Recognizing reputable logistics companies

Whether you are planning to relocate or you are into import and export business you will need a freight company at some point. The market in this business is massive, and there are plenty of different companies to choose from. But not all companies present a smart choice. Your goal is the safety of your belongings and you must choose your partner accordingly. There are several standards that a company must meet in order for it to be labeled as reliable, and this will be the topic of discussion in our guide for finding reputable logistics companies. Are you planning to become a permanent resident of Japan because of work or studies? Are you involved in Japan – USA movement of goods, services, and information? If the answer is yes, KSE moving can help you achieve your goals.

 Start your search for reputable logistics companies online

The Internet presents a good platform for initial research when it comes to finding reputable logistics companies. Here are some strategies that if used correctly can present you with a basic insight into how the company operates:

  • See if they have a page on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram where they post pictures from their previous assignments. The comments section can provide you with precious knowledge about their professionalism and how they treat their customers. You just have to learn how to spot genuine comments from real people.
  • Does the company have a website dedicated to their business with all the relevant information concerning their address, contacts and work permits? Do they have a FAQ page that is being updated on a regular basis?
  • Determine the services that best suit your needs, and then check if the company offers those services.

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    You can find useful information online, but always call the company for the best impression

Ask your friends for advice when searching for reputable logistics companies

While internet research is a good way to learn more about any topic of your interest, nothing beats a sincere recommendation from close friends and business associates.  Do you know someone who recently used similar services? Go ahead and ask them for advice. Most established companies kick-started their success by word-of-mouth marketing. Even if your friends had a bad experience in dealing with freight companies, that will give you some material to work with. At least, now you know who not to hire. That is a good start. When you eliminate companies with a bad reputation it will be easier for you to make a decision.

Some of the markings of a reliable freight partner

Searching for a company that does freight forwarding, project cargo, and other logistics services is not an easy task. Furthermore, it must be done with great care because the safety of your belongings is at stake here. Here are a few details to be considered before decision making:

  • Quality of customer service. How much time does it take for the company to answer their customers’ questions? If the communication is not satisfactory at the beginning imagine the problems that are waiting around the corner.
  • State of their equipment and vehicles. Their equipment must be of high quality if you don’t want to face delays in your shipments, or in the worst-case scenario, damage to your property.
  • How long they exist? This speaks volumes about their experience, expertise, and knowledge when it comes to dealing with a large variety of different products.
  • Is the company stable financially? Check their financial reports to avoid future payment delays and to ensure your future partner can cope with emergencies and urgent needs.
  • Is the company efficient in doing business? We all know that speed plays a major role in any international business, and the way the company handles their paperwork, packaging and other services shows you what can you expect of that company.
  • Are their employees friendly, polite and open for communication? Are they uniformed and professional? This might not seem important now, but it is certainly an indicator of their capabilities.
  • The number of services they provide. Moving and transportation services, cargo forwarding services, storage services, customs clearance services are some of the basic services every reputable logistics company must provide. Best companies offer the widest array of services that can cover most of their clients’ needs.

    Picture with traits of reputable logistics companies
    All reputable logistics companies offer a wide variety of different services for their customers. See if the services they offer are applicable to your needs.

Check the company’s legal status and their licenses

When it comes to finding reliable moving partners one of the oldest tricks from the book is to check their licenses. What insurance policies do they offer? Do they have in-transit insurance? What will happen in the case of theft? You must know this if you wish to secure your belongings in the case of hazardous events. Does the company possess all the required licenses and certificates to conduct their business activities? Read all the terms and conditions before you proceed with acquiring their services.

Picture of certificates
Every reputable company must have all the necessary work licenses and certificates

What is the cost of their services?

This is probably the most important factor for most businessmen. Sure, you should use every opportunity to save some money, but try not to make cuts on stuff that is really important. Reliable partners at low prices are not impossible to find, but you shouldn’t make your decisions based on the price alone. All those „deals of the century“usually have hidden clauses incorporated into moving contracts, and in the end, don’t be surprised if you have to pay more than you had originally intended.

Generally speaking, recognizing reputable logistics companies is an art in its own sense. At the end of the day, the ability to select a decent business partner is what separates successful companies from the average ones. We hope that our guide will help you to pull the right moves on the chessboard that is the international trade market. We wish you the best of luck.

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