Many of you think that domestic relocation is an easy venture. Considering to manage it by yourself. Well, we must warn you not to be too optimistic. Of course, you can do some part of relocation by yourself. But we suggest you do only the easier part. Leave the harder and more demanding job to the professionals- domestic movers Japan. A successful relocation takes the know-how, the experience, the supplies, the equipment and the vehicles. You probably have some or none of it. And it usually turns out to be a problem. That is why you need to think about it on time before it’s too late. Hire our domestic relocation experts and prevent all potential troubles from taking place. It could ruin what is supposed to be an adventure and a positive experience for you. Take care of being protected first and invest in your security. Hiring domestic moving experts from Kokusai Express Japan is the best investment in your safety.

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Kokusai Express Japan – best domestic movers Japan

Japanese experts in domestic moving at your service

Whether you are moving within a city or across the country, Kokusai Express Japan is here to handle even the most demanding moving challenge. Are you moving your most prized possessions? Or are you the individual responsible for providing your employees with an effective relocation solution? Whatever are the reasons and the circumstances of your move, don’t just settle for a mover. Go with the name you can trust! Looking at all domestic movers Japan offers, we are among the very top of those taking care of safety for our customers and clients

We will talk about two kinds of services you can expect when hiring our short distance moving professionals, depending on what you might need:

  • Residential Relocation- When moving your home across the city or country, hire domestic movers Japan with the expertise for such a job
  • Commercial Moving- Move your office safely. Put that demanding job into the safe hands of out-of-country relocation specialists in Japan.

Along with domestic moving, we are offering professional services of international relocation to Japan. Kokusai Express has experts for international relocation with a lot of experience. We invest in our equipment very much, doing our best to provide you with the safe and efficient relocation. Moving to Japan from another country has never been easier!

Professional local moving service at affordable price

Our moving professionals are here to assist in creating a stress-free relocation. Our experienced crew will ensure that your belongings are packed with care and transported to your destination in Japan. We are doing our best to provide you with the safe and efficient relocation. We suggest you get in touch with our company and receive an

family of four unpacking boxes
Kokusai Express Japan is offering you packing and unpacking services

offer for your relocation abroad shortly. We take care of not exceeding your moving budget. In accordance with this, we will make a plan for your relocation to have all the comfort along the way. We provide you with various benefits. Here are the services our domestic movers Japan offer:

  • Affordable pricing options
  • Packing/unpacking services-  We have experts for packing and unpacking services at your disposal
  • Transportation and customs clearance– Your belongings are safe with the domestic movers Japan taking care of them being transported in the right manner
  • Storage solutions- If having a need to store your items for a while, we offer different kinds of storage solutions
  • Special services- Additional services not fitting into our basic offer for international relocation. Such as moving some special belongings you might have
  • Experience on moving specific items
  • Door to door solutions

Choosing to make a short distance move hiring domestic movers Japan and the packers from Kokusai Express, you are making the right choice in terms of safety and speed of your relocation. The greatest news is that you get professional Japanese local movers at an affordable price!

Kokusai Express Japan – The movers you can trust

In order to avoid any troubles when taking charge of your domestic relocation, you need to know what are the things that could ruin your move. Maybe you think that you can handle your short distance move on your own. And that is completely normal. It looks like an easy job. It doesn’t seem that complicated to just pack your belongings and transport them to your new home in Japan. So far so good, right?

However, you must be aware of the fact that domestic moving is much more than that. If you think this way, you probably have never moved before. Relocation is never just packing and going, it is a frightening experience instead. It involves planning, timing and a great deal of coordination. Through the experience of our movers, we know that all relocations are not the same. No matter if it is moving a single bed room apartment, a five-bedroom house or an office. We understand your requirements and have the expertise coupled with professionalism to fit all the pieces together.

Always look for the experienced domestic movers Japan

 domestic movers Japan and packers from Kokusai Express
Choosing to make a short distance move hiring domestic movers Japan and the packers from Kokusai Express, you are making the right choice in terms of safety and speed of your relocation

In case you get it any trouble, you would be far from happy with your move. You would have to spend a lot more money than you would pay for the services of domestic movers Japan. So, if you choose the experienced local moving professionals in Japan, with the license and good reviews, of course, you almost cannot be wrong. We understand all moving situations are different. That is why our relocation experts provide you the tools and skills needed to meet your budget and work with your schedule. Let Kokusai Express Japan provide you with customization, modern resources, and peace of mind.

This is why we emphasize the experience the Kokusai Express team of domestic moving experts has. We have managed hundreds of local relocations in Japan in years behind us. Doing that, you can be sure our Japanese local professional movers met all kinds of troubles. And we managed to solve them. Now, when the problem during a domestic relocation occurs, we have the experience and the knowledge to solve it. And, more important, we have the experience in what to expect and how to prevent the major difficulties that could stand in our way when making a Japanese domestic move.

Why Kokusai Express Japan? Because we know the business!

