Relocating your bulky items overseas – how to?

Overseas transport looks like a complicated thing. Especially for people who had no previous association with it. If you are moving abroad, working in an import/export company, or you have to transport project cargo, then you might be interested in relocating your bulky items overseas. Moving heavy and bulky items, especially across the sea, really is complicated. Luckily, not for you as an individual. Many logistics companies are specialized in this matter, and they can really ease this process for you or your company. Your only task should be to prepare your items, choose your type of transportation, find a good Japan logistics company, and let them do the job.

Different people have different reasons for relocating bulky items overseas

There are many reasons why people would want to relocate bulky items abroad. They might be involved in an international project and have a need to transport oversized parts to a construction site. Maybe they are transporting exhibition cargo Japan for participation in the world’s fair presentation. Perhaps, their company is exporting bulky items. Or, maybe they are just moving their home to a foreign country and they have a need to transport large and heavy pieces of furniture. Whichever is the case, hiring a good freight forwarder or a logistics company is something that greatly eases this process.

Man pushing cargo
Find a good shipping company. That will greatly ease this process.

Choose a transportation type that suits your needs

There are two available means of transport when it comes to overseas transport. You can move your bulky items by sea or air. Of course, your options also depend on the size of the item you are planning to transport. Some items might be too large or too heavy for a plane. In that case, a ship is your only option. There are, naturally, other differences between the two options.

Transporting bulky items by air

As you probably already know, air freight is the quicker, but usually more expensive option. However, lots of times, a plane might not be available. Especially in cases where you plan to transport oversized items or items that are not allowed to be transported by air (and that list is long).

Transporting bulky items by sea

On the other hand, sea freight is cheaper and available for a wider array of items.  However, transporting your items by sea takes time. An item that took one day to be transported by air sometimes might take weeks to be delivered by sea.

Things to think about when transporting bulky sea freight

If you are moving your bulky items overseas by a ship, you will also have options to choose from. Different shipping companies use different sea routes to transport your goods. When you are choosing a shipping company to transport your heavy lift cargo, make sure that you acquire quotes from several different sources. When you do that, you will learn that there is a large disparity in prices. Independent of the shipping routes they are using.

Looks like some shipping companies are simply more expensive than others are.  Also, different routes mean different delivery times. Sometimes a difference could be significant. So make sure that you choose a carrier according to your needs.

A ship on a world map
Shipping companies use different routes. Think about the delivery time before you hire one.

Hiring a reputable shipping company with experience is the best way to move your bulky items overseas

As mentioned above, when you are moving large items abroad your shipping company will be responsible for most of the work. Considering this fact, you should dedicate some time to researching shipping companies. Your goal is to find a reputable shipping company with experience in lifting and moving your types of items.

Mistakes are not acceptable in this type of transport. As every mistake could cost you immensely. Therefore, to ensure that your items reach your desired destination, make sure that you are working with reliable and experienced professionals.

Shipping your items overseas requires special attention to packaging

When you find a shipping company that will transport your items, you need to start thinking about preparing them for transport. Of course, this depends on your items and how they will be transported. Airfreight might have special requirements regarding packaging.

On the other hand, if your items will be traveling by sea, you will need to make sure that you pack them securely. Rough sea conditions could easily damage your stuff. Even if they are inside a shipping container. Also, most of the times your items will first be loaded into a truck. Before they deliver them to an airport or seaport. So packing your items properly is one of the things that will ensure that they arrive safely.

Hire a portable container and make it easy on yourself

When you are moving bulky items overseas, maybe you should consider hiring a portable container. A shipping company will deliver a portable moving container to your doorstep. You can take your time and load slowly and carefully. Making sure that everything stays in its place. Even if your ship comes across rouge waves. This also eliminates loading in and out of a truck from the equation.

Transporting your bulky items on wooden pallets

If you have items that are large, tall and could fit on a wooden pallet, maybe you can consider this as an option. This is a great way to move heavy items. Put your item on a pallet. Wrap it with plastic wrap. Secure it with plastic tie straps. And let the forklift load and unload them wherever you need.

Man pushing a pallet
Relocating your bulky items overseas on pallets is a good way to do it

Hiring a reputable and experienced logistics company is crucial when relocating your bulky items overseas

Now you see that for relocating your bulky items overseas you do not need muscles. You only have to consider different available options and choose the one that suits you the most. Of course, making sure along the way that you are working with a reliable logistics company. A company with experience in moving such items.

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