We are one of the major international air freight forwarders not only in Japan but around the world. We say this because of the volume of our freight forwarding worldwide, and on the number of customers and clients, we have served. Our experience is long enough that we can say there is no trouble we cannot solve. Nor there is potential difficulty connected to some freight forwarding that we cannot overcome. Our experts are trained for all sorts of activities somehow connected with air freight forwarding across the border. Do not hesitate to contact Kokusai Express Japan, regardless of the kind of cargo you might have the need to forward to your customers, market or the final point of consumption. We handle all sorts of cargo- from small packages to project cargo.

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Hire the experienced international air freight forwarders – Kokusai Express Japan.

Shipping the freight across the border

When air-forwarding the freight worldwide you need to take care of several activities. It is not only important to arrange affordable transportation and storage. Of course, it is quite important. But when discussing international cargo transportation by air you must deal with crossing the borders. This is where our personnel from the customs clearance department can help. Kokusai Express Japan has a logistics chain connecting all activities from the place of production to the final point of distribution. Hiring us means hiring international air freight forwarders with experience, know-how, and equipment to conduct the job without troubles. And all of that in a cost-effective manner. Given that we pay attention not to overcharge people for the quality of services we provide.

This is exactly the reason why our customers and clients come back to us whenever they have a need to outsource some parts of the supply or procurement chain. And whenever they do, they claim to be reducing the costs a lot. This is what our main attention is. As professionals for international air freight forwarding, we have developed the systems for cost-effective transportation and all the services coming with it. So, now we can easily say that we are among the most affordable international air freight forwarding professionals. Making your global air cargo forwarding an easy thing to do.

What is an international air freight forwarding company?

Well, the simplest explanation would be that those are professionals for transporting your freight to the final point of consumption. Making sure that all the documents are timely prepared for passing the borders. But, as we said, it is only a simple explanation. An international air freight forwarding company actually acts as a middle man. Between the manufacturer or producer and the market, customer, or the final point of distribution.

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More about global air freight forwarding professionals.

What you need to understand is that air freight forwarders across the borders do not act as a simple transportation company. Meaning that transportation is an important part of forwarding. But not the only one. It is important to hire international forwarders who have the capability and the equipment to take care of, or your freight safety. But it is almost as important that you hire professionals for freight forwarding out of the country with experience in customs clearance.

Besides the very transportation of freight by air, international air freight forwarders also arrange a cost-effective strategy. For all other parts of the logistics chain you need. So, you would end up receiving the services of top quality, having your cargo forwarded on time, and at an affordable price.

Kokusai Express Japan is actually your global air forwarding agent. In terms of having all the documentation prepared so you would easily have your freight transported worldwide by plane. That way, all the headaches you might have towards completing all the documentation required by customs.

The benefits of using the services of an international company for air freight forwarding

The benefits are numerous. Every company tries to be the best at what it does. So, for example, you, as the manufacturer, are trying to produce the product better than your competition. Or the trader tries to purchase the products at the minimum price, selling it the most expensive possible. Well, as an overseas air cargo forwarder, our goal is to arrange the best quality of services for our clients, reducing the costs to a minimum, providing our clients with the most affordable prices. And we do that by having all of the sorts of services you might need directly provided by our company.

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There are numerous benefits of hiring global air cargo forwarders.

Here are the benefits of hiring our international air freight forwarders:

  • Cost-effectiveness – Paying less for providing your customers with your products by hiring international air freight forwarders instead of doing it yourself.
  • Releasing the stress – Avoiding headaches by letting the experts deal with complicated things.
  • Having your freight insured – The safety of your cargo is essential when forwarding it across the border by plane.
  • Warehousing services In case you need to store your products for a while before forwarding.
  • Cargo tracking – On demand, you can know where your freight is every moment, using our cargo tracking system.
  • 3PL – We offer to conduct all third party logistics activities for you, in case you might be needing it.
  • Direct communication and joint planning of activities – The international air forwarders of your cargo from Kokusai Express Japan constantly communicate with you about all the solutions we come up with.

We offer to forward your cargo at the minimum cost

We will start with the most important perspective – cost-effectiveness. Hiring our international air freight forwarders you are reducing your expenses. We have the connections, the handiness, and the know-how to plan out all the activities. Providing you with efficient services. Smoothly having your freight passing the borders. And charging you a very affordable price. A lot less than you would be forced to pay if you conducted it by yourself. Given that we have all the logistics directly in our company. So we do not need to hire external services. Eventually being able to lower the price for the total cost of our services.

Avoid the stress having it all done by experienced experts

Avoid stress for this part of your business activities by hiring our worldwide air freight forwarding professionals. You might even have no interest to participate in your freight forwarding. You could be a manufacturer just having a need to supply your customers with your products. And not trying to make money on forwarding. This is why we are here. All the headaches you thought you would be experiencing will be prevented by making only one phone call- contacting Kokusai Express Japan. We have all the information about what documentation you need to conduct the freight forwarding by air outside of the country. No matter if it was a commercial invoice, the bill of lading, the export’s declaration or whatever document the importing or exporting country might be requiring.

