Air-Sea Forwarder Kokusai Express Japan is an international forwarder. Our air and sea transportation is the best for forwarding your shipments from and to all destinations. Our well-trained and experienced team strives to find the most cost-effective solutions to forward your freight by air and sea.

First, you should know that freight forwarding is the coordination and shipment of goods from one place to another. You can transport your goods using single or multiple carriers, via air, sea, rail or road.

Air-Sea Forwarder Kokusai Express Japan is an international forwarder specialized in air and sea transportation
Our company Kokusai Express Japan is specialized in arranging storage and shipping all of your goods true sea and air.

What is Air-Sea Forwarder?

Our company Kokusai Express Japan specializes in arranging storage and shipping all of your goods via sea and air. Air-Sea Forwarder Kokusai Express gives you a full range of services. This includes preparation of the cargo, export/import documentation, bonded and regular warehousing, negotiating freight charges, booking cargo space, consolidation of the cargo, cargo insurance, and filing of insurance claims.

We also arrange the import and export of goods for you. Our company provides document delivery, deconsolidation, and freight collection services. Successful trade and shipping in expanding globalized markets mean having the right tools at your disposal.

International air-sea forwarders like Kokusai Express typically handle international shipments. International freight forwarders have expertise in preparing and processing customs and other documentation. Also, performing activities pertaining to international shipments.

What Kokusai Express – Air-Sea Forwarder actually do for you?

There is a lot that goes into arranging your international shipping. Air-Sea Forwarder like our company handles the details of your international shipping by air or sea. And we put all of our efforts in order for you to understand what an air-sea forwarder actually does.

We are your air-sea forwarder and shipping agent who complies with export documentation and shipping requirements. Our experienced team advises and assists clients on how to move goods most efficiently from one destination to another.

We have knowledge of the Japanese forwarding protocol. Kokusai Express knows documentation requirements, regulations, transportation costs, and banking practices can ease the exporting process for many companies.

A freight air-sea forwarding service includes dealing with the carriers, air freighters, and road transportation companies, as well as with the ocean liners. In order to negotiate the best possible price to move shippers’ goods along the most economical route by working out various bids, and also, choosing the one that best balances speed, cost, and reliability.

Kokusai Express air-sea forwarders handle all the process of shipping goods from one international destination to another. This task would otherwise be a formidable burden for our client.

The freight air-sea forwarder acts as an intermediary between a shipper and various transportation services. Such as ocean shipping on cargo ships, trucking, expedited shipping by air freight, and moving goods by sea.

If all of this seems complicated, we are able to handle all of it for you. The first place to start is contacting our company with all your information, getting quotes, and proceeding from there.

Kokusai Forwarders are the ones who are moving product internationally from one country to another.
With air sea forwarder you can transport your goods everywhere in the world.

Our air-sea forwarding services include:

  • Local and long-distance transportation from shipper’s door to consignee’s door
  • Containerization services
  • Direct and consolidation Import and Export transportation
  • Full documentation service
  • Letter of Credit
  • Drafts
  • Certificates of Origins
  • Dangerous goods transportation services
  • Packing and documentation services
  • Dangerous goods
  • Perishable goods

Special Project Services include:

  • Refrigerated containers – Tankers
  • Open top and flat rack service
  • Consulting for large projects such as plant moving and multiple containers
  • 24 emergency service
  • Refrigerated shipping
  • Special request same day service

At Kokusai Express we promise to deliver exceptional service and pleasurable experience.

Our team of transportation professionals will plan the best routes to get your load to its destination quickly and safely. We coordinate with docks and the marketplace so you don’t have to. Our company strives to keep your costs as low as possible. We manage the entire process with precision.

Kokusai Air-Sea Forwarders are the ones who are moving products internationally from one country to another. We are your agents who will make sure that you understand the laws of international shipping. We are between the shipping companies and the importer/exporter. If you choose our company for air-sea forwarding, we will make logistical arrangements with your supplier and get your product from overseas to a port in your desired country.

