Before you start conducting your export/import business, you must know all about banned items for export and import. And also about import precaution items. Only this way may you be sure that you will not experience troubles. Kokusai Express Japan helps you with this, providing you with essential information. 

Prohibited Items for Import

Import of the following items is strictly prohibited according to Article 69(2)○1 of the Customs Act.

  • Drugs and psychotropic substances, marijuana, opium, poppy byproducts, stimulant or stimulants raw materials and opium smoking tools, pistols, rifles, machine guns, artillery, bullets and handgun parts, explosives, and chemicals to manufacture chemical weapons
  • Any and all fund illegally raised including fraudulent, modification or counterfeits of cash or securities and the card which consists of the magnetic of card to pay charges or card to withdraw savings as its components (including its raw material card)
  • Books, paintings, scriptures and other items violating public health or public morals; child pornography; and any items violating patent, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights, neighboring rights of copyright, circuit arrangement rights or any other articles violating new piece cultivation right according to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act

Banned Items For Export and Import

The following items listed below are banned from importing according to Article 69(2)○1 of the Customs Act.

  • Drugs and psychotropic substances, cannabis, opium, poppy byproducts, stimulants, or stimulant raw materials held pornography
  • Child pornography article violating (new piece) cultivation right
  • Article violating (new piece) cultivation right

Applicable Laws and Regulations for Export/Import

Cargo importation requires confirming the banned items for export/import according to any applicable laws and regulations besides the Cargo Tariff Act; please contact the competent agencies in advance, before dealing with customs clearance.

  • Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law; Decree on the Management of Import Trade
  • Laws for the Birds/Animal Protection and Hunting Adjustment
  • Possession of Guns, Swords, and Materials, etc. Control Act
  • Act on the Imitation Control of Seals, etc.
  • Poisonous and Deleterious (Poison) Control Act
  • Cannabis Control Act
  • Stimulants Control Act
  • Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Drug Control Act
  • Opium Act
  • Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
  • Laws for the Import Adjustment of Raw Silk
  • Fisheries Resources Protection Act
  • Fertilizer Control Act
  • Pesticide Control Act
  • Price Adjustment of Sugar Laws
  • Laws for the Temporary Measures on the Processing Raw Milk Producers’ Banned Distribution
  • Laws for the Supplies and Price Stability of Major Food Materials
  • Explosives Control Law
  • High-Pressure Gas Security Act
  • Laws for the Consideration and Manufacturing Control of Chemicals
  • Laws for the Stockpile of Oil, etc.
  • Stamp Forgery Control Act
  • Alcohol (Liquor) Act
  • Food Sanitation Act
  • Plant Quarantine Act
  • Rabies Prevention Act
  • Livestock Epidemics Prevention Act
  • Laws for the Infection Prevention and the Treatment for Infectious Patients
  • Labor Safety and Sanitation Act

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