Relocating Household Appliances Overseas

Relocating household appliances overseas is always difficult. Most people leave their appliances behind when moving. They have a lot of reasons for that. Packing and protection of household items are very difficult and responsible. If you do not do it properly, you will have a risk of damaging items. In that case, your effort will be for nothing. On the other hand, you can choose companies that organize project cargo and specialized in relocations. They can pack your stuff properly.

When packing and protecting the items for moving, you will surely pay attention to packing supplies. It is the best option to buy special packing material and protect items safely. However, most people are not aware of the seriousness of this situation. They think that there are not high chances to damage items during transportation. Unfortunately, it happens much more often than they think.

Tea cups
Relocating household appliances overseas is hard because of so many fragile items

Relocating household appliances overseas presumes basic preparation

Like in any other situation, you should prepare for relocation by protecting items. You should not forget about the packing materials and protection of each item inside the box. Also, you should have proper documentation and the following allowances. It is the reason why people leave this job for the moving company.

  • Size of the items is very important when organizing relocating household appliances overseas – do not forget that you will have much larger boxes;
  • Overseas shipping companies know that the most important when relocating large items is to provide safety;
  • You should protect your items from damage and loss – do not forget on large boxes that are heavy and with a lot of sharp edges and details;
  • Maybe you consider it as a cheaper resolution, but think twice – relocating could cost much more than you expect;
  • It is very important to find out if you can use items in a new country – you should inform about the country you will move in and their electric plugs.

Moving company

Maybe you can avoid hiring a moving company, but you should think about it before start with packing. The moving company has much more experience in packing and protecting. Also, they could prepare you much faster and without delay and trouble. If you want a professional company to cooperate with, you should use Kokusai Express Moving. They have long experience in this type of relocation.

Choose a professional company

When considering hiring a moving company you should not choose the first you see. There are a lot of companies on the market, but only some of them are professionals in this job. If you want to organize international freight forwarding professionally and on time, you should not hesitate to choose only skilled movers. You will protect your items properly and transport your stuff properly.


Maybe you are not aware of that, but some countries demand having special documents when moving. You must prove that you are an owner of that stuff. On the other hand, customs clearance could ask you to show the receipt and warranty. For all questions, you should ask professionals in this job.


Speaking about the warranty, you should know that some manufacturers will not allow you to transport items abroad. In case you use appliances in another country, you can lose the right to warranty. It is especially important for items that you bought recently.

Cofee maker
You will have troubles to prepare documents for electric devices

Packing if important when relocating household appliances overseas

You should not forget about the packing and protecting, but packing appliances for overseas moving is more than that. You should label boxes properly and mark each item. There are a lot of details that you should pay attention to, like the protection of the bottoms. Also, you should not forget to pack by a system, so you will easily unpack the boxes after moving.


Like in any other situation, you should not pack your items in boxes and proper packages. However, it is very important to prepare packages to not take too much space. On the other hand, you should consider the space that your appliances will take when relocating. It is more than putting them into boxes.


As you should protect all you have in your packages, you should protect appliances, too. However, people forget that electric devices are very sensitive and damaging them you will not be able to use them again. It is the reason why you should use special packages, wrapping papers and plastic and Styrofoam and fill all gaps inside of the boxes.

Practical packages

Maybe you have prepared large boxes where you will throw all to keep in one place. However, it is much better to use different sizes of packages. It is better than a common labeling system, but also more protection for your items. Finally, those items will be in safety packages.

Relocating household appliances overseas is related to their usage

We know that you cannot separate your precious items. Most of them are important parts of your domestic. However, you should consider leaving them when moving. The most important reason is the usage of them in a new country. You should check if you can plug them into the new electric system. Also, maybe you can buy new appliances for much less money that moving will cost. If nothing, prepare your appliances for the new country.

Pans and dishes
There are a lot of fragile items that you must protect properly for relocation

Electric plug

You should know that you cannot use your electrical devices in every country in the same way. Electricity in Japan is different and you should not take your appliances with you before learning that. You should have special plugs and adapt them to a new country. Sometimes it is harder than buying new devices at the destination.

Can you apply to your new home?

You had a great home and used your appliances properly. Now you want to continue with that in your new home. However, you can see that using them is completely different. Maybe the design or colors of them appears differently in the new house. In that case, buying the new household is the only acceptable resolution.

New stuff – new life

Many people claim that you should start your new life in a new country properly. It means that you should get rid of the stuff that you had and use completely new. You will not spend too much time organizing relocating household appliances overseas. Maybe you can use that time to spend more time with friends.


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