Pros and cons of air transportation in Japan

For those who are thinking about choosing air freight forwarders for the moving to Japan or transportation of goods, there are pros and cons of air transportation in Japan that should be considered.

This type of shipping offers a number of valuable advantages for international moving or inland transportation. It is ideal for long distance stress-free relocation to Japan, and as it is the quickest method it also saves you time for when moving over a long distance.

These services can also deliver almost anything except extremely big items that may not fit in the plane. This form of transportation is usually the most expensive as compared to the other transportation methods of worldwide transport.

Pros of air transportation in Japan

air transportation in Japan
There are pros and cons of air transportation that should be considered while moving to Japan

Air shipping has a long list of benefits. For anyone who needs to transport goods in a short time in the desired destination. 

  • Fast delivery, usually between 24 and 48 hours
  • Customer is not waiting for order fulfillment
  • Reduced lead time for supplier
  • Improved service levels

As you know, an airplane is the fastest vehicle in the world and it is good for crossing sea. There are many air travel advantages and disadvantages.

Japan is a vertically long nation. If you like to go to Hokkaido or Okinawa, the airplane is the best choice. The fare is not so expensive, which might be lower in the off-season than that of Shinkansen.

Air transportation in Japan is also appreciated because there are not many things to stop it from going through. Road constructions, mountains, and forests cannot stop air transport.

Benefits from Japan air shipping:


The speed of service is one of the greatest advantages of air transport. Because it is one of the fastest modes of transport, it is the best choice for quickly mailing packages over a long distance.

Air travel has the ability to ship packages across a continent and have it arrive the very next day. It’s been a major advancement in the shipping industry, and one that continues to benefit people every day.

Flying shortens the travel time to your destination. A plane travels much faster than a car or train.


Air shipping is very safe. It is the biggest advantage of air transportation in Japan. You can ship perishable items by air without fear of it spoiling or other damage. Japan Air transportation generally offers little temperature variation or rough handling. It is definitely one of the safest, quickest ways to ship.

The longer a package takes to get from one place to another, the greater the chance is for something to go awry. If you eliminate this risk, air transport is the safest way to ship belongings.

Because it takes such a short amount of time for a package to be shipped through the air, it opens the door for a larger variety of things that you are able to ship. When you ship through the air there is less of a chance that your items will be damaged during the shipping process.

The airport workers load your luggage and unload them at your destination. You can sit and enjoy your flight.

Disadvantages of air freight

  • Flight delays and/or cancellations
  • Customs and Excise restrictions
  • Cost

The disadvantage of using an airplane is the long distance between the center of the city and an airport.For example, if you get off at Narita Airport in Japan, it will take about an hour or more to get to Tokyo station.

Shipping through the air has a few restrictions. Before you make a definite choice in shipping your goods by air, consider the various pros and cons about airplanes.

They aren’t really disadvantages because of the small likelihood of anything negative occurring air transport. However, it’s good to know all sides so you can stay informed.

Cons of air shipping

If you are interested in shipping things overseas, you have a couple of options. One option is international ocean shipping, which is usually less expensive but takes longer. On the other hand, air freight shipping is faster and more expensive. Either option will allow you to get your items shipped overseas safely.


Cost is often disadvantage of air transportation in Japan, but the impact depends largely on how many people are traveling and how far you are traveling.

For long distances that take multiple days to drive with the car, the cost of flying may not be too much more. The drive would include more costs for fuel, food, and hotel. If you’re traveling alone, the cost of one airline ticket for the long distance is likely less than the car travel expenses. Even if the shipping by plane costs more than driving, time savings and enjoying in flight is important to some travelers.

Airport Hassles

Long lines at ticket counters and the security checkpoint often require travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the plane departs. So, for someone, it is a big disadvantage of air transportation in Japan.  Increased security measures mean you may need to walk through special scanners or have a pat down from a security agent. Some people feel uncomfortable with those measures. Also, travelers need to go from one gate of the airport to another in a short amount of time. Most people are afraid of losing luggage so it is another disadvantage of traveling by plane.

Limit on the size of packages you can ship.

Don’t forget about the limit of space for shipping by air. So, it is big dilemma what can you ship with air, because there is small capacity for carrying things.

Shipping by air can’t be the best option for shipping large bulky items. With Sea shipping, you can ship large items like vehicles and furniture. And this kind of shipping is less expensive. 

Bad weather.

Flights can be canceled due to heavy rain, fog or snow. This is unlikely, but if there is a deadline for a particular shipment, it can be a problem.

Airports in Tokyo, Japan

There are only two large airports in Tokyo.  Narita International Airport, which was formerly known as the New Tokyo International Airport, mostly handles international flights.  This airport sits in Narita city, which is located in the Chiba Prefecture.  t is the point of arrival for most of the foreign visitors that come to Japan.  There are two terminals, both have a connection to central Tokyo with a network of bus and rail lines.  Tokyo’s other airport, Haneda, have a location more in the center.  It handles more of Tokyo’s domestic flights.  Only a few international flights come through Haneda.

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