Kokusai Express Japan offers all sorts of services for sea freight forwarding. Although this is a bit of a slower way of transportation than air freight forwarding, it is also less expensive. This way, you get to choose the kind of forwarding according to your priorities. Depending on your needs, you can choose between forwarding your freight by air or by sea. It does not matter if you choose to hire our air or sea freight forwarders, your cargo will be safe and transported the final destination on time. Plus, we offer complete services. In terms of dealing with customs clearance on both sides- exporting and importing. For a better understanding of what our sea freight forwarders do, and when to use this kind of shipping, read the following lines and give us a call.

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Our sea freight forwarders care about your satisfaction.

When should you use shipping by sea?

Thinking about which shipping services to use, you must consider several things. Given that both air and sea freight forwarders take care of the maximum security of your cargo, there are other important matters to discuss so you can make the right decision. Kokusai Express Japan is here to help you with that. So we suggest answering these several questions before you make the final decision:

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When is shipping by sea a good idea?

1. What is the amount of money you are willing to spend?

The matter of money comes first for almost every business decision you need to make. Choosing the way of freight forwarding is not an exception. As we said, there is a difference in the price for air freight forwarders and sea freight forwarders. Just like the basic traffic, transport by air is more expensive. In order to save money, we would always suggest you choose forwarding freight by sea. Surely, there are other questions to answer. So we recommend taking everything into consideration before contacting the sea freight forwarders from our company.

2. Do you need your freight to reach the destination quickly

If there is no specific date you need your cargo to get to the destination, using the services of sea freight forwarding professionals would be the option you should choose. This stands especially for those companies conducting the business for a longer period of time. Knowing the average order for every period of the year or month. Therefore, if you are in that group, you surely can ship your cargo by the sea in advance. Saving money, and still having your products reach your customers, market or the final destination right on time. Otherwise, you should consider alternative ways of freight forwarding.

3. How important is the ecological aspect for your company?

If your company wants to leave an impression of someone taking care of the environment, sea freight forwarders are the option you should prefer. The emissions of CO2 are much higher by air than sea freight forwarders. So, if you truly care about saving the nature and making the planet Earth a nicer place for life, you should choose to use sea freight forwarding. We understand that the economic aspect is what keeps your company alive, that is why we mentioned the ecological aspect the last. But it certainly should not be the least important. Taking care of the environment is essential in years to come. And the responsibility for that lies the most on businesses using the services of international air freight forwarders or their colleagues conducting the transportation by sea.

About sea freight forwarders’ services

In the lines to come, we shall say more about the services of sea freight forwarders. We will talk about the complete process. You might need fewer services, or only partial sea forwarding service. So, in order to provide you with complete information, we will explain everything, and you will recognize what kind of services you might require our professionals for sea forwarding to conduct.

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We offer full transportation services.
  • Export customs clearance Dealing with the customs of the land of origin.
    • Export transportation – Transporting the cargo from your destination to the port.
    • Handling of origin – Number of activities connected to preparations of cargo for shipping.
  • Freight shipping by the sea/ocean – The very transportation of cargo by sea freight forwarders.
  • Import customs clearance – Dealing with the customs of the land of import.
    • Handling at the destination – The preparation for import of your cargo.
    • Import transportation – Delivering the freight to the destination.

Export Customs Clearance

Kokusai Express Japan provides you with all sorts of services for your cargo export. It means we handle all the documentation needed for the customs clearance. We use our know-how to conduct everything as quickly as possible. Different countries have different requirements regarding the documentation. So, the customs clearance must be taken care of by someone who knows them. And we also have the license for conducting the export customs clearance. The normal thing is that the sea freight forwarders do this kind of job, but in an agreement with you, it can be arranged differently.

Also, we prepare your cargo for the shipping. And, lastly, we load your cargo to the ship for sea freight forwarding. So, in order to better explain the activities of export customs clearance, we shall discuss more thoroughly export transportation and handling of origin.

Customs clearance and all the things connected to it are handled by our sea freight forwarding experts
Our sea freight forwarding experts deal with customs clearance and all the things connected to it

Transportation in export

This part of cargo forwarding is, as everything else, the matter of the deal. So, either you will take the responsibility to transport the cargo to the area where it is inspected and counted/measured, or we will. We have the trucks prepared to conduct all the transportation or to transport your freight to the port partially. Everything we do, we do in an agreement with you. Your wish is what our experts for cargo forwarding by sea respect the most.

Our sea freight forwarders offer to conduct handling the origin

The origin handling means actually several activities conducted by the forwarder or by the agent hired by the forwarder. In our case, we can handle it. During this process, we unload the freight from the truck (if we conducted the transportation in export), and put it in a staging area. The freight is then measured/calculated and inspected. Next up is the inspection of your documentation for the cargo. We offer to handle all the documentation too as we know all the requirements for export of all products. If everything is all right, then we receive the receipt that the cargo is received for loading onto the ship. This is where it becomes sea freight actually, given that it starts its trip over the sea.

