Questions to ask logistics agents before hiring them

Every time we are about to settle an agreement with someone, there are some important steps we should do before a decision. Whether that are some moving companies, overseas shipping companies, or as in this case, logistics agents, it is necessary. Firstly, you should do the research and set some main things that you are looking for in a partnership company. Talking with your, perhaps, a future business partner is the principal of your plans and company. The main lead in this conversation will help you bring a perfect decision is correct questions to ask logistics agents. By their answers, you can actually realize if they are the agents that are right for you. You don’t want to make the mistake and hire someone with whom you wouldn’t get along, don’t you?

Who are logistics agents?

To understand what are the right questions to ask logistics agents, you should do your research about them first. Let’s start with the definition of who are they. So, there are varieties of logistics functions and customer service functions such as ordering, transportation, tracking, planning, product deliveries, scheduling, and reporting. Logistics agents are the ones who are supporting all of the operations happening in each sector. If you decide to hire some third party such as agents from logistics companies, you must know that you made a good decision. Even though it might seem like you can work on your own, and do everything by yourself, it is not as simple as that. With them, you can remove unnecessary stress from your back.

Two male hands in suits shaking, possibly after an interview.
Good questions to ask logistics agents before partnership are important!

Why are logistics agents important for shipping companies?

You must be wondering, why? Well, think about this. You own a company and you just started a shipping business. Of course, your daily work obligations will be full! There are a lot of things that you should worry about, so why let transportation be one of them? There is no reason not to hire logistics agents. By doing so, you can be sure that your sales will be increased and your business and company will surely profit. They will take care of the production itself, shipping parts, delivery of products, and many other important things.

 And of course, the foremost reason for hiring logistics agents is because your transportation process will be faster. You can pay attention to other obligations and keep track of what to do next to improve the company. Your main concern should be your clients and their satisfaction with your business. In the meantime, they will take care of everything else.

Logistics companies and agents can help you build your company and its name in a positive state. So, when you realize how important they get when it comes to your business, you understand why is it important to choose which questions to ask logistics agents.

Colorful cargo containers on top of each other.
The decision to hire logistics agents can help you a lot!

What can logistics companies offer you?

Logistics companies are most of the time big companies that work with cargo export. There are many types of cargo. Maritime cargo or sea freight forwarders are a type of cargo transportation that companies use on a daily basis. For sure it is not the faster one, but it is the most efficient one.

An interesting fact about cargo export is that every type of its transportation is being connected. From ship to the train, from truck to plane. All of these variations of transport have special vehicles that are specially made for cargo transportation. The fastest way to move overseas is for sure avio cargo. But that one is the most expensive one so is not often the first choice of customers. Besides them, there are also railway and road cargo types of transport, which are also being used daily worldwide.

Keeping track of everything

The second salient thing that logistics agents can offer you is the timing of the transportation of the goods and tracking every shipping container. They know the exact location of the products at all times. And they know when will they arrive in the expected country. They will keep an eye on when you need to order new items and from whom and where.

Cargo ship with shipping containers waiting to dock in cargo port.
All types of cargo are shipped worldwide each day!

They are in charge of all the planning and making schedules for each transport and work. Be sure that they will give reports about everything to you. Also when it comes to informing customers, they will take care of that for you.

What are the questions to ask logistics agents before the agreement?

Now, the most important part. Before your big decision and before hiring logistics agents, you should know what to ask them. Take a paper and a pen, start taking notes.

  • For starters, you want to know as much as possible about their company and its history, so ask as many questions as needed to find out.
  • You should ask which are the weaknesses and strengths of their company.
  • Now, related to the previous question, let them think about how would they fix their weaknesses. What is their plan to improve their company?
  • What you also must know is everything about their experience, from the first day up until now.
  • Ask about the feedback.
  • Level of education of all the employers in the company.
  • Feel free to ask if they are in-depth or not. Knowing your future partner’s financial status is important and you should not be ashamed to ask about it.
  • Ask them about their opinion of your company, and how would they improve it.
  • Tell them your rules and see if they are willing to co-operate.
  • Do you want to hear their opinion about what they can contribute to your company that others can’t?
  • And last, but not least, ask them if they have any questions for you. Make sure you answer nicely and don’t avoid anything!

Did you make a good decision?

By talking to someone you discover a lot of things. Thanks to body language, you can immediately know if someone is lying or not. If they have good intentions with you or not. If you want to expand your business and improve it even more, then you must know exactly what to ask people and how. Once you have all of the questions from each company you considered hiring, you will realize what is your best choice. Keep in mind that having logistics company agents working for you is definitely a good thing for the company.


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