Responsibilities of the Receiver to Consider

There are many responsibilities of the receiver when moving. Along with the all those rights that they have, they forget that they have to worry about successful moving, too. Moving companies have their rules and obligations, and clients are usually informed about that. However, receivers usually do not know that in case that they do not fulfill their responsibilities, they can pay additional money or even worse. There are many reasons why these rules exist:

  • They must prevent lost in both sides;
  • It is always important to prevent damage, and those are also responsibilities of the receiver;
  • You could pay the additional cost in case that you have not followed legislation or obligations;
  • This is also a good way to avoid frauds – a company that ordered rules follows those rules, too;
  • Do not forget that following these rules helps to avoid problems with the law.

Responsibilities of the receiver before moving

Like in every other case, good preparation is key for successful and stress-free moving. It includes information about the moving company that you may get. It is also a good contract and estimates that you will accept with the signing. All of these are responsibilities of the receiver, too.

Table with paper and pens
One of the responsibilities of the receiver is to have few non-binding offers from different moving companies

Movers must give written estimates

We should not expect that anybody will deceive us. However, it is our responsibility to prevent that. The first thing we should do is to ask from the moving company to write down everything that is included in the price. Only in that way, you will be able to ask for the full service. Responsibilities of the receiver also mean that you have informed yourself about all rights and the law. Nobody can help you if you have not known about compensation for damage or loss.

Learn what is a non-binding estimate

This is an offer that moving company gives you before the job. You have right to ask how much their services will cost. That is actually a job for a customer support. However, you can also ask more than one moving company for their offers. After that, you may choose the best offer for you. However, one of the responsibilities of the receiver is to keep their offers as a trade secret. Do never share offer from one company to another company!

Inventory list

Making an inventory list is important for a lot of reasons. It is your list of items that will be moved. The moving company also makes their inventory lists. After they make their lists, you are obligated to check them and sign that they have included everything. On that way, you will be able to demand compensation in case of losing or damaging. It is also a part of global forwarding guidelines, where your items could be moved by plane or ship.

Cargo ship in the sea
Preparing an inventory list is one of the responsibilities of the receiver when moving by ship

Warning if something is flammable or harmful is also one of the responsibilities of the receiver

It is obvious that if something happens during traveling with your items, moving company is responsible. However, in case that your items have damaged trucks, tools or workers in moving company, the responsibility is only yours.

Understand the responsibility in case of damage

As we said, moving company will do whatever is important to compensate lost of the damaged item. However, when it is the expensive and fragile items is about, the responsibility is only yours. This is especially important for exhibition cargo, which is very expensive.  They need special conditions which moving company should provide. You must warn them about everything they must know.

Responsibilities while moving and after that

The boxes are packed and finally in trucks, but the job is not finished yet. It is important to keep in mind all responsibilities of the receiver while moving and after that. There are few things that could happen when trucks are loaded, too.

Be available during moving

It is obvious that you must be present while workers pack your boxes in the truck. Even though you packed everything in boxes and labeled them, there are things that you may forget. On the other hand, workers do not know what to do with small boxes or things that you have not packed. Warnings and instructions are also one of the responsibilities of the receiver.

The weight of the items

You should ask for the information about the weight and prices. After you have agreed on the conditions of the moving company inform them about the weight of your stuff. Your responsibility is to provide correct information (at least closest to the correct information) about the weight of your items. The good moving company workers will measure them while packing in the truck. Remember, moving company must measure non-loaded truck (it is called tare weight) first. Then they measure the truck filled with the stuff.

Make sure that you are talking with the right person

This is an important step before moving process and loading of the truck start. Make sure that you are talking with the moving company worker and not with the household goods broker. A broker is a person who only arranges the transportation. He/she is not responsible for measuring, packing nor for protection. The only you can talk with him/her is when and how your stuff will arrive. Knowing which person is in charge of your stuff is also one of the responsibilities of the receiver.

A woman talking over the phone about responsibilities of the receiver
One of the responsibilities of the receiver is talking with the right person in moving company


Filling claims

Yes, this is also your responsibility as a receiver. Moving companies usually have special forms for this. You may feel not obligated or even not involved in that. However, you must fulfill this form. As the matter of fact, this is the way to force moving company to be even better in the future.

Adequate notice

Finally, have finished your moving. You may feel that your connection with a moving company is over. However, you have one more step. You should give the company your opinion and notices. That is crucial in order to make the company better. It also helps other people to have a good service as you had. They will adopt them for future jobs. On that way, you will do one of the most important responsibilities of the receiver, too.

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