Retiring In Japan: What To Expect

For people who do not live there, retiring in Japan could be mission impossible. It is tough to have a monthly income in a country where you have not lived and worked in. However, it could be a simple job if understand and know the law. There are situations when you can get an impressively favorable retirement even you are not born in Japan. Maybe it could be a reason to hire one of the greatest overseas shipping companies to bring you there.

Maybe for some of them, it sounds as not quite smart or even illegal move. Retirement works as savings that you set aside a certain among for. If you have not paid anything in their fond, it is hard to expect to pay back. However, there are ways that you can use their funds concerning their budget and funds. The first step is to inform you on time about that.

Elder couple
Living in Japan is interesting to old people from all over the world

How to ensure retiring in Japan for less effort

As you have not to give any dollar to their fonds, it is hard to expect paying back. However, there are options that even people who are not residents could use. For most of them it is a simple way of getting monthly income, but do not forget that there are situations when you should learn a lot about this problem.

  • Work in Japan is the first condition that you should fulfill if you want to retire in Japan – however, it is also a great country to work in;
  • If you move to Japan for work, you should settle there are fast as possible – but do not worry, they are a great nation for foreign people;
  • You can move there to live with the partner – it is maybe the best way to find a job and a proper apartment along with retirement in the future;
  • Before considering retiring in Japan you should check the cost of living in this country – you will surprise how great it is for a living;
  • There are a lot of conditions that you should fulfill before go there to live – however, companies that organize cargo export will do the rest.

Work visa

Maybe the easiest and fastest way to come to Japan to live is to get a work visa. There are a lot of companies that demand workers from other countries in the world. However, even domestic relocation could easily be organized if you chose a new job after a while.

Long-stay visa

You can come to live in Japan even if you do not have a job. There are a lot of groups and classes that get a long-stay visa that is a non-working model. If you are a student or go for training at a new job, you can apply for it. If you do not have time to adapt to a new apartment, you can rent a warehouse you can ask Kokusai Express Japan to leave your stuff permanently.

Marriage visa

Maybe the easiest and most comfortable way to get a visa in Japan is to marry someone from there. It is a type of long-stay visa that presumes to marry with a resident of Japan. There is an easy procedure on how to get this visa and wait for retirement in this country.

Elders at the street market
There are a lot of great things that you can do in retirement in Japan

Family visa

If your family member like a child or parent lives in Japan already, you can ask for a family visa. It is a permanent visa, but you can prolong it as much as you want. Thanks to that model you can work in Japan and ask for a working visa later. It also could be a good base for retirement in Japan.

Lifestyle will change after retiring in Japan

No matter how you have moved there and got their retirement, you should know that it is not the only change you will have after moving. Japan has a strict and very interesting approach to the older population. Thanks to their politic, elders live much more comfortably with respect and support. It is a great country for people in retirement, so you can be happy to go there to live.


It is very important to provide healthcare in Japan, especially until you get a long-stay allowance. There is a lot of private and international health insurance that could provide you a good help in this situation. You should not worry about the quality of it. It has high standards and organizes private care, too.

Retiring in Japan presumes better health

Many details affect the health of the population. Although individuals should care about the food they eat and the lifestyle they perform, the quality of life is very important. Living in Japan is specially adapted to older people and follow their needs and health. So, you can be sure that this country prolongs life in any circumstance. So, not only that you will have a good monthly income, but also a life that is much safer and more comfortable.

Progressive economy

We know that Japan is among the countries with the highest standards in the world. Thanks to its progressive economy and low prices it is surely a country that you should think of when want to move. Official information says that you will pay rent in the most expensive parts of the country around $1,160 which is a great price for large cities. It seems that living in this country is comfortable and affordable at the same time.

Cost of living

When come to a new country to live, you should investigate the cost of living in that country. People believe that Japan is a very expensive country, but it is a myth. If you check official sites that show the cost of living in Japan you will see that it is a cheaper country than others in the modern world. It is for 21,65% lower than in Japan.

Japan has great politics towards elders

Good old care

Maybe the best that this country has is senior care. There is a story about the live span of Japanese people, which was very short in the past. When they have changed approach and politic to the old people, they became the oldest nation in the world. It included special schools and hobbies for elders. So, retiring in Japan could be the smartest decision you will make.


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