You can have the best logistics and transportation company in Asia, but it will all be in vain if you don’t have the proper PR Center to promote you. Just think what would happen if you had something unique to offer customers, but no one is made aware of that. All you hard effort and creativity gone due to the lack of a public image. That is something that Kokusai Express Japan does not worry about. Because what we have is a team of experienced PR experts to help shine light on our contribution and importance when it comes to logistics and transportation in Japan.

Our PR center ensured that clients understand why Kokusai Express is the logistics & transportation company to hire in Japan.
Kokusai Express Japan has a high social and business image thanks to the efficient work of our PR Center.


The range of Kokusai Express PR center

Kokusai is always looking towards the future, and as days go by, our company grows. It is our aim to expand our logistics business with the application of three pillar principles:

  1. Precision- it is our focus to demonstrate to customers and the public the precision with which we accomplish tasks. All the services we provide are conducted in a carefully planned out manner. And we do this with the use of accurate calculations and preparations to best accommodate the needs of our clients.
  2. Efficiency- no matter the challenge, you can always count on Kokusai Express to overcome it with maximum efficiency. In order to ensure this, we employ only the most skilled and experienced people. And to minimize potential errors, we keep with new trends in the logistics and transportation industry. And we make sure that our employees are familiarized with these same trend through extensive training and simulation programs.
  3. Affordability- we always aim to compromise and negotiate with the financial capabilities of our clients. Kokusai Express understands that not all of our clients might have the budget necessary for the realization of some of our services. And this is why we are more than glad to meet you half-way wherever financial compromise is possible. This is something we are proud of and gladly promote with the help of our PR center.

The perspective of Kokusai Express Japan

Before all else, Kokusai Express Japan is a prospective logistics & transportation company. We do this by applying some key business principles that ensure the growth of our company and the image it promotes.

Customer satisfaction and pleasure is our priority

You do not get to be among the top logistics and transportation companies in Japan without proper customer care. And this exactly what we aim to accomplish. Not only do we completely focus on the fulfillment of your needs as a client, but we go that extra mile to make sure to leave a lasting impression on why you should remain our customer in the future. Our PR center and the publications and citations we had in the media can demonstrate the impact we have had in the last several years.

We are not afraid of changes

Our PR center embraces the constant changes and requirements of the market.
Changes are nothing to be afraid of – in fact, they should be embraced and used as learning guides.

Trends and requirements change, from industry to industry. And it is the job of each company to adjust to and apply those trends to their own operations and services. Otherwise, you risk losing not only customers, but also your standing in the eye of the logistics industry and the public. And our PR center is here to make sure that we are always up-to-date and ready for any new challenges that are waiting around the corner.


Our company’s growth and social contribution

We at Kokusai Express use the development of innovative logistics systems to better adjust to the demand of the market. This is why we optimize the most modern methods and equipment in order to provide clients with a stress free experience. In addition to this, we aim to provide our fair share of social contribution to our particular industry. Because when it comes down to it, we are not just here to complete tasks, but to also grow and learn in the process.

We value safety control and environment preservation

Kokusai Express controls safety and preserves the environment in the course of conducting any and all of our businesses. When it comes to being environmental friendly, we look to lead by example and motivate other to follow in our path. This is why our PR center has no difficulties with building our image as a business and brand.

The image of Kokusai Express in the eyes of the public

It is with the help of our PR center that our company grows and develops from day to day.
We aim not only to provide the top logistics and transportation services, but to also ensure that other are aware what it is we can do for them.

Our PR center takes care of all aspects of public relations. From recruitment and selection to relations with our customers and clients. To find out more about our PR sector, visit our inner pages:

And if you wish to learn more or are looking for some additional answers, feel free to contact us. We will be more than glad to listen and provide you with solutions to any issues or needs you might have.

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