Japan joint logistics center Korea is sponsored by KOTRA since 2009. Ever since, we have accomplished all the goals we set, having a successful cooperation. Helping Korean companies advancing to Japan to lower their costs.

Our Japan joint logistics center Korea helps companies in lowering their costs
Japan joint logistics center Korea- Helping companies lower their costs

KOTRA Korea-Japan co-logistics center assists companies exporting products to Japan

Kokusai Express Japan has been commissioned to operate the co-logistics centers sponsored by KOTRA since March 1, 2009, for the purpose of supporting the logistics cost reduction for small and medium enterprises that advance into Japan.

Kokusai Express is an official logistics company that was selected by KOTRA.

Since the companies that participate in the Tokyo co-logistics center can obtain the logistics support subsidies and utilize the logistics center provided by the Korean Business Center (KBC), they can enjoy improved cost-effectiveness compared to the previous logistics costs as well as have access to an on-site logistics center in Japan without an additional investment.

Kokusai Express is endeavoring to provide reliable logistics services ranging from cargo shipment to delivery to the final importer.

The benefits of using Japan joint logistics center Korea

  • 1. Payment in cash of logistics subsidiesUpon execution of duties, the companies can be paid subsidies in cash on a monthly basis for the purpose of supporting their logistics cost.
  • 2. Cheap logistics cost to use serviceWhen the member companies use the joint logistics center between Japan and Korea, they can utilize the center at a far lower cost compared to separate utilization.
  • 3. On-site logistics center operation effectOn-site logistics center operation enhances effectiveness in four aspects compared to the direct operation of such center:

    outsourcing effect of any and all works including bonded warehouse operation, customs clearance and transport, and inventory management and so others

    optimization of logistics center operation by using the on-site know-how accumulated by Kokusai Express

    lower initial investment cost (warehouse rental, new construction, transport/delivery system establishing cost)

    enhanced competitiveness in logistics in case of realizing the small volume of delivery and a short period of delivery

  • 4. On-site logistics center operation effectsThe following is available due to the cooperation by the Korea Business Center in Tokyo:

    provide reliable service by checking and adjusting workflow between participating companies and logistics companies that are a third entity

    support solution for contracting logistics commission and for legal matters

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