Kokusai Express Japan offers complete cargo forwarding services. Using all kinds of transportation: air, road, and sea. Including the import/export procedures, warehouse services, and customs clearance. 

Kokusai Express Japan employs top experts- Let them conduct the cargo forwarding for you
Cargo Forwarding requires very demanding operations- Leave it to the experts from Kokusai Express Japan

What are cargo forwarding services?

Forwarding works refer to complex transport affairs by which a specialized company is commissioned the whole logistics-related affairs including transport, customs clearance, storage, and shipment that inevitably occur during logistics transport between countries; and this helps customers focus on their own purposes for the sake of logistics transport.

A forwarder is a specialized agency company that takeovers cargo on behalf of the customer who commissioned his/her cargo transport and is fully responsible for and conducts any and all affairs starting from such takeover to the final delivery including collection, carry-in/out, shipment, transport, insurance, storage, and delivery.

Kokusai Express transports customer cargo on a rapid, safe and accurate basis based on the global network via its overseas corporations and partners. In addition, the company efficiently manages a series of logistics stages including container transport, air transport, CFS works, packing, unloading, and storage, meeting higher customer satisfaction.


The Major Services Kokusai Express Japan Offers

FLC/LCL Transport Service

Kokusai Express consolidates several small-sized cargos of customers (canning) and transports them to the destinations as a container cargo, and finally delivers them through CFS bonded warehouse by devanning in an LCL form to an individual cargo owner.


Transport service: LCL and FCL
LCL/FCL transport service


Combined Transport Services

Combined transport service is a service combining more than one transport mode such as maritime & air or maritime & train and transport cargo, offering the efficient transport period and cost.


You can combine different kinds of transport
We offer you to combine ways of transportation


International Package Delivery Services

International parcel delivery service is to safely and apparently deliver any and all gifts, samples, e-commerce goods, homecoming movement cargo and etc. with a differentiated service at an affordable price.


Worldwide package delivery
Package delivery worldwide


Overseas Moving Services

Kokusai Express is a reliable company in terms of overseas moving, domestic moving and office/factory relocation. The company provides door-to-door total services ranging from packing to transport, storage, customs clearance and delivery based on its best know-how accumulated for the past 20 years as well as its professionals.


Overseas relocation assistance
Overseas moving assistance


Warehousing Services

Kokusai Express ensures customers satisfaction through warehousing, customs clearance, and packing & transport services. For punctuality, the company connects storage with collection and delivery as well as distribution and processing service, endeavoring to provide a customer-oriented solution.


We provide you with warehousing services
You can get warehousing services if you hire us


Export/import customs clearance assistance

Kokusai Express dispatches its professional customs assistants who help the customs clearance procedure depending on cargo features in its export/import logistics center located at each country’s major ports and airports, providing a rapid response system for inland, maritime and air transport.


After the transport, you get also import/export services
Besides the very transport, you get all import/export procedure from our experts


Domestic Transportation

Kokusai Express transports cargo from CY (Container Yard) or CFS (bonded warehouse) to anywhere in the country by inland, maritime or air transportation.


Our inland transport forwards your cargo anywhere
We forward your cargo anywhere by inland transport


We pack your cargo

Kokusai Express offers the optimal package for each cargo size, weight, shape, and condition.


Have a safe cargo forwarding by using our cargo packing services
Use our cargo packing services to have a safe cargo forwarding


Exhibition/performance cargo transport service

Kokusai Express presents the optimal package offers applied to different cargo size, weight, shape, and condition.


Your cargo for exhibition is safely forwarded with us
We safely forward your cargo for exhibition


Super heavyweight cargo handling and preparation help

Kokusai Express provides wide range services in terms of super heavy and/or lengthy project/bulk cargo transport which needs special equipment and processing based on its accumulated know-how, responding actively and effectively to any transport request from customers.


If you need to forward your super heavy cargo, Kokusai Express Japan offers you help!
In a need of forwarding super heavyweight cargo? Not a problem for Kokusai Express Japan!


Whatever requirement you have regarding cargo forwarding, contact us and use our top quality services

Head office: Tel. 03-5776-1180 / Fax. 03-5776-1185

Tokyo Sales Office 1: Tel. 03-5755-1011 / Fax. 03-5755-1005

Tokyo Sales Office 2: Tel. 03-6303-6010 / Fax. 03-5755-8334

Narita Customs Center: Tel. 0479-85-6040 / Fax. 0479-85-6045

Yokohama Sales Office: Tel. 045-227-6261 / Fax. 045-227-6034

Osaka Sales Office: Tel. 06-4703-1234 / Fax. 06-4703-1239

Kobe Sales Office: Tel. 078-881-2620 / Fax. 078-881-2625

Korea (Seoul): Tel. 82-2-3143-5555 / Fax. 82-2-3143-5588

Email: japan@ks-exp.com; korea@kukjae.com; china@ks-exp.com


Frequently asked Questions

Cargo forwarding services are responsible for organization and implementation of getting goods from a manufacturer to the market or final customer.
We offer to forward your cargo by air, sea, or road – depending on your needs and preferences.
Yes, Kokusai Express Japan lets you track your cargo all the way.
We forward different sorts and sizes of cargo. However, there are some forbidden items you can’t forward. For more details on this, please get in touch with us.
It depends on the kind of transportation you use, the size of cargo and the forwarding distance.

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