How to pick a reputable package delivery company?

It is a well-known fact that the Japanese mail has been an enviable topic for almost all countries. However, there is always the question of how to pick a reputable package delivery company? If you’re relocating to the country, we’d always advise starting with your domestic Japan movers before searching online. But, choosing the perfect delivery will greatly depend on what kind of package you will be shipping and where. Let’s talk about that first…

For all the expats out there, in order to choose the best delivery company for your belongings, you should know…

Shipping luggage in Japan is an option, as well.
Do you know how you can ship your luggage in Japan?

While Japanese may not be a simple language to learn, it doesn’t deter the numerous eager migrants. But, before you settle down in the Land of the Rising Sun, you need to find the best moving company in Japan for your relocation. After you’re done bargaining for your estimate, you’ll come across another obstacle. It is easier and cheaper to ship some of your belongings. Luckily, you’re going to or moving from Japan. Let us tell you a bit about a service which is unique to the country and used by a number of eager travelers and expats. The Japanese have the option of shipping your luggage to and from the airport, as well as between addresses. The best part of this is that you will only need to pay around 1700¥ for each bag sent. Consider this as a way of lightening the load which you need to move or take with you to the airport.

To pick a reputable package delivery company means to ask the right questions…

If you want to choose a reputable package delivery company you should answer these questions.
In order to pick the right reputable package delivery company in Japan there are some things you must answer first…

Yes, the fact that we have Google to give us answers is great. Indeed, the fact that it understands Japanese as well is even better. And, you will have a number of company representatives eager to compete with the price for the work. But, all of this can be meaningless if you don’t know which questions you should be asking. It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking for heavy lift cargo or international air freight forwarding. These are definitely the questions to keep in mind…

First and foremost, when choosing the perfect shipping ask yourself what kind of cargo are you sending?

The most dreaded time for all those who’re moving is here. It’s time to make a list. Start by compiling a short paper with all of the things you will need to send by delivery. Knowing exactly what you’re shipping will help greatly when you’re picking a reputable package delivery company in Japan. If you’re moving house, these parcels will likely contain your library. And, if you’re simply sending some of your unnecessary, yet in great condition, belongings to a friend nearby, you may need to change some parameters. Decide how heavy and big these parcels will be. Also, the space they should travel will help you to pick a reputable package delivery company in Japan which will suit your needs perfectly.

If you’re searching for the best package delivery company in Japan you need to know about: how quickly should it get there?

In order to pick a good shipping company, know what your needs are...
Do you know how fast you will need your cargo to arrive?

The speed of shipping will definitely impact the price of your service. If you are considering hiring a Japanese company for things such as international freight forwarding, you may need more than a day for your cargo to arrive. But, if you’re looking to simply ship something to a nearby address, you may be in luck. The question is which is the best speed of delivery for your needs. This will help you pick a reputable package delivery company in Japan for what you want. Hence, here are some additional questions:

  • Is your shipment for business or personal? While it may be necessary for business cargo to arrive quickly, the same can’t be said for something personal. Think about the difference in price when choosing the speed of shipping.
  • When you pick a reputable package delivery company in Japan will it fit the speed needs for your shipment? In other words, what happens if you need to send something in a window of a few hours? Is this the kind of service which fits your criteria?

Your chosen good shipping company from Japan should have no trouble with: license and registration, please?

Just the same as with moving companies, we’d advise checking the license of your delivery company. You will be able to this online or by asking directly. Make sure that they have all the proper papers in order to avoid any kind of scams. If you are looking to pick a reputable package delivery company in Japan, this part will definitely be a breeze.

How reliable is this Japanese company that you’re considering?

Sure, a license is the first step to security. Though, will this tell you anything about customer satisfaction? It’s time to start searching online or in person for reviews and references. If you want to choose a good company for shipping around Japan you should start with friends. Ask them how and what they’ve sent and how satisfied they were with the service. Our tip is to start with at least five companies and then narrow down the choice as you’re learning more about them. The second source of information is, of course, the internet. Do a thorough search of your potential package delivery company and ask for references. Consider purchasing additional insurance, if necessary. If you’re combining shipping with your moving service Japan, you may be able to get a discount, too.

Does this reputable package delivery company from Japan have a good tracking and delivery confirmation system?

If you are, and even if you aren’t, the recipient of your cargo, this is essential to being content with the service. Great shipping companies in Japan will ensure that you can keep an eye on your cargo at all times. An online system can help with this. Also, some form of delivery confirmation, especially if you’re not the recipient, is absolutely necessary. Be sure to ask the representatives if they offer these services, as well.

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