Relocating your pet terrarium overseas

Moving overseas is a complex process that requires a lot of thoughtful planning and organization. Especially if you plan to bring your pet along with the way. It would be best to contact the consulate of your future country several months before your planned to move to get reliable and up-to-date information. Relocating your pet terrarium overseas can be done easily and load-free by the right movers by your side.

The first step for relocating your pet terrarium overseas

Moving your terrarium away to another country will take a lot of preparation and care on your part. However, before you begin preparations, you’ll need to verify if you’re allowed to transport the terrarium outside of your home state. If you’re permitted to relocate your terrarium out of your home state, then you’ll want to check if you can move the terrarium to your new home country. The best way to find this out is to contact the country’s consulate or embassy. The consulate will be capable to supply you with all the information you’ll need about what you’re allowed to bring into the country.

A few people arranging mini terrariums
Remember to follow the steps when relocating your pet terrarium overseas

An international moving company can also help you determine if you can take terrariums into your new home country. You can cover the terrarium in paddings, such as bubble wrap or a towel, to keep it away from breaking. The bubble wrap will give a cushion and preserve the terrarium from cuts. Use tape to secure bubble wrap. Furniture pads will help with easy transport. If feasible, keep your pet terrarium in an enclosed box. The cardboard will act as another protective cover. Any unused space in the box should be filled with packing groundnuts or furniture pads.

Packing advice for relocating your pet terrarium overseas

Before you start packing the terrarium, take your animals out and put them inside a cloth bag (in case any). The cloth bag will keep your animals from stressing out. Poke small holes in the box to ensure oxygen is getting into the box with animals. 

  • Remove the contents of the cage and place them in a separate box. Discard any aspen, and put the new one in the cage in your new home.
  • Pack light bulbs inside bubble bags.
  • If the terrarium is from glass, use blankets or furniture pads to wrap it up. This will secure the terrarium and keep the sides from scraping up against other items in the moving truck.
  • Nevertheless, if the terrarium is too large, use movers wrap to hold furniture pads in place.

Strive to inform yourself about valuable moving services that can provide you a peaceful relocating.

Relocation of the pet terrarium assisting by a moving company

If you intend on hiring a moving company to advise you with the move, you must choose the one that has had experience in the subject. Moving a pet terrarium requires a big knowledge and steadiness. The best way to get a company that is abundant with both is by going through Kokusai Express Japan reviews. Take your time to scroll through other people’s experiences. If you feel doubtful, you can leave a comment yourself, asking what is on your mind, or even call the moving company. Asking direct questions that regard the safety of the terrarium and the way they keep the life inside of it will tell you all you need to know. If the responses you get are to your devotion, feel free to schedule the move right away.

How to deport a terrarium

To ensure the survival of your animals, you need to keep their living environment unchanged, so you will want to maintain the same plants and other elements that have been part of your animal’s important surroundings before the move. If you’re moving locally, you can just place the entire terrarium as it is in a well-padded wooden crate. Seal the moving box tightly but remember to make some holes to let air and light inside. If you’re moving long-distance, you need to pack your pets’ terrarium with maximum care:

Lizard standing on the glass of the terrarium
Don’t forget to clean up the terrarium before and after relocation
  • Transfer any insects and animals living in the terrarium into suitable boxes and guard them well
  • Remove all accessories and ornamental components and gather them properly
  • Drain the water (if any) into a bucket and seal it tight
  • Take out the plants and bag or wrap them carefully to guarantee protection to their root systems, stems, and leaves. You can put the wrapped plants in boxes (just make sure there are several holes in the boxes to let air and light inside and the empty spaces in the moving container are filled with crumpled paper to produce fair support to the plants during the transportation)
  • Store any soil, sand, or rocks in a bucket
  • Wrap the glass enclosure in packing paper, bubble wrap, and towels, and secure the protective layers in place with packing tape. You can then put the “package” in a wooden crate or strong cardboard box. Remember to label the box as “fragile” and “handle with care”.

If you would rather let a professional moving company take care of this, project cargo might be just for you. It used to transport high-value or critical pieces of equipment. The company can transport the piece either within the national borders or internationally. 

Things to check if relocating terrarium overseas with a pet by your side

In case you’re relocating with your beloved pet, remember to have:

  • A kit of essential to accommodate your pet in the first days upon arrival. 
  • Take all the documents: pet ID, health records, and any required papers to cross the state’s border if needed.
  • Produce requirements to guarantee a pleasant and secure journey for the pet.
  • Moreover, retain freshwater near and remember to give it to the pet. 
  • After arrival, give your pet time to adjust and try to restrict any further stress.

Furthermore, you can help yourself by reading these useful and amazing tips for moving with pets internationally.

Two lizards in a need of a secured relocating you pet terrarium overseas
Take care of your beloved animals and secure them in the best way

Installing your pet terrarium after the relocation

After your relocation, there is one more thing you will need to take care of, installing the terrarium. Firstly, to do this, you will need to make sure that the room where your terrarium is going to be, is at the accurate temperature. Unwrap your terrarium and hold to see if there is any damage. Furthermore, if everything is okay, unpack the box with the loose parts you removed before the move. Arrange everything as it was before the relocation and remember to check if temperature and humidity levels are okay for your pet. Set up the habitat in a peaceful field and established the correct temperature in the room. 

And remember, if you are overwhelmed by the move and require help with relocating your pet terrarium overseas, you can reach one of the best relocation company. Overseas shipping companies will take care of the movement’s legal and physical sides, producing to you the most challenging task, like relocating pets and terrariums overseas.


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