Safety tips for shipping hazardous items and chemicals overseas

Shipping hazardous items and chemicals overseas presumes a list of rules and regulations and using special packing appliances. Companies transporting dangerous items must have licenses and allowances to ship those chemicals overseas. Most importantly, they need equipment that ensures shipment safety and protects people involved in this procedure. To preserve security, you need to learn more about packing materials, chemical properties, and their effect on nature and humans. Professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan have long experience in organizing these jobs.

Shipping hazardous items and chemicals overseas

Shipping these goods takes work for many reasons. Companies must learn how to prepare liquids and train staff for particular shipping methods. They also must invest in licenses and unique packing materials.

Most of these liquids are chemicals and acids


When organizing shipping hazardous items and chemicals by sea, you need to hire professionals with experience and knowledge in this field. Professional international air freight forwarders invest a lot in training their employees and preventing injuries and damages. Although you should rely on professionals in this case, you should also learn more about the procedure yourself.


Learning how countries have defined shipping hazardous chemicals and materials is crucial when transporting these items. When hiring overseas moving companies, you should have trust in their knowledge and understanding of international law and regulations. In most cases, the company must have a valid license, which they can get from the country where they ship goods into. Therefore, most of these regulations are standardized internationally.


Although international movers Japan organize the shipping of any material clients need, it is crucial to organize and classify them. They first need to learn how materials behave and how dangerous they are for shipping.

  • There is a standardized classification system for the hazardous liquids and materials that companies must know;
  • When choosing a professional moving service Japan, you should inform them how much they are experienced in this field;
  • Shipping hazardous items and chemicals overseas presumes an understanding of international procedures.

How to pack items for this process?

Good moving companies will not leave anything to chance, so they will pack your items correctly, no matter what is inside. However, loading hazardous objects and chemicals overseas is a little more complicated.

Packing material

When shipping hazardous items and chemicals, companies use unique packing materials. It is crucial to protect items from damage, but also protect humans and nature. Professional companies use only tested packing materials that follow UN requirements for the goods they ship. In that case, they use special plastic and glass and avoid cardboard boxes and wrapping paper. Among approved materials companies also use are metal cans, wooden boxes, and plastic bottles.

Plastic cans
For shipping hazardous items and chemicals overseas companies use special packing material


When you pack items for shipping, you need to label boxes and packages before loading the vehicle. It will show the employees what is inside and ensure their special care for these packages. Also, the labeling system in these cases includes how to act with each package, meaning they must put them separately and not above other packages. They have warnings like “TOXIC”, “CAUTION” or “DANGEROUS” on bright color paper. Although shipping hazardous items and chemicals overseas could be dangerous, companies do all to prevent critical situations.

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