Freight shipping by the sea

The sea freight forwarding experts conduct your freight by a shipping line. It can be done on a direct line or with transshipments in several ports. It depends on what is the optimal solution in terms of cost-effectiveness and the efficiency. The forwarder is not obligated to disclose the information where your cargo is each moment. Sea freight forwarders are only responsible that the cargo gets to the destination on time and safely transported. But, Kokusai Express Japan is different from other shippers. We offer you the option of knowing where your cargo is each moment! You just need to use our cargo tracking application. Enter the details about the freight, and you have the exact info on where your cargo is!

containers on a ship - cargo shipped by sea freight forwarders
Your cargo is safe if you choose to forward it over the sea by our experts.

Import customs clearance – sea freight forwarders from our company can do this too

Import customs clearance is required by the authorities of the importing country for all the cargo that is imported. That is actually the declaration of the products type and their value. This is used for registering, levying and all the duty payments. The import customs clearance means preparing the declaration and submitting it. Together with the other documentation, the authorities of importing country might require. All of this can start before the arrival of the cargo to the country, and it should be ended before it arrives.

It is considered that the cargo entered the country the moment it leaves the bonded area of the customs. You can do all of this by having scanned copies of the originals in the most of the countries. Yet, some authorities might require seeing the originals. Also, we offer to handle this process, or to have it arranged. Unless you have some other requirement.

Our company for sea freight forwarding can handle the cargo at the destination

The destination handling is the opposite process to the handling at the place of origin. It means that cargo forwarders over the sea handle the documents about the freight. The cargo is unloaded and inspected. Checking if it contains what stands in the declaration. And if it has the same characteristics. If something is wrong, it is the responsibility of the forwarders (our company). It is the matter of an agreement who pays the expenses during the transportation of your cargo. Just like we said, your satisfaction is our top goal. Therefore, we pay attention to every single detail, trying to satisfy all your needs and requirements.

Import transportation

The import transportation, from import warehouse to the final destination, can, again, be handled by our freight forwarders over the sea or by you. The matter of an agreement too. We suggest that we do everything. Because we have all the logistics to lower the costs of overall transportation to a minimum. And our experts are capable of handling every part of your cargo forwarding to the sea, over the sea, and to the final destination.

Who pays the costs of overall transportation?

The most important matter again – the matter of money. When you contact us to use the services of our forwarders of freight by sea, we discuss with you every little detail. We offer you the best price for full services of highest quality. It depends on your calculation if you have some other idea. Also, depending on the agreement with you, all costs during the freight forwarding can be paid by us, by you, or partially. It is in your interest to lower the costs, and in our interest to make you satisfied.

Why should you hire Kokusai Express Japan for sea freight forwarding?

We are the company looking not only to satisfy, but to exceed your needs and requirements. Our sea freight forwarding employees are the top experts in the market. They have enough experience, know-how, and capability of handling any problem that might appear along the way. Besides this, we invest very much in our company culture. We make sure all our staff is polite and friendly to all of our customers and clients. Approaching every one of you with the same commitment to agreeing the best terms possible, and with the same desire to make customers and clients happy. Choosing to hire Kokusai Express Japan you get:

  • Top quality service
  • Safety for your cargo 
  • Affordable prices fitting every budget

We offer more than just sea freight forwarding

Sea freight forwarders are only one of the things you can find in our company. Sure, we can handle shipping your cargo by sea, but we can also do much more than that. We offer a variety of services that can be helpful to anyone who’s shipping goods or moving house. Here’s everything we can help you with:

Other cargo forwarding services we offer

We are aware that not everyone can choose to ship their goods by sea. Some people are in a rush and need a faster way of transportation, for example. To those people, we can offer shipping freight by air. Other than that, we have a few other services that have to do with cargo shipping as well as with cargo export and import.

Cargo containers that can be shipped by our sea freight forwarders
We offer different kinds of cargo shipping services, not only sea freight.
  • Small package express
  • Heavy lift cargo
  • Exhibition cargo
  • International freight forwarding

We’re the reliable company you’re looking for

If you’re looking for a company that can transport your goods to their destination with no problems, you’re in the right place. We are here to make sure that everything goes smoothly during cargo forwarding. And, even if any problems do arise, we’re here to fix them. There are many companies that can offer similar services, but you have to be careful when choosing. Unfortunately, a lot of the companies out there are out to scam you and just take your money. Well, we’re here for two reasons: to do our job properly and to make you happy. When you’re using our sea freight forwarding services, you have nothing to worry about. We have all the needed licenses, knowledge and the will to help you.

You have no experience with cargo shipping? Don’t worry, our sea freight forwarders do.

Not only are we reliable and trustworthy, but we’ve also got plenty of experience. Our company was founded in 1990, so we’ve been in business for almost thirty years. This means that we’ve handled a lot of different situations, helped many clients and successfully done our job for almost three decades. When you’re hiring professionals, you want them to know what they’re doing. Because our sea freight forwarders have basically seen it all, they can handle anything when shipping your goods. They know how to take care of the entire process, from the transport documentation to the actual shipping. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to leave this task in our hands.

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