Professional Cargo Handling Tips

People have been working on cargo handling for a long time. In all the years, the work has changed with the development of technology. However, no matter how much cargo handling has grown up from being solely a human profession to something machines operate on now, there will always be a human influence in the process. This is why errors can still happen. Because of this, both you and your workers need to be aware of some of the most common mistakes that happen during cargo handling. Informing yourself well can help you evade most of the dangers that come with the job. However, there are many ways that a professional Japan logistics company can ensure cargo safety. Knowing your equipment and going over the safety measures with your employees are just two of these. In this article, we go over some more tips for professional cargo handling.

Worker safety is paramount with professional cargo handling

Worker safety is paramount with professional cargo handling.
Worker safety is paramount with professional cargo handling.

One of the biggest concerns of professional cargo handling is the worker safety. You can ensure this best by getting proper equipment. Good equipment is one of the most important things you need to have when dealing with cargo handling. You will also need protective gear for your workers, such as different harnesses and helmets. Protective shoes and gloves are also a must.

Another important point to raise is that you need to ensure your workers know how to properly use the equipment they have. You can do this by communicating with workers clearly and organizing guides and workshops where they can get to know the equipment. Also, do not forget to keep the equipment clean and in working condition at all times. This is very important! Sometimes the companies that deal with heavy lift cargo will have workers who know how to operate the equipment, but if it is faulty it can be quite dangerous. Maintenance is the key here!

Talk about crew safety

The first thing you will need to do is talk to your crew about safety when cargo handling. Talk about the equipment, safety gear, as well as the safety devices. If you workers are well-informed, they will be less prone to get into an accident. Another important thing to discuss is the shelter positions on board a ship or on the docks. The shelters offer protection when hoisting cargo for your workers, but they are also there to protect from falling cargo!

Finally, international freight forwarding companies usually work with cranes, too. When dealing with a crane, it is important to discuss the safety paths with your workers. The crane operator needs to know what paths are safe for moving the cargo, and the workers need to know what they should steer clear of.

Get reliable deck officers

Getting reliable deck officers can really help your workplace safety. Training people to spot problems before they arise can make a difference between great work and injury. This is why you need to make sure you have responsible people working as deck officers. Position them in a way so that they have clear sight of the whole area when cargo handling. This way, they can alert anyone to possible dangers, and stop the problem before it happens.

Ensure security of items when cargo handling

Ensure your cargo safety.
Ensure your cargo safety.

Another important thing to remember is that not only your workers need to be safe – so does your cargo. When cargo handling, you need to secure it as soon as it is in the storage area. This is because loose cargo items are extremely dangerous. If you do not secure them properly, they can fall off, causing massive damage and even injury. This is why you should always keep in mind that, if something is not in a container – it should be properly secured.

Know your equipment when cargo handling

We have already talked a little about the equipment, but we cannot stress this point enough. Having the right equipment for cargo handling is of utmost importance. Make sure you have all the lifting equipment required – wire ropes, forklifts, cranes, etc. Testing and maintaining this equipment is important, too. However, the most important thing is for your workers to know how to use it. Incorrectly using equipment makes the workplace dangerous. This is why you need to train your workers well.

Think about where you are cargo handling

Finally, you need to think about where you are doing the cargo handling. Sometimes, cargo is put into closed spaces under the deck. These are often not well regulated and do not have great venting conditions. To secure your workers, you need to ventilate closed spaces often, and especially before the cargo handling. Depending on what you are transporting, these spaces might not have enough oxygen saturation. Even worse, they might have some toxic gases released there. This can be extremely dangerous for your workers. Apart from ventilating closed spaces, you need to have equipment that checks oxygen levels of certain spaces. If the oxygen levels in a room are low, you need to ventilate it as soon as possible before sending your workers there.

Weather conditions and visibility

Ensure visibility when cargo handling.
Ensure visibility when cargo handling.

Another thing to think about when handling cargo is the weather conditions and visibility. If you are working with international movers Japan, then depending on what part of the country or the world you are in, the weather might change. Be prepared for extreme heat and extreme cold. Do not forget about snow and rain, which can make walking difficult.

Another thing to think about is the visibility. If you are working in the fog, it can be hard for your workers to see where the cargo is going. This makes it really dangerous for everyone involved. Similarly, if you are working in enclosed space that has bad lighting, same can happen. Due to this, you need to make sure you improve your lighting. Workers should be able to see cargo clearly, as well as the whole workspace. Make sure the light is not too bright, however, cause it can be blinding. This, again, can hurt the workers’ performance and can lead to injury. When cargo handling, do not forget that clear sight is really important, so many sure you provide it for your workers.

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