The Principles of Air Sea Forwarding

The principles of air-sea forwarding are premised on the efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods that are maintained in good condition throughout their travels. To accomplish this, freight forwarders like our company become experts in managing the logistics necessary to ensure that goods arrive on time.

Negotiating tariffs, customs regulations, and being fluent in the requirements of shipping by land, sea, rail, and air, we manage the risks and benefits of shipping both nationally and internationally using the latest advances in information technology.

Depending on your needs, you choose forwarding between air or by sea
The principles of air sea forwarding are premised on the efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods

We Successfully Navigate the World of Freight Forwarding

Having the knowledge and skills to navigate the regulations of freight forwarding is integral to ensure the successful shipment and delivery of goods. Air-sea forwarding depends on having the right people whose commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that goods reach their final destination in a timely and efficient manner.

Many of our clients recognize this and ensure that our most qualified personnel are available to develop a comfortable shopping experience. Negotiating regulations and logistics of freight forwarding is a complex task. The proper import and export of goods depend on choosing a reliable company and a freight forwarder you can trust. 

We believe in the continuous development of our business and we, therefore, comply with the latest international air cargo security regulations. By using our international network and worldwide relations we make sure our clients have the best freight forwarding solutions for their cargo.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to forward your freight by air or by sea. It does not matter if you choose to hire our air or sea freight forwarders, your cargo will be safe and transported to the final destination on time.

Kokusai Express Japan Sea freight forwarding

Kokusai Express Japan offers all sorts of services for sea freight forwarding. This is a bit slower way of transportation compared to air freight forwarding, but it is also less expensive. In order to save money, we would always advise you to choose forwarding freight by sea.

The sea freight forwarding experts conduct your freight by a shipping line. It can be done on a direct line or with transshipments in several ports. If you hire our company, you will get safety for your cargo, affordable prices fitting every budget, and top quality service. Customer experience is number one on our list of priorities and we will do our best to make sure you get the service you choose.

When it comes to transportation by sea, it is important that the company has insurance and all the proper licenses. When you are dealing with transport across the globe, this is extremely important. That’s why we have all the necessary documents.

When comes to transportation by sea it is important that company have insurance and all the proper licenses.
Kokusai Express Japan offers all sorts of services for sea freight forwarding.

Our sea freight forwarding employees are the top experts we found in the market.

All our staff is polite and friendly to all of our customers and clients. We offer explanations about the types of sea transport services, different dimensions of containers, as well as all the necessary procedures.

Depending on your location and final destination of the cargo, sending your goods via the ocean will require 4-6 weeks. This is obviously much longer than the 3-7 days required when sending via air. For your first shipment, this isn’t ideal. It can tie up your capital on a cargo ship crossing the ocean.

Although you initially want sea freight, it might turn out that your cargo is a better fit for intermodal transport. That is why you should know we can provide you with all the transport modalities. A combination of two or even three might be what is best for your budget and your cargo.

Depending on the goods you want to transport, you might need different types of vessels and different types of containers. In that case, we can offer you flexibility and solutions for all of your specific requests. You deserve the best.

Sending your products via ocean will require 4-6 weeks, depending on your location and final destination of the cargo.
Depending on the good you want to transport, you might need different types of vessels and different types of containers.

Kokusai Express Japan Air freight forwarding

Air freight forwarders are responsible for transporting freight by air. Air freight forwarding is definitely the fastest way to get your cargo from one place to another. While this type of forwarding offers you a lot of benefits, there are some things you need to have in mind. One of them is that air freight is the most expensive form of transport.

This type of shipping offers a number of valuable advantages for international moving or inland transportation. It is ideal for long-distance stress-free moving to Japan, and as it is the quickest method it also saves you time for when moving over a long distance.

Also, air forwarding is very safe. It is the biggest advantage of air forwarding in Japan. You can ship perishable items by air without the fear of it spoiling or damaging in some other way. Because it takes such a short amount of time for a package to be shipped through the air, it opens the door for a larger variety of things that you are able to ship. When you forward goods through the air, there is less of a chance that your items will be damaged during the shipping process.

Benefits of air forwarding

Air shipping has a long list of benefits. Especially for everyone who needs to ship items and have them arrive at their destination in as short a time period as possible.

