Project cargo is the large or heavy cargo, high value or critical pieces of equipment. We can transport it either within the national borders or internationally. The project cargo includes shipments made of various components, needing disassembly for shipment and reassembly after delivery. Kokusai Express Japan in a first place takes care of transporting customer’s cargo on a rapid, safe and accurate basis. Based on the global network via its overseas corporations and partners.

Having heavy lift cargo transportation services is the best option in various cases. In the first place when you have goods that require special attention like specific weight. Also, if you have goods which should be transported as soon as possible. Project cargo handling services are the best option if your cargo has to travel far away and to reach a far away island or continent.

Project cargo is also known as a heavy lift which includes shipments made of various components
Having project cargo transportation services is the best option in various cases.

Why should you hire Kokusai Express Japan for project cargo?

Kokusai Express Japan is dedicated to efficiently managing a series of logistics stages including container transport and air transport. Also, CFS works, packing, unloading, storing and meeting higher customer satisfaction.

We are experts in project cargo transportation services. Kokusai Express was founded in 1990. Since then, we have been working every day to provide quality and affordable service to our customers.

Managing project cargo services requires special expertise, care, and attention. We have built the great reputation with project cargo shipments. With our operations team, professionals like Kokusai Express know how to handle cargoes with ports, customs, and transport agencies. So, our professionals manage the project completely from start to finish. Also, they are always making sure to timely delivery of your valuable goods.

Kokusai Express Japan guarantees professional handling, careful planning, engineering, coordination, and supervision during all the process of project cargo transportation.

With our operational team you get:

  • Site inspection and project planning
  • Route surveys and selection of reliable carriers
  • Track and trace with en-route reporting
  • Customs clearance
  • Final stage delivery with closing report

Kokusai Express Japan Offers FLC/LCL Transport Service

Kokusai Express offers several small-sized cargos of customers as a container cargo and transports them to the destinations. Our company delivers them through CFS bonded warehouse by devanning in an LCL form to an individual cargo owner.

Combined Transport Services

Also, in Kokusai Express we combine transport services. Our professionals for project cargo combine transport services. Such as maritime and air or maritime and train and transport cargo. We are offering the efficient transport period and cost.

We offer our customers world-class project cargo services at minimum costs.
Kokusai Express – Professional and specialized project cargo shipment services at affordable price.

Kokusai Express is delivering efficiently at minimum cost

Over the years, we manage several high-value project cargoes. Professional and specialized project cargo shipment services at affordable price. So, we offer our customers world-class project cargo services at minimum costs. Our professionals plan all the required points in detail. Good operators make us able to offer our customers and partners a competitive service.

Multiple Modes of Transportation in Kokusai Express

Regardless of commodity size, weight, or configuration, we can propose the most suitable solution for project cargo transportation. We combine multiple modes from end-to-end, complete with full visibility. Kokusai Express Japan offers complete heavy lift cargo services. Our company uses all kinds of transportation: air, road, and sea. This also includes the import/export procedures, warehouse services, and customs clearance.

  • Conventional vessel
  • Container break bulk loading, including oversized containers
  • CFS works
  • Air freight forwarding
  • Air and Marine Charter
  • Sea freight forwarding
  • Road transportation of ultra-heavy cargo by multi axel modular trailer
  • Packing
  • Unloading
  • Warehousing services
  • Meeting higher customer satisfaction

Consulting and total logistics planning in Kokusai Express

  • Road survey and feasibility study
  • Site supervision
  • IT solutions, including progress visibility

Damages of cargo during transportation

There are certain key points that you should keep in mind while making any type of cargo transportation to avoid cargo damage. It is important to know that sudden changes in temperature can cause damage to the goods while transportation.

Also, we categorize different types of cargo loads into harder loads, softer loads, and fragile goods. So, that none of the goods can damage while transportation.

Don’t forget that the cargo should be protected from any type of moisture present in the container.

Kokusai Express Japan offers complete heavy lift cargo services.
For heavy lift, it is an important description of the cargo, its gross weight, and its principal dimensions.

Kokusai Express minimize risk for project cargo operations

Lifting operations for project cargo have to be planned properly. The detailed planning is the job of the shipper’s representative. Also, by cargo superintendent and the cargo surveyor.

For heavy lift, it is an important description of the cargo, its gross weight, and its principal dimensions.  Vital information is marked individually on each unit. So that it is clearly visible and understandable to the crew and stevedores.

There should also be a careful assessment of the arrangements at both the load and discharge ports. Furthermore, weather forecasts and worst case scenarios for stability conditions should also be studied. It is important to promote safe conditions throughout the voyage.

We have the experience in transporting cargo that is too heavy to transport on roads. If your cargo requires flatbed trucks, special volume cargo aircraft, or even inland barges, don’ worry – we have all of it for your cargo project.

