Permits for shipping merchandise and how to get them

Shipping is here to make our lives easier. In many ways it has. We no longer have the need to travel long distances to get something we want. International shipping and delivery is a useful service. We use it more and more because all of us have to be socially responsible. The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced our lives.  We have to keep our trading business going for the benefit of the people who put their trust in us. In order to start fresh, there needs to order. We have to keep our old systems in check. If you often send items long-distance like Japan, you need to be extra careful. It’s therefore important to remind ourselves of the importance of permits for shipping merchandise and provide new insights into how to get them.

Why do you need permits for shipping merchandise?

Most countries have strict rules when it comes to importing and exporting goods, and it doesn’t matter what kind of product it concerns. It is important to have a permit if you’re planning on shipping it. This is especially true if you’re dealing with commercial shipping.  Your business could be based on sale, resale, purchase, trading, or international merchandising. You want to be prepared because something may go wrong. Merchandising includes any action that contributes to the sale of your product. If you’re planning to ship merchandise, you should be sure to check online for any regulations that apply to you. Contact Japan Customs if you’re having difficulties. Your business needs to strive to do right by law because you want to have good communication with your international clients. 

Special items require special care

There are different types of shipping permits. It depends on what kind of item you’re planning to ship, but you might need to do a bit more paperwork. Some special items require a Japanese import license. These include:

  • hazardous materials
  • animals
  • plants
  • perishables
  • articles of high value

If you deal with any of the items listed above, you might want to get an import license. No matter what kind of merchandise you’re planning on shipping, there are rules you must follow. First of all, you should get familiar with the shipping protocols and documentation you’ll need to prepare. There might be some special rules when it comes to the type of item you’re shipping. Check online and make sure your items are not on the list of prohibited items when it comes to import or export.

Papers in files
Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork, but be prepared.

Import and export regulations

It’s important to follow the import and export protocols.  If you plan on importing items to Japan, you first have to get in touch with the Director-General of Customs. Your items will go through a routine check-up. This is a formality, but one that must be seen too. An extensive list of the prohibited items can be found on the Japan Costume website. Their goal is to help you during your application process and make it go as swiftly and painlessly as possible. The export procedures are in some ways similar to the important ones. You start by contacting the Director-General of Customs, and informing them of technicalities like quantity and price of your goods. They will tell you what’s your next step. When you’re done with the technicalities, contact a reliable company that deals with international shipping.

Shipping companies can help with learning about shipping permits

If you’re having a hard time with all the paperwork that you need to do, but don’t despair. You can always contact reliable companies like Kokusai Express Moving. Customer support is someone you can turn to to get the information you need. Overseas shipping companies often know what you need to get your goods transported, so they can provide some insight. You should hire a good company and it will help you start the shipping process. Do your research and choose the right company, so you don’t have to worry about the most important thing – the transportation of your merchandise. Permits are a formality, but most of the time they don’t pose a big problem. Keep your goal in mind and don’t worry too much about anything else.

Ship carrying merchandise
Overseas shipping companies can help you with permits for shipping merchandise.

You can take care of shipping permits yourself if you want to

Shipping in itself can be a tiresome process. That’s why you need a reliable carrier who has experience in cargo export. Everything else, you can do on your own. Usually, the process includes a long list of duties you have to through. You’ll first have to learn special government import and export regulations. Working your way through securing the cargo, handling agreements with warehouses, and the actual transport requires a lot of time and energy. Doing everything yourself has its benefits, though. If you are determined and thorough, you can check that everything is in order. The documents you’ll need to pay attention to include:

  • commercial documents
  • the shipping documentation 
  • the financial documentation 
  • the documents required by the government 

All these documents provide insight into the origin and value of your goods, but if you’re handling everything yourself be sure to check everything twice.

women filling in forms
You can get permits for shipping merchandise, but you have to double-check everything!

Shipping permit – nothing to it

You now understand the importance of permits for shipping merchandise and how to get them, so you can start a successful shipping process. But don’t forget that you’re not alone in this. Shipping companies know what to do, but you can go the extra mile. You might want to contact your insurance company because you want to protect your merchandise. Pay attention to details, just in case anything goes wrong. Shipping can, in rare cases, lead to damaged goods and we don’t want that. Your permits are there to protect the companies that deal with international transport, but you’re entitled to the same treatment. Try to have an open and honest relationship with the company that handles your shipping. It will lead to positive feedback. This will ensure everyone benefits in the end.

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