  • Fast delivery, usually between 24 and 48 hours
  • Customer is not waiting for order fulfillment
  • Reduced lead time for suppliers
  • Improved service levels
Air freight forwarding is definitely the fastest way to get your cargo from one place to another.
Air freight forwarders are responsible for transporting freight by air.

Kokusai Express Japan offers you to be a part of international trade from anywhere in the world. We can transport your product to different places. After being on the market for many years, we can say that we know a thing or two about global transport.

Air forwarding can easily be combined with other forms of transport, for the most quality service. So, we can give you a combination of a few types of transport that you need.

We know that you have goods that require special attention and need to be transported as soon as possible. There is no faster way to transport cargo than by using the services of freight forwarders by air.

Depending on the agreement, we can organize for you:

  • Air transport from a nearby airport to an airport near the destination
  • Further incoming handling or import handling & customs clearance near the destination
  • Delivery at the final destination

International shipping is a great business opportunity for you. Hiring air freight forwarders is also important for any business trying to have a global impact. Aside from that, it helps your business to compete on an international level.

But, you need to have in mind that air transport is very complex and requires a lot of paperwork. So, you should know your cargo and your business are in safe hands because we will take care of all of that for you. Transportation by air is complex and intimidating, but it is much easier with the right partner by your side.

You can ship perishable items by air without fear of it spoiling or other damage.
Air forwarding is very safe. It is the biggest advantage of air forwarding in Japan.

Air-Sea Forwarder Kokusai Express

Air-Sea Forwarder Kokusai Express is a company that will ensure your cargo import is delivering as expediently, safely, and securely as possible. As a company, we were founded in 1990. Ever since then, we have been working every day to provide quality and affordable service to our customers. We have a variety of services available to you.


We are here to ensure your international move is successful

Moving to a new country can be a scary process, even more so if you have to do it on your own. Having the right help for your international move is crucial for your safety, as well as that of your items. Kokusai Express will handle each part of your move with the care and respect it deserves. For starters, we will create a moving plan for you, which is essential for a smooth international move. A task that everyone that moves dreads is packing, so we will take care of that for you as well.

A man holding a globe.
Wherever in the world, you decide to go, Kokusai Express will be there every step of the way.

As we are very versed in all the international laws and regulations, we know the procedures required to bring items in and out of a country safely. Our company will spare you any surprises at the customs office. And if you want to ship your items rather than take them with you, our air-sea forwarder is at your disposal. 

Our warehouses are safe and reliable

With warehouses in many different locations, Kokusai Express Japan can keep your cargo and other items safe. We provide security at all of our warehousing facilities. If you are looking for a warehouse in Japan, we have you covered. Our domestic warehouses are close enough to the port so that you can access them any time you like. It also means that your costs of transport from the port to the warehouse will be minimal.

One of the best reasons to choose our facilities is that you can store your cargo forwarding goods, no matter their size or weight. All of our warehouses can be customized to fit your exact needs. Whether you require climate control or specialized storage for dangerous items, you can rest assured that Kokusai Express will provide.

Kokusai Express Japan has unparalleled customer services

Here at Kokusai Express, we pride ourselves on our customer service and support. We have the best staff, that is constantly undergoing additional training and education. All of our employees know how to handle each of your needs and in a timely manner. If there is a service you are interested in but are not sure what it entails, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have about our offers.

Letter spelling out the word support, representing what you will need when using an air sea forwarder.
You can rely on our customer support to be there night and day.

Another benefit of choosing our company is that when a problem arises, we are prepared to address it. No matter how big or small, your issues will be dealt with right away. If you have a complaint or a suggestion, our customer support is here to listen to you and help you out.

Don’t waste any time when it comes to logistics!

While you should take your time and think about your decision, it is important to not waste any time when it comes to using an air sea forwarder. The sooner you start, the more your business can expand and gain more customers. If you are unable to reach a certain region, you will doubtlessly miss out on a large client base. Using a forwarder for your residential move is also a good idea and Kokusai Express Japan is here for you. So contact us today and learn more about what we can offer you!

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