Someone of the crew should check the lashing material that it is appropriate in strength and design for the security of the cargo.The crew also be there if they need to do any lifting operations.

The cargo-handling equipment (including its onboard cranes) and the cargo spaces should be checked to verify their adequacy. The vessel has to regularly carry heavy lift cargoes.  It may be useful to prepare a standard checklist for loading and discharging cargoes.

Kokusai Express Japan guarantee that the loading and discharging of heavy lift cargoes are conducted only during daylight. Also, in suitable weather conditions. This should minimize the type of risks that arise where heavy lifts are handled during the night.

We pack your cargo

Kokusai Express offers the optimal package for each cargo size, weight, shape, and condition.

Kokusai Express provides wide range services in transport which needs special equipment and processing.
Kokusai Express offers the optimal package for each cargo size, weight, shape, and condition.

Our professionals give you preparation help

Kokusai Express provides wide range services in transport which needs special equipment and processing. What is especially relevant for you, we respond actively and effectively to any transport request from customers.

Our professional and experienced staff can transport what others can’t. We have the experience of moving heavy and unusually large items across Japan and from across the world.

Kokusai Express Japan heavy lift service helps you to achieve the best logistic solutions from point A to point B. We have specialized equipment for any kind of heavy loads.

Voyage Planning for Project Cargo

The voyage must be planning. So, it is the most important to ensure that the piece of cargo can be safely transporting from origin to destination. The points to be borne in mind are as follows.

Voyage planning for project cargo items includes:

  • The ship must be able to berth safely. At the load port and at the destination port. This is the most important thing for project cargo transportation.
  • The ship has to safely take cargo and finally land the goods on the destination. Bearing in mind mooring arrangements, stability requirements, crane capacity and crane outreach.
  • The load port and destination port must be suitable for the carrying ship. So, they must also be suitable for carrying vehicles. Dockside must be suitable and accessible.
  • Sufficient lashing materials must be on board. After certain calculations, it is easier to determine the requirements
  • Professional securing contractors should carry out the necessary calculations and to secure the items in place.

Pre-Planning for the project cargo

The freight forwarders of the project cargo have to provide all the information about the cargo. So, we can plan all about storage and security for cargo. The information should include:

  • A general description of the cargo.
  • The gross mass of the item. Also, if there are more than one than mass of each of them
  • The principal dimensions of the item or items
  • The location of the center of gravity of each item.
  • Details of lifting points or slinging positions and if possible information on how best to lift each item.
  • Details of securing points, including their strength and radius of strength.
  • Moving project cargo by land also requires special escort vehicles. So, those vehicles should arrange by shipper or freight forwarder. Flat bed and heavy haul trucks or trailers are best choices for moving large or heavy freight by land.
We take care of loading and unloading as necessary, whether your equipment needs to be transported by land, sea or air.
The shippers of the project cargo should provide information about the cargo

The benefits of transporting project cargo with Kokusai Express

Our professional team handles the specialist transportation of oversize and heavy items. It requires individual transport of cargo planning from origin port to destination in Japan.

Tracking and timing: Our clients have the access to our online portal and can view the status of their cargo anytime.

Loading and unloading: We take care of loading and unloading as necessary. Whether you want to transport goods and equipment by land, sea or air.

Global network: We ship products and equipment around the world. We manage international project cargo as well as international freight forwarding. Kokusai Express has the experience to move your oversized goods anywhere in the world.

Kokusai Express Japan –  Right choice for your relocation and freight forwarding

Our moving professionals are here to assist in creating a stress-free moving to Japan and freight forwarding. Best moving company Kokusai Express will ensure that your belongings are packing with care. Also, we transport to your destination in Japan. So, we are doing our best to provide you with the safe and efficient relocation.

Best moving company Kokusai Express will ensure that your belongings are packed with care and transported to your destination in Japan.
Kokusai Express Japan offers full-service for your project cargo transportation.

We provide you with various benefits. Choosing to make your move hiring movers and packers from Kokusai Express, you are making the right choice.  Transportation of your goods will be safe and fast. So, we suggest you get in touch with our company and receive an offer for your relocation abroad shortly. Also, we take care of not exceeding your moving budget. In addition, we will make a plan for your relocation to have all the comfort along the way.

Kokusai Express Japan offers full service for your heavy lift cargo transportation. We guarantee you the safety. If you use full service for your heavy lift cargo transportation in our company, you’ll experience no troubles. Also, we offer you a possibility of cargo tracking. As a result, you know where your cargo is anytime.

Kokusai Express Japan is a reliable company for International relocation to Japan.  Also, for domestic moving and office/factory relocation. It is the moving company you can trust. The company provides door-to-door total services ranging from packing to transport, storage, customs clearance and delivery.

For more information contact Kokusai Express. So, our professionals will give you information that you need for your safe transportation and freight forwarding.

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