Our proficient staff offers to help you from the very beginning to the very end. Which means we offer to move you room-to-room! Letting you relax and enjoy the local relocation Japan process. That is why Kokusai Express are the domestic movers Japan you can trustOur suggestion is to definitely hire domestic movers Japan. Because the local moving professionals in Japan have the essential knowledge for managing your relocation safe and efficient. One of the most trusted domestic movers Japan is Kokusai Express. We can help you relocate from point A to point B, with the maximum safety and the quickest possible. So, invest in your safety and hire experienced local movers. Our team can do that because we have:

  • The experience: We have taken care of many local and cross-country relocations in Japan. Therefore, we are domestic movers Japan you want to hire.
  • Top moving services: We provide the variety of top-quality moving services for your domestic relocation to or outside of the “Land of the Rising Sun”.
  • Adequate equipment: As local movers in Japan, we are completely equipped for your safe Japanese relocation.
  • Qualified staff: Our staff is kind and polite, with the full expertise in Japanese short distance moving.

We have the proper equipment to make your move smooth

Kokusai moving trucks on the road
Kokusai Express Japan is equipped with modern moving trucks for transportation of your belongings

Kokusai Express Japan is equipped with modern moving trucks. Our workers have the equipment carefully chosen to keep them and you safe from potential injuries. Kokusai experts for domestic relocation have been providing precision machinery and equipment transport service for years. We have experience in shipping precision equipment of various kinds. Our professional moving company aims to keep you, your family and your belongings safe during the entire relocation. No matter if you are moving to another neighborhood of your Japanese city or across the country. We have moved people everywhere around the country. Therefore, we know what special equipment, necessary documentation etc. we might be needing during your relocation.

Besides the moving truck and our workers’ equipment, we also have the equipment for the packing and unpacking. We have all the packing supplies you might need. Therefore, if you want us to do the packing part of your domestic relocation, have no fear that it will not be done properly. All of your belongings will be completely protected from breaking and damaging during the transportation.

Moving your home within the country? Hire reliable and professional domestic movers Japan to assist you

If you are already living in Japan and have decided to move to another city or smaller town, you definitely know the most important facts when it comes to Japanese lifestyle and living costs. But, maybe you still haven’t decided if you are looking for fast and urban life in a big city like Tokyo, or more quiet life in some smaller town. Whatever you decide, Japan has all you need and more. During Japan’s economic development in the twentieth century, and especially during the 1950s and 1960s, relocation was characterized by urbanization. That is because people from rural areas in increasing numbers moved to the larger metropolitan areas in search of better jobs and education.

Moving from smaller town to Tokyo?

Located in East Asia, the four largest Japanese islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which collectively make up around 97 percent of the country’s land area. Japan currently holds the title for Most Populated City on earth with the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area (with close to 40 million people). Out of an estimated 127 million Japanese residents nationwide, that’s nearly 30% of Japan’s population in one city.

Tokyo panorama
Tokyo is one of the world’s mega-cities. Kokusai Express Japan will take care of your relocation to this city so you can just relax and enjoy!

Like most countries, port cities, former/current capitals, and cultural epicenters tend to be the most inhabited places. Japan is a major economic and political power on the world stage, with many international representatives frequenting Tokyo and other major cities including Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya. Tokyo is one of the world’s megacities and it has about the same population as Australia. You’re guaranteed a great time living here. There is an almost endless amount of things to do and see in Tokyo. Kokusai Express Japan will help you with your local move in a way that will save your money and meet all your needs.

What can Kokusai Express Japan do for you?

Based on the global networks and advanced logistics system, Kokusai Express Japan provides clients with all sorts of transport and logistics services. We have the experience of many decades in managing relocations abroad. This is why our experienced Japanese domestic moving professionals know what kind of difficulties you might face along the way. To avoid the most or all of them, we suggest you contact us. We will check on what kind of relocation you plan on taking. Learning about all the special features connected to it, we will be able to create a good strategy for your Japanese domestic relocation.

Of course, we will do all of this together with you having in mind all the special requirements you might have and taking into consideration the moving budget you set for your domestic relocationYour satisfaction is the first and the most important thing to our company. We are looking not only to satisfy your needs but to exceed them. This is exactly why our international movers from Japan pay so much attention to every detail of your move.

What are the services domestic movers Japan are offering?

Because we will make your local relocation smooth and stress-free, we suggest you get in touch with our company and receive an offer for your domestic relocation shortly. We will take care of not exceeding your moving budget. In accordance with this, we will make a plan for your relocation to have all the comfort along the way, but staying within the limits of the budget for your move within the borders of Japan. Our full-service residential moving experience is unique. We have created various different services that come together to bring you the ultimate moving experience. Here are the services our professional movers Japan offer:

  • service sign
    Domestic movers Japan offers a variety of local moving services

    domestic moving

  • international moving
  • heavy lift project cargo
  • sea/air transport
  • inland transport
  • warehousing services
  • customs clearance
  • door-to-door services – for a variety of cargoes including containers and bulk cargoes

Why is Kokusai Express Japan better than other domestic movers Japan?

Our customers are our most precious cargo. Nowadays every penny counts and we want to give you less to worry about. So, when planning your move we take extra steps to provide you with an affordable and easy experience. This is why we are one of the most well known and trusted relocation experts in Japan.The first and probably the most important reason is that we look to exceed your needs rather than just satisfying them.

Whatever might be the case, you will be getting something extra dealing with us comparing to what you would get in case you choose the other domestic movers Japan. Kokusai Express Japan will do everything to take care of your safety and providing the maximum of efficiency.

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