency, and securities, however, an insurance is not available.
  • Coverage
    ※ It covers from the shipment from the current residence (or product storage location) to the delivery to the new residence abroad (loss or damage must be reported within a week of the delivery).
    ※ In case a cargo is put into storage for over 30 days for the customer reasons, it covers until the delivery to the storage.
  • Losses not payable by insurance
    ※ Deliberate and/or grave negligence committed by the cargo owner.
    ※Natural wear, fungi, rust, discoloring, degeneration, and corruption.
    ※ Any loss caused by bad packaging done by the customer.
    ※ Loss caused by a delay in transport.
    ※ Minor scratch or damage to interior or engine (of a vehicle). ( 차량)
  • <Note>
    (a)The electrical and mechanical errors of precision machines like a computer are not covered by an insurance.
    (A loss clearly caused by an external shock during transport alone is covered.) Loss or destruction of the data saved in the hard disk is not covered by the insurance, so please back it up and carry with you the backup media.
    (b) A loss to musical instruments related to a disturbed scale caused by an external shock is not covered by the insurance.

Compensation Procedure

Confirm whether there are any broken or missing items by referring to the packing list when taking over the cargo.
If there’s a broken article, confirm with the site supervisor and take a picture of the article; then, fill out a letter and accident occurrence notice attaching evident materials
(photos, repair estimate, etc.) to us, and we will quickly proceed with the compensation procedure.

If the delay of accident occurrence notice causes some difficulty in proving the reason of damage, or if the cargo remains damaged and is deteriorated more, the insured person may be at a disadvantage.
(after arrival at destination country, within up to 30 days from delivery completion)

Submittals for Insurance Claim

– original copy of the insurance policy
– bill of lading
– packing list
– claim letter (including cargo owner’s name; replaced by e-mail)
– evident photos
– cargo insurance accident notice
– repair estimation
– accident survey report (if necessary)

Office Relocation Service

Make your overseas office move with no troubles
Relocate your office overseas troubles-free

To ensure a fast and accurate transfer of massive facilities or small offices, based on a meticulous plan that considers all conditions including the status of the facilities, cargo quantity, and road conditions, the company’s professional team dealing with office relocation handles the operation, saving time and cost with a systematic implementation.

As a large quantity is relocated within a limited amount of time, the company ensures work efficiency to provide services with scrupulous preparation and planning.

Strong in large-sized relocation with much experience and know-how!

  • Our employee with experience in large-scale office relocation projects is responsible for the management and suggests a work process through sufficient negotiation.

An abundance of options

  • In addition to basic relocation services, we handle drawings creation, layout proposal, and suggestion of other service providers.

Equipment and materials storage service procedure

  • Overseas relocation survey stage: site survey, volume estimation, working condition, equipment, and staff to be injected
  • Relocation overseas- planning stage: relocation plan, scheduling, personnel placement, process management
  • Work stage of overseas relocation: packing, transport, placement, confirmation of completeness, final check
Kokusai Express Japan makes your moving overseas an easy adventure
Moving overseas is easy with Kokusai Express Japan

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