How to Prepare a Piano for Shipping

People who play piano know that is important to prepare the piano for shipping. We are sure that there are not many people that actually play this instrument. On the other hand, even you do not play, you should know how expensive this instrument is. If you look at the list of companies which sell it, those are not many in the US. It means that the piano is a very expensive instrument. Not everybody can buy it. Of course, we are sure that those who play this instrument know the right value of it.

However, good preparation of piano for shipping is important for many things.

  • It could damage during moving, even the company is well prepared for it;
  • You can save the piano from damage. It also could get small scratches which decrease the value of the piano;
  • If you do not prepare the piano for shipping it will make sounds when traveling;
  • The piano can harm other people and items in the truck, so you must care about safety;
  • As a robust item, it takes a lot of space, so it needs a good moving company for it;
  • It is always good to ask professionals just in case to avoid possible troubles.

However, there are no many good moving companies in the world that know how to move music instruments. There are many companies that include exhibition cargo in their offer. You can obviously do it our own, too.

Two cats show how important is to prepare a piano for shipping
A piano is a large but sensitive item

Prepare a piano for shipping

There are a few important things that you should know and prepare before. The piano is a large but also very sensitive thing. You cannot just put it in the large truck. It needs proper preparation before moving workers come to your house.

Find helpers

It is very important to know who to call people to help you. There are many heavy lift cargo moving companies. Not everybody knows how to carry a piano. On the other hand, you will need as many hands as you can find. It could be neighbors or people from work. It is important to be strong and care about safety and your precious stuff.

Plan path for moving (or to the truck)

You may have prepared professional sea freight forwarders, but it is not enough. It is very important to know a path through you will carry a piano. You must know if you will do that through the window, or on the stairs. Take measures of the piano. Make a plan when and how you will take a piano. It is also important to have a plan B in case that something does not be as you have expected.

Measure doorways, steps, window, truck door

It is obvious that you will measure every passage where the piano must pass through. It includes a truck door, too. In case your piano is larger than it, you can make another plan for moving.

You can use a cart, too.

There are many carts for moving stuff. Prepare piano for shipping along with the chair on wheels that you can use with it. It could be actually much harder for moving, but do not avoid that option.

A piano nearby window
Preparation of the piano for shipping includes removing of mobile parts

Prepare blankets and padding

Do not forget to prepare a piano for shipping. Also, avoid stretches and damages with that. It could be stuff from your home or professional packages. Make sure that those are clean and not wrapped.

Take care of safety, too

As we said, the piano is a large and robust thing. Do not move it without protection. It should protect the piano, as well as you and other items in the truck.

Dissemble pedal, legs, and lid from the piano

The simplest way to prepare the piano for shipping is to remove all parts you can. This will not damage piano, as the opposite of that. It is much easier to remove legs (you have special screws for it) and lid before moving. Use a special tool, thus. You will find it in stores which sell musical instruments. Also, wrap pedal and another part in thick paper or blanket.

Find piano skid board

There are many moving companies that use boxes and wrapping paper. It is not bad, but make sure that you have used a special package for music instruments. Prepare piano for shipping with special skid board. It will protect at least the bottom of the piano. You can also ask in a music store for advice.

Tape to secure

It is obvious that the piano has a part which can damage it during traveling. Prepare a piano for shipping so every part of it is fixed. It is the simplest to use a tape for it. However, make sure that it will not damage shy on the wood. It should also be one of those that do not have too sticky glue.


Finally, the piano is on the board. You can move it by truck or a plane. Whatever the transportation you have chosen to use, prepare the piano for shipping properly. It includes safety but also protection of the sensitive parts of the piano.

A pianist
Safe your piano from damages and enjoy in playing

Fix the piano on the board

Global cargo forwarding presumes safe transportation. If you have chosen to put a piano in the truck to move to the transportation, you must fix it. It is the best way to use screws and small tables so driving on the rough terrain cannot damage the piano. However, you can use the simplest way. There are ropes and hooks in every moving truck for these purposes.

Move piano upright

There are people that can prepare the piano for shipping. In that way, the job is finished. However, even the transportation could damage the piano in every position, make sure that you put the piano upright. The reason is sensitive parts of it which could open during traveling. It is also important to not turn over the piano while you are carrying it.

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