Reasons Why Cargo Damage Occurs and Tips to Prevent It

Learn reasons why cargo damage occurs and tips to prevent it. Manufacturers and suppliers suffer from cargo damage during transit. Not only that, damaged items company must return for a replacement or full refund. It hurts the seller’s reputation and the shipping company. All that happens with your packages significantly affects the final price and costs, which companies cannot control. The most difficult is lost, wasted time, and reputation. Carriers do whatever they can to provide tools, equipment, and other cargo to protect from damage and avoid common damaging factors. Kokusai Express Japan is a company with long experience in these jobs so you can rely on them in this case, too.

Why cargo damage occurs and tips to prevent it

Before resolving the problem with shipping, learn why cargo damage occurs and tips to prevent it. The key is understanding why it affects damages and avoiding the most common issues.

There are lot of reasons why cargo damage occurs and tips to prevent it

Physical damage

One of the important reasons why cargo damage occurs is physical damage. It is usually caused by rolling, dropping, breakages, bumps, and being knocked. Usually, they happen in poorly planned stowage or due to a lack of proper dunnage and lashing. Cargo import relies on storage, and there those problems typically occur. The resolution is to hire only professional companies for this job.

Contamination damage

Although less common than previous, contamination damage happens often and could cause severe problems in your job. It happens when your item is exposed to poisoning, pollution, or rendering goods unsafe for industrial usage and human consumption. In most cases, it occurs when storage is not protected adequately, or it needs to be cleaned. It is crucial to preserve exhibition cargo since it is usually costly and valuable.

Other types of damages

There are a lot of reasons and ways how you can damage your items. However, for most of them, the resolution is straightforward, but you must learn more about the causes and effects.

  • Infestation damage causes animals or insects in cargo, especially in agricultural products – choose professional international freight forwarding to avoid this problem;
  • Reefer damage happens due to power failure or mishandling of equipment;
  • One of the reasons why cargo damage occurs and tips to prevent it is avoiding water at any stage in your shipment.

How to prevent cargo damage?

Companies spend a lot of money on resolving the problem of shipping cargo. It is essential to use proper packing and protective material, and equipment. If you use particular cargo transport types, you should adapt to them appropriately.

Delivering man
You should learn more about shipping before hiring a company

Frozen cargo

A particular type of shipping, called frozen cargo, relies on specific temperature and climate conditions. You must inspect it for flavor and color changes, black spots, odor, fluid migration, desiccation, and dehydration. It is crucial to provide a proper temperature and a valid inspection certificate. The most important is to plan to ship correctly and choose the correct route. Finally, companies must seal all containers’ doors and check them a couple of times before shipping. It is one of the reasons why cargo damage occurs, and tips to prevent it.

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