The insurance is an important aspect of international air freight forwarding

We also offer to take care of your freight insurance. As a company dealing with air forwarding your cargo globally, we take care of your freight safety. So you do not need to bother with this activity either. And you will have your cargo forwarded safer than if you did it by yourself. Because we know exactly what is the risk and how good insurance and by which company you should purchase. Our experts from international air cargo forwarding will evaluate everything and come up with the best solution available.

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Your products are safe with us.

Warehousing – we keep your products safe for as long as you require

Warehousing is another benefit of hiring us. Being that, no matter for how long you need your products to be stored in our warehouse facilities, we shall arrange it. Providing you with the top quality of warehousing services your products require. If there is a need for some special conditions, do not worry, we have all the solutions already prepared. Our perennial experience as international air freight forwarders makes us able to assume what you might need the moment we start talking.

You get to know where your cargo is anytime

How often have you been worrying where your products are while being forwarded? And your forwarder was not responding to your calls when you were worried the most. Well, that will never happen again, if you hire Kokusai Express Japan to conduct your air freight forwarding. We have the option of providing you with where your cargo is at any moment during transportation. All you need to do is to insert the information about your shipment, and you will get the precise coordinate of your freight. Never be left to worry again if your cargo is stuck somewhere or not.

Do you need to outsource all logistics – we can do that!

Kokusai Express Japan connects all logistics services within the company. Therefore, we suggest you hire us for whatever part of the logistics chain you might need. Because we offer to conduct all the services at a minimum price and lower your company’s costs. So, not only forwarding is what we do. In case you are only starting with outsourcing this activity, you can also think about outsourcing all others by hiring us to conduct them.

Our international air freight forwarders are constantly communicating with you

Everything we do, we do it in personal communication with you and the experts from your company. It means that, whatever you require, we will do it one way or another. Trying not only to satisfy your needs but to exceed them. This is why, whatever plan we are making, we are asking you if you agree with it. We plan on the activities first taking care of your freight safety, and after that making sure all the solutions are cost-effective. But in case you prefer to change some part of our planned route or activities, we are open to discussion. So, we will put the effort in taking all your desires into consideration. Conducting the forwarding in accordance with your requirements.

Why should you hire Kokusai Express Japan international air freight forwarders?

We do not claim to be the best. But we certainly are among the top international non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC). We also do not claim to be providing the most quality services. Yet, our clients say that our services are among the best they were provided with. We are maybe not the most affordable international air freight forwarders. But the ratio service quality/price for services is certainly among the highest in the market, if not the highest. Given that you get the best of our experienced and trained workers, at the minimum price for such level of commitment, effort, and professionalism. All the questions you might have, feel free to contact us and ask.

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Hire us, and have all potential troubles with international air freight forwarding prevented.

In case you want to check if we are capable of handling your particular forwarding, get in touch with our experts. They will explain every little detail connected to what you need. Offering pieces of advice on how we would do that if you hired us. And how efficient we could be if we conducted your global air freight forwarding. It is up to you. We can say that many customers and clients are more than satisfied with our services. And you can contact them and check. One thing is for sure. Once you decide to hire us and get our services, you shall never want to leave us. Looking to find a solution for long-lasting cooperation. We are sure about that. Yours is to come and check!

We offer much more than international air freight forwarding

Do we offer anything other than international freight forwarding? The answer is yes, plain and simple. We’re a multifaceted company that can help you with much more than just internationally shipping cargo. Yes, our international air freight forwarders are among the best in the business, but we have more to offer.

  • Moving services – Whether you’re shipping goods or moving house, we’re here to help. We can handle your relocation and make sure you move house successfully and stress-free.
  • Warehousing – as said earlier, we’re here to help you store your belongings in warehouses.
  • Customs clearance – we can help you with customs clearance and also tell you which items are banned for export and import. You also have nothing to worry about because we know all the import precautions for items.
  • Transportation – we offer different types of transportation while providing you with safety, speed, and affordable prices.
  • Different types of cargo forwarding

Cargo forwarding services other than international freight forwarding

Not only do we have excellent international air freight forwarders, but we also have other ways of transporting your goods.

A checklist - we offer many other shipping services other than international air freight forwarders
Here are the other services we offer you apart from internationally shipping freight.

We’re a legitimate company

The market is oversaturated with moving companies and companies that offer shipping services. Because of that, it can be difficult to choose the company you can trust and one that won’t scam you. Of course, you want to get the best deal and avoid any issues. Simply put, you want a company that will help you and reduce some of your stress. Well, in that case, we’re the company for you. If you hire our international air freight forwarders, you won’t regret it. Not only do we have the experience, but we also have all the needed licenses. What this means is that we’re a legitimate company that’s not out to scam you and rob you of your money. We want to help you and show you that we’re good at our job.

Contact us ASAP!

Once you realize that you need to hire professionals to help you with international freight forwarding, there’s only one thing to do! Do your research and find the best company for you, of course. Well, luckily for you, you’ve stumbled upon Kokusai Express Japan and you need not look any further. We’re here to cater to your needs, make sure you have a good experience and keep your things safe! If you want a company you can trust and rely on, contact us today so we can start working together ASAP.

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