Packing Valuable Antiques For Relocation

Packing valuable antiques is always difficult and demands long preparation. Even though people consider it as common large furniture, it is much more than that. Airfreight forwarders prepare and pack those items much more seriously than any other items. There are a lot of reasons for that, but valuable is first on the list. Do not forget that even the smallest and cheapest piece of antique furniture could reach an amazing price on auctions.

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that they have expensive items in their houses. Some of them will find out that after selling. Thanks to the sites on the internet, you can check how valuable your furniture is. Also, you should check with the antique houses about the value of your antiques. Sometimes you can be surprised how expensive they are.

Antique furniture
You should make a difference between regular pieces of furniture and antiques

Prepare for packing valuable antiques

When you are aware of the price and value of your antiques in the home, you can prepare for packing and relocation properly. It is more than preparing safety packages. There are a lot of situations when you need to organize special vehicles for transport. Also, choosing the right moving company could help a lot.

  • One of the reasons why is packing valuable antiques so difficult is their price – they are so expensive and valuable so you should not do this without preparation;
  • Most of the antiques are sensitive and you must pay special attention to not damage them – even the smallest scratches could ruin the piece;
  • You must take special packing material to protect those items – luckily, special stores have it and their employers could recommend it;
  • Workers in relocation companies know their jobs and most of them have specialized transporting of expensive items;
  • International freight forwarding is expensive and difficult but the hardest part is to provide documentation that proves your ownership.

Consult professionals

You must not start with this hard job without consultation with experts. They will recommend the best ways to protect and save your furniture. In some cases, they could estimate the value of your antiques. Although domestic moving should be easier and cheaper, you still need to protect your items properly.

Prepare documentation

When a person owns a piece of furniture with value, he must prove the ownership of it. If you have bought this piece, you surely got a paper with all the needed information. On the other hand, when leaving antiques in the inheritance you should leave a document, too. It is important to prepare before hire any other moving service in Japan.

Wrapping material

Our instinct when packing antiques with value says to use as much wrapping plastic as you can. However, you must not use plastic in these cases at all. Most important is that you must not tighten too much the furniture in any situation. Plastic could seriously damage wood and any other material. The same advice will give you for the packing of paintings. If you know paint ingredients you will understand how damageable they are.

Prepare sturdy boxes

It is for sure that you must not rely on regular boxes in stores when packing antiques. There are special packages for these purposes. The most important is to purchase sturdy and stable boxes. They must be new and clean, too.

You should use sturdy and large boxes for packing of antiques

Packing valuable items is always difficult

There are a lot of things that you should pay attention to when packing valuable items. First of all, you need to know which packing material to use. There are a lot of situations when people damage their precious furniture because of the wrong packing material. You should consult professionals in auction houses for advice. Some of those materials you can find in specialty stores.

Protect corners

Most people forget about the corners of the furniture when protecting for packing. However, they are the most sensitive and usually damage firstly. Luckily, there are great corners made of cardboard that you can use for these purposes. Make sure that they fit the size of your antique.

Fill the gaps in boxes

If your valuable antiques are small you should use boxes to pack them. The best is to use special packages and put them gently inside. Like in any other situation you should fill the gaps with soft material. It could be a pillow or blanket if not have more professional.

Put protection on the bottom

Speaking about the protection, the best way to protect the bottom of the boxes is to use blankets or similar soft material. However, it is not enough if you want to keep the staff aware of the damage. You must tape the bottom and seal to prevent opening when workers lift them.

Protect other items in the truck

You will not move only valuable antiques when relocate. There will be many more items in the truck. It is for sure that you need to protect all items inside of the truck from damage. This time, though, you must be even more careful. Antiques are usually very heavy and have sharp edges. They could easily damage the box and then other pieces of furniture in the truck.

After packing valuable items moving them is the hardest part

Although there are special vehicles for moving the antiques, it is not always easy to transport them. If you are not hired in antique homes or stores, you cannot organize it properly. It is more than using a large vehicle. You should protect it from all sides and corners and still make sure that it will not fall. In some situations you will not travel with the truck, so you should make sure that it is properly protected.

Transport items as careful as you can

It is not easy to put items in the truck without damaging them. You must hire as many people as you can. Along with the workers in the moving company, you should ask friends and neighbors and lift the box with antique carefully.

Most of the antiques are very sensitive and fragile so you should be careful when transporting

Use a special vehicle

Maybe is much easier and cheaper to use a large truck for these purposes, but it is not always that simple. Many people choose to use a special vehicle for their antiques. You will pay a little more, but for reason. If packing valuable antiques will be hard, transporting is hard as well. You should pay attention to that part, too.


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