Room-by-room packing tips

We all know moving is stressful and time-consuming. But, when it comes to packing, adopting a systematic approach can help to reduce stress and save time. Packing room-by-room and labeling boxes as you go are some of the most important steps in the relocation process. With our comprehensive room-by-room packing tips, Kokusai Express Japan has taken the confusion out of packing and simplified the process. Whether you choose to pack yourself or have a professional moving company do all or some of it, you should learn the best way to pack each room. Follow our packing guide and you will be ready to pack up your residence like an expert.

Prepare for room-by-room packing

There are some things you need to do before the actual packing. Start as early on as you can. Don’t leave packing for later because underestimating the time you need to pack up your belongings is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to moving.

Use cardboard boxes like the ones in the picture for room-by-room packing
Gather all the necessary packing supplies before you start packing up your residency

Decide what to pack

Go through all of your belongings and sort them. There is no need to pack absolutely everything you own, as there must be things that will not fit in your new place, or that simply are not worth the trouble of packing and moving. So, decide what you want to keep, donate, or get rid of.

Gather packing supplies

Before you learn what items to pack first when moving, you should secure the necessary packing supplies. First of all, find strong cardboard or plastic boxes of various sizes. Then, make sure you have enough packing paper or packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing tape, as well as markers to label your boxes properly. Some household items can be used for packing, such as towels and sheets for cushioning. Also, keep in mind that some fragile items like artwork and antiques need special attention during packing and moving.

Room-by-room packing tips

Now that you gathered supplies and decided what needs to be packed, you are prepared for the actual packing part. Here are some specific room-by-room packing tips to help you pack everything in the most efficient way possible. Don’t forget to label the boxes as you go. When you finish packing, you can contact your chosen movers to handle cargo export and safely move your belongings.

Living room and home office

Start by packing the rooms and items you use the least. For example, books and decorative pieces can be packed away weeks before the move.

  • Books – Pack books of the same size flat or with the spine of the book touching the bottom of the box. Be careful not to over-pack your books in cardboard boxes. Books are heavy and can cause the boxes to break. You can also pack books in a suitcase or clear plastic boxes.
  • Electronics – Use colored stickers to mark the port and cable, so you know exactly how it should be hooked back up. You can also take photos of the electronics settings to help you reassemble them later. Additionally, photos will provide proof of the item’s condition before the move.
  • Important documents – Gather contracts, insurance information, school and medical records, and all other important documents and place them in large manila envelopes or in a plastic box and keep them with you.
  • Lamps and chandeliers – Remove the light bulbs and lampshades from lamp bases. Wrap the base, shade, and bulb separately. You can wrap lamp shades in tissue paper, a pillowcase, or a lightweight towel.
Two people packing books in boxes
Pack items such as books and decorative pieces first, since you are less likely to use them before the move


  • Clothing – when it comes to packing clothes, some can be left on hangers and placed in wardrobe cartons. Or, you can even carefully place all your clothes into a garbage bag. This way all your clothes are together and ready to hang in your new closet! Also, you can use suitcases for packing clothes, but they are probably best left for packing books. Lightweight items such as socks and t-shirts can be left in dressers.
  • Footwear – Pack shoes in their original boxes if you still have them. Then store all the boxes in a bigger moving box. If you are moving to a warm, humid climate, or your household is going to be stored for a longer period of time, you might want to stuff a pair of socks inside the shoes. Doing so will help retain the shape and absorb any traces of leftover moisture.
  • Linens and bedding– Pack linens, sheets, and pillows in a clear plastic bag. Make sure the bag is sealed and labeled. Keep mattresses protected with old sheets or mattress covers. Fold curtains and pack them in boxes lined with clean paper or plastic wrap.


  • Kitchen plates – Use at least two sheets of packing paper or one layer of bubble wrap to wrap each individual plate.
  • Glasses – Protect each glass with packing paper. Pay special attention to stems, as they are extremely fragile. Use bubble wrap for extra protection. Carefully place glasses inboxes and make sure there is no room for shifting inside.
  • Open blades- Many kitchen utensils (mostly knives) have open blades or sharp ends that may easily damage the box or other items. Cover any such dangerous parts with multiple layers of bubble wrap.
  • Small kitchen appliances – Your toaster, blender, mixer, and coffee maker will be safest in their original packages. If you didn’t save those, get similar ones and use extra padding.
Packing the kitchen like the one in the photo is the hardest part, because of all the fragile items
Take your time to pack fragile kitchen items properly in order to protect them


Pack your bathroom last, since you probably use most of the items regularly. Pack bathroom toiletries in zipper storage bags to prevent spills or leaks during the move. Wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap or bath towels for added protection.

Room-by-room packing – conclusion

We know that moving comes with at least a little bit of stress. Consider these room-by-room packing tips when you are preparing for relocation and reduce that stress. When you finish packing, overseas shipping companies will handle the shipping part and you will be ready for a new start at your new place.

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