Reasons Why Your Shipments Might Be Late

There are a lot of reasons why your shipments might be late. Also, there are situations when terrible reasons cause delaying. It means that somebody stole your shipment or shipping companies have lost it. Luckily, those things cannot happen to professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan. They will pack, protect, and ship your items on time, in case your shipment late; it means that something delayed it. Shipping companies cannot control all of these situations, though.

However, even if your package late, you should not expect the worst scenario. Sometimes the port crowd could cause it. There were situations when lousy weather delayed transport. In those situations, you should know that shipping companies do the best to transport your goods on time. Knowing that there are many situations when your package could late, you will peacefully wait for it.

Port with containers
It is hard to control everything at the port

Common reasons why your shipments might be late

Believe you or not, but holding your package up is very common. In most cases, shipping companies cannot prevent it but can help you to get a bag as soon as possible. Sometimes, they can organize shipping earlier or avoid crowds in ports. However, whatever the reason is, you should leave the company to resolve it.

  • Weather is a significant factor for shipping – companies cannot control nor predict it so usually a storm at the sea delay shipping;
  • Sometimes documents that customs clearance ask could cause delaying – if you have not prepared on time;
  • Customs clearance could be why your shipments might be late when moving from Japan – they control randomly chosen packages longer, and maybe they have chosen yours;
  • It would help if you avoided season peak whenever you can – it is a number one reason why shipments do not come on time;
  • There are many unexpected reasons – like problems on the borders, political situation in a specific country, and many more.

Nobody can predict port crowd

Like in any other transporting or traveling, we cannot know where a crowd is. Even domestic moving depends on the group on the road or tollbooths. However, good companies know where and when to expect a bunch and try to avoid them. The best option is to prevent the year when those problems may occur.

Weather is a common reason why your shipments might be late

It is one of the most often reasons why shipments late. However, companies have learned to avoid it, too. Like in any other situation, they know when the major problems are. If you choose moving service Japan, make sure that it is sometimes when the weather is calm.

Companies follow the containers by number and GPS

A lot of stops

Shipping companies do not work with one client at the time. They usually take goods from more than one client and organize transport for multiple clients. It means that loading will take much longer. Also, they will maybe make a lot of stops, which also prolongs the time for shipping.

They cannot locate the container

Sometimes workers at port or customs clearance cannot locate your container. It happens but still is not that often or dangerous. For most people that work at ports, boxes are just numbers. Unfortunately, those numbers could lose or mix up.

Bad reasons why your shipments might be late

There are a lot of reasons when your shipment could late. Unfortunately, sometimes it means that you will not get your package at all. A little better scenario is that you will get your package at the end, but damaged. Whatever of these situations is, you should not blame the company. There are very few situations when they can avoid it.

Wrong address

It is very often a problem for shipping and happens without apparent reason. Sometimes client gives the wrong address (or does not spell it right). There are situations when people in the shipping company write it wrong. Whatever the reason is, it could cause serious problems.

Port with containers
There are a lot of containers and clients that use service of the company

Vessel broke

Your worst nightmare has happened. The vessel broke, and nobody knows when it will come. Fortunately, that situation is infrequent, so do not be afraid of it. Even if something like that happens, companies will repair it or send another vessel for shipping.

Your shipments might be late for reasons that nobody could predict or prevent

Unfortunately, there are few situations when a company cannot prevent delaying. Those usually depend on objective reasons. An excellent company will do the best to prevent it, but sometimes they cannot do anything. However, companies generally have insurance and could make the whole situation more comfortable. After all, we cannot predict problems even if we organize transporting.

Not space in a vessel

In case your company has planned to use more than one vessel (because of connection at another port), this could happen. It means that the company does not have the same size as the vessel at another port. However, your shipment will be at the port and wait for another ship.

Stolen container

Before starting to freaking out, it happens very rarely. Ports and companies have ways to prevent this problem or resolve it. Containers today have GPS and numbers, and they could follow where it ended up. Good companies will fix it fast and silently, so you will not know that something got wrong. Please rely on the company and its methods in this case.

Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot follow it

There are situations when you can follow your container but still cannot bring it back. Even in the 20th century, you should be afraid of pirates. Somali piracy is a severe problem in the world, and many companies have trouble because of it. If they have stolen your shipment, you cannot do anything to bring it back.

Other reasons

After all of these reasons, you should expect more reasons why your shipments might be late. There are reasons that you cannot control and happens. Even though it is not common in shipping, your container could end on the other side. Somebody could mix up the numbers, or machine skips your box when loading the truck. It happens, and you cannot avoid it, so prepare on time.

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