Pool table shipping to another country made easy

Although the table serves for fun, the pool table shipping to another country is not funny. Carrying a table that weighs more than 1,000 pounds, with all the following jobs, takes time and effort. On the other hand, there are more jobs that you must do along with lifting heavy weights. You must assemble and reassemble the table, protect each part from scratches and damages, and prevent losing parts. Not only that you will need all help you may get, but you should also rely on a trustworthy moving company. Kokusai Express Japan organizes all types of relocations with long experience moving special and heavy items.

Pool table shipping to another country

Organizing pool table shipping takes effort, so consider using help. Moving companies with experience in these jobs will gladly help and support you. Remember that you will need unique tools for this and professional support.

Pool table and balls
Pool table shipping to another country is not funny.

Measure all

It is for sure that you will need to measure all before the pool table shipping. However, remember that you do not have only a pool table to measure. You should measure the downstairs, staircases, and hallways. They represent a main path; you will need space for maneuvering, lifting, and carrying through the tightest spaces. It is crucial to book the most professional moving service Japan has and make sure that all are protected from damages.

Protect the walls and corners

Even if you take the best overseas relocation services, you must still organize most of this job alone. Do not worry if the space for maneuvering is smaller than you need. You can use protective materials to avoid scratches and damage. Use towels, blankets, or professional moving pads to protect walls and corners.

Take all helpers you can

It is a moment to test your friendships and people from your neighborhood. Joke on the side, moving internationally is challenging in many ways and details. You should be able to rely on your friends for the most challenging parts. In this case, you will need help from people that can lift heavy items. Do not hesitate to ask neighbors, friends, and all people that are available at this moment.

Prepare the pool table and packing material

Although packing large and heavy items presumes taking measures to protect them, you should not forget yourself, too. Heavy items can cause severe injuries and back pain, meaning you can end up with more significant troubles than before moving. Preparing is very important for this job, though.

Prepare packing material

Packing items for moving is complex and even more complicated if you pack a pool table for shipping to another country. You may need many different packing materials and tools that only professionals have. For that reason, we always recommend relying on international freight forwarding services.

  • One of the first things you need to have before organizing this process is a power drill, screwdriver, and socket wrench.
  • You will need to have blankets, protective pads, and pillows to protect the table from damage.
  • Use a staple remover to remove the pool table’s felt for pool table shipping to another country.

Disassemble the pool table

This step makes packing the pool table even more difficult for most people. The key is to remove all loose parts, but also take off all parts that you can. Most pool tables have removable parts, including legs and hands. You will need a unique tool for that and the knowledge, so it may be better to ask professionals in this field to help you. Believe you or not, the heaviest part of the pool table is felt, so leave it for the end.

Balls on a pool table
There are a lot of parts that you must pack along with the table.

Rent a large truck

Since standard pool table sizes are 7 ft., 8 ft., 8.5 ft., and 9 ft. long, you may need a large truck to transport it. Most trucks are large enough for an average number of boxes and room sizes. However, you will need a larger one for the pool table. For that reason, professionals recommend renting a company with knowledge of packing and protecting pool tables for relocation. If you need to, ensure you know the table and the truck size before loading the vehicle.

There are a lot of details to pay attention to

After you have prepared for the move, you still have a lot of details to pay attention to. Therefore, you should recheck all points before loading the truck.

Protect the truck, too

Remember that all you have inside the truck can damage other items and the vehicle itself. When transporting pool tables, the problem is even more significant. You may need help with packing and loading the truck, too. Professionals recommend wrapping all parts inside the car into blankets, wrapping paper, and plastic. It will prevent scratches and damage. Remember that you have many other items inside the truck, too.

Pack small parts separately

After disassembling the pool table, remember the other small parts you will remove from the table. It presumes triangles, nets, and skewers. People usually forget about these details, and when they pack larger pieces, these small items leave somewhere in the boxes. However, you can lose them if you do not care carefully, so you should fill them out separately. Choose one box or bag for those items, though.

Ask friends and neighbors to help you when lifting the pool table.

Remove the slates

You have removed all oversized pieces and rolled out the felt, but you should pay attention to other parts of the pool table. Pool tables have slates, the parts which are not small but indeed not visible in the first place. When you disassemble the table, you will remove the slates, too. They are heavy, and you will need help to lift and carry them. Also, you can easily damage them, so pay special attention to them. Those details make pool table shipping to another country harder.

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