Relocating From Japan To New Zealand

Relocating from Japan to New Zealand could be challenging but also very hard. You cannot be sure that it is the right decision before research this country well. The most important is to find out how much those two countries are different. There are a lot of differences between them which could be great for a new life but also make serious troubles. When moving is about, overseas moving companies will organize the job very easy and fast.

When it comes to moving, there are few things that worth every type of moving. It means that you should prepare documentation, organize selling or donating of your stuff and find a job in a new country. Those are basic steps for every relocation, especially for moving abroad. However, when moving from this completely different country to the new one you should be extremely careful. Still, at the very least, you have all the assistance you need from the Kokusai Express Japan moving company.

Nature in New Zealand
There are great places in New Zealand that you should visit

Transport is crucial when organize relocating from Japan to New Zealand

 For traveling you will surely choose comfortable but affordable transportation. It is easy when you travel as a tourist. However, when moving from Japan to New Zealand things are much harder. You should know that you will have bags, but also large pieces for packing and transporting. It is the reason why you should not jump into this relocation unprepared.

  • Culture is different in New Zealand and it will be a challenging adventure for you – the best is to research it well before moving;
  • Although you will pay the best cargo export Japan service you cannot change the fact that the climate is different in Japan – you will maybe be forced to take all your winter wardrobe with you;
  • If you move for a job you could have a little better starting position – your new colleges will help to explore the country;
  • Relocating from Japan to New Zealand could affect your budget – research the cost of living in this country and prepare for that;
  • Lifestyle significantly changes when move on this long destination – however, maybe you will like it more than you have expected.

Shipping costs

The first you should put on your pay list is how much shipping will cost. There are a lot of things you should prepare for. They include weight, volume, but also shipment costs. There are a lot of companies that organize international freight forwarding for affordable prices, so you should research well.

Pack only essentials

It is worthless to pack all you have for overseas moving. Although you may feel that temperature will be the same in both countries, you should not rely on temperature. Sometimes other conditions, like humidity, could change our feeling of the temperature and climate. So, pack only you need and you will easily buy new things when arrive.

Take insurance

It is very important to take health insurance before coming to New Zealand. You will easily change it after a while. The reason is the importance of having international insurance whenever you travel to another country. You will be protected for every occasion.

Prepare for customs clearance

Another reason to pay attention to what you will bring with you when moving from Japan to New Zealand. It is for sure that there are items that customs clearance in New Zealand will not accept all. However, you should not rely on basic lists of those items. Check with your movers for details.

Hobbit house in New Zealand
Your children will be happy to visit great places in New Zealand

Prepare for relocating from Japan to New Zealand

You should prepare for relocating in every circumstance. This time, though, you should not simply prepare the documents and pack bags. There are a lot of things that you should know about this country. Starting from climate, to culture and architecture, you will need to inform about it on time. Consider it as a great adventure and a very nice time you can spend before moving.

Learn about the country

You will surely do it in every relocation, even at a short distance. It is for sure that you should learn a lot of things about New Zealand, especially if you are here for the first time. If you can make a short visitation of the country before moving, do it. Try to research everything, including culture, religion, and law.

Prepare for different climate

Although you may feel that winters are cold and summers are warm in this part of the world, New Zealand is not that easily organized. You should inform you about the humidity, rains, and possible storms that this part of the world can have.

Chose between air and sea freight

You should inform which of those two transportations is the best option for you. Maybe you cannot accept high costs, or sea freight is too slow for you. Whatever you choose, you should put all on paper. It is best if you can make double list pros and cons, so make the balance between options.

If you love walking and hiking you will be satisfied with nature in New Zealand

Relocating from Japan to New Zealand presumes new lifestyle

Whenever you change the country you will change your lifestyle. However, you should know that moving from one place to another meaning lot of changes. You will change the job, people that you live with, and the atmosphere. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about this country. It offers a great time for people who came to live here.

New friends

For most people relocation is hard because of changes. Losing old friends is the worst and many people worry about how they will adapt to a new situation. It is especially hard if you are introverted or have trouble when making new friendships. However, there are a lot of ways of finding new friends.

Different nature

Maybe you think it is less important when moving, but it should be on your list of the essentials. You should explore New Zealand and inform you about all options it offers. Greenfields and large villages could be attractive and interesting for most of the people.

Job offer

You have surely used to Japan’s economic growth and high investments in the IT sector. However, New Zealand has great job options and you should inform about it before moving. Make sure that you have prepared for changes in this field but also new opportunities. Relocating from Japan to New Zealand will maybe be because of a job for you.


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