Kokusai Express Japan is a company specialized in different sorts of services connected to transportation, import/export, and relocations. Whatever activity you might need to undertake and it is somehow connected to aforementioned, we suggest you get in touch with us. Our expertise helps us reduce the costs. Hence you will have lower costs if you hire us for those kinds of activities than if you decided to undertake them on your own. To provide you with a more detailed explanation of what you can expect if you hire us, we will say a few words about all the services we offer:

  • Moving services: Whether you’re moving to Japan, out of Japan, or conducting a local Japan relocation, Kokusai Express Moving has you covered.
  • Transportation: It doesn’t matter if you need to transport your personal belongings, your products or services locally or internationally, we have an affordable solution for all your needs.
  • Cargo Forwarding: Do you have a need to outsource a complete supply chain? We can do everything – delivering your products from the factory to the final point of distribution!
  • Warehousing: Whatever kind of a storage you might need, Kokusai Express Japan will find a solution for you.
  • Customs Clearance: With us on your side, you won’t have to bother with all those documentation required by different customs.
  • Japan Joint Logistics Korea: If you live or do business in Korea, we got you covered too!
  • Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport: We have an experience in transporting the precision machinery, so if you have some specialized equipment that needs to be transported safely, we are the company for you!
  • 3PL Looking to outsource logistics? Kokusai Express is a third party logistics company with tradition, reputation and quality service!
    Moving Services

Moving Services – Domestic and international relocation!

Are you moving to Japan, from Japan, or just changing your residence in Japan? Regardless of your moving needs, you can rely on Kokusai Express Moving Japan! We will do everything from domestic relocations in Japan, no matter across the street or across the country, to international Japan relocations. Plus, you have an option for a video estimate. This way you can get an accurate moving estimate using only your camera! Whatever we do, we will reduce the moving stress to a minimum, preventing all the troubles that might appear on your way while moving home or office. Plus, we do everything quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price. Our customers’ satisfaction is our goal number one. Hence, if you choose Kokusai Express, we won’t only look to satisfy your requirements but to exceed them!

Transportation – Transport your items safely at the minimum cost

The size of your shipment and the transportation distance don’t matter if you hire Kokusai Express. We have multiple ways of transportation, so we can fit into your needs, regardless of how quick, safe, or affordable you need the transportation to be! Therefore you can use:

  • Road transportation: For smaller shipment and for shorter distances. This is the cheapest way of transportation but it doesn’t lack the safety or efficiency.
  • Sea transportation: Maritime transportation is ideal for big shipment or for transporting shipment long distances.
  • Air transportation: If you want a quick, safe, and not so expensive transportation, opt for transportation by air. Kokusai Express will make sure to fit your needs and your budget!

Cargo Forwarding – Let us supply your customers with your products

We have the know how. We have the equipment. Above all, we have the experience in cargo forwarding jobs. No matter the size or kind of your products, we can deal with everything. Regardless of the destination, we will make sure your customers get your products. If you need international freight forwarding services, not a problem at all, Kokusai Express can help you! Guess what? You can track your cargo all the way, knowing the exact location of your products at any time!

The kind of transportation we will use depends only on you. We offer cargo forwarding by the sea. In case you have an organized supply for your customers, and you produce everything on time, this is probably a better option, given that it costs less. Otherwise, if you need your goods to reach the final point of distribution quickly, we suggest you let our air freight forwarders do the job.

In case you might have a need to transport some specific cargo that is difficult or expensive for transportation, by hiring Kokusai Express Japan you will solve all your troubles. Besides the regular cargo forwarding, we also offer:

If something you want to forward isn’t mentioned here, we are sure we can find a solution for you. Get in touch with us and we’ll arrange everything for you!

Warehousing – Whatever your storage needs are, we got you covered

From CFS bonded warehouse to small storage units, we offer all sorts of depository units you might need. There are plenty of domestic warehouse solutions in Japan we can offer. Hence, no matter what is your location, we can offer an ideal storage option for your belongings. Most importantly, we take care of our warehouse units safety, so you can rest assured your belongings will be safe with us.



Customs Clearance – Let the experts do the job!

Our experts know the requirements for customs clearance in each country as well as the forbidden items for export and import. Therefore, if you need to export/import your products, Kokusai Express is a company that can save you time, money, and troubles with cargo import and cargo export. Dealing with the documentation is a very tough job. Only one paper missing might cause delays in delivery for days or even weeks. Why wouldn’t you let the professionals take care of everything and make sure your products get passed the borders trouble-free? Besides the documentation, to import products to a country, you must know all the details about import precautions for items. You can guess- Kokusai Express has this covered!


Customs Clearance

Japan joint logistics center Korea – we assist companies with importing goods to Japan

Even if your location is in Korea, don’t worry. Our company helps companies with items import to Japan. Since 2009, Kotra sponsors our co-logistics center in Korea.

This partnership helps us provide the best and the most efficient importing services for the companies that import goods to Japan.

Precision machinery and equipment transportation – Kokusai Express can do it

Even when it comes to cargo that is quite demanding for transportation, we can do it. We have the know-how, employ the top experts in this area, and following the latest trends in the equipment and the tools required for the job. Therefore, we can guarantee that we will transport your precision machinery and equipment safely, efficiently, and with no delays!

Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport
Precision Machinery and Equipment Transport


3PL – Outsource your complete logistics

As a company doing all sorts of a logistical support, we can guarantee that we are among the most efficient 3PL companies worldwide. Therefore, if you want to save money, upgrade the quality of some or all of your supply chain parts, and get everything done as quickly as possible – hiring with Kokusai Express Japan is a logical decision. In case you want to check how equipped we are, or if we are as reputable and quality as we say, you are more than welcome to visit our company and see it yourself! Contact any of our customers or partners, and ask how satisfied they were with Kokusai Express third-party logistics. Don’t believe us, believe our customers. Come and join the team of our satisfied clients, start a long and successful cooperation with Kokusai Express!

3PL (Third Party Logistics)
3PL (Third Party Logistics)

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