Kokusai Express Japan provides one of the best door-to-door small package express services between Korea and Japan. Picking to transport your package with us means having it transported safely, efficiently and fast.

One of the best small package express services between Korea and Japan - Kokusai Express Japan
Kokusai Express Japan – One of the best small package express services between Korea and Japan

About Small Package Express Services

Kokusai Express provides a differentiated international parcel delivery service.

Kokusai Express is writing again the history of international parcel delivery between Korea and Japan.

Based on its sufficient logistics know-how, Kokusai Express safely and accurately delivers gifts, samples, e-commerce goods, and homecoming moving cargo from/to all around the world with differentiated services at affordable prices.

Kokusai Express initiated the first maritime parcel delivery service using a high-speed ferry boat (PANSTAR) in 2008; and it has continuously developed a new transport mode in the Korea-Japan logistics market by evolving its own customs clearance list system in case of B2B and B2C cargo to be imported to Japan by air from other countries in 2012.

Based on customer trust, Kokusai Express will also convey the kind love from the person who requested the delivery.

  1. We conduct express services using all three ways of transportation: air transport, road transport, and maritime transport.
  2. Kokusai Express Japan provides you with the possibility of cargo tracking.
  3. Our professional personnel helps you with customs clearance.
  4. We offer help with filling out the waybill/invoice.

We provide different kinds of services depending on your needs for more information, contact us:

Head office: Tel. 03-5776-1180 / Fax. 03-5776-1185

Narita Customs Center: Tel. 0479-85-6040 / Fax. 0479-85-6045

Haneda Sales Office: Tel. 03-6412-9088 / Fax. 03-3747-0526

Osaka Sales Office: Tel. 06-4703-1234 / Fax. 06-4703-1239

Korea (Seoul): Tel. 82-2-3143-5555 / Fax. 82-2-3